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  1. Yeah, I have had the best luck with AMD cards. I had a (so old) x800 xt and thing kept me happy for many years and this amd card has kept me happy for many years, but would a vega card do the same? Or would 1080Ti be the best bet for 4 more years of gaming glory?
  2. That is interesting, becuase unfortunately I have been keeping them regularly above 90% capacity. I am going to have to add an SSD as well then. I am going to have to check the bios mode in a bit becuase I also have never heard of AHCI mode.
  3. Mmm, that does make sense. Hahah I forgot to add that yeah It has a samsung evo 840 120gig (which was the drive i put in when I built the system) and an intel ssd (giberish designation - i had too google it, its a 520) 120gb. After checking out the new samsung ones, their random read speed is almost twice as quick. But is m.2 noticably faster? A part of my PC building philosophy has always been to look what will keep me gaming even when technology around me changes. So being able to support m.2 drives might be important in the next few years? Povided we dont get blown up. So really, the question is: do I want to spend 600-900 or 1200-2000+.
  4. Hey guys, I used to post regularly back in my highschool and uni days (about a decade ago now) when the magazine was still the best around. My rig is a dated one now. - i5 4590 3.3hhz (no aftermarket cooling, no overclock means why bother. Its stable with stock cooler!) - Asus Sabertooth z97 mk2 - Asus r9 290x Reference (which actually has served really phenomenonly for the past 4 years. I can still get 144fps on overwatch on low). - 8gb of ram (some kind of older slower corsair ddr3) The reason im upgrading is the r9 is showing signs of age. It will randomly crash, it runs hot (not unusual for the reference edition), and it seems that it may not be long for this world. I have cleaned it tons of times, replaced thermal paste every 6-12 months. Everything else works pretty well. I was thinking of not replacing the entire system but rather getting a refurb i7 chip (one that I can overclock), new and faster ram and a new graphics card. I was looking at GTX 1080. The machine has to last another 4 years. So my question is, do I upgrade. Or work some extra shifts and get a new rig with similar parts. What I think I might do Is maybe source a config that has equivelent cost components and see what that kind of machine would look like today.