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    Dead VGA?

    Thanks. No luck. Ive ordered some dodgy looking GTX 780 for $90 that has the wrong RAM. hopefully it works well enough to get me through to the end of the year and ill buy an 11 series.
  2. krovikan8472

    Please i need help

    Dying PSU? How many HDD you have... in a few, try disconnecting all but OS, run something intensive and see if it reboots (or, based on Scythe comment... use a premium phone. it has better specs)
  3. krovikan8472

    Dead VGA?

    Thanks... but no luck. I think its just dead... It will only allow use of generic drivers. while device manager does detect the model of the card, dxdiag picks up nothing. I saw a GTX 780 for ~$90 refurbished that I think will keep me going for a while... or at least until Fallout 76 comes out
  4. krovikan8472

    Dead VGA?

    Help. I think my VGA is dead. It's a GTX 670. Was playing fallout 4 when the screen got a bit pixelated and whole PC crashed. When I boot, after win7 logo, screen would not display (but is still connected). I can boot into safe mode. I've tried: -reinstall drivers (couldn't detect VGA) -reinstall VGA. Successful did clean install. -can now boot without safe mode, but it's using a base VGA driver. Can't open nividia control panel and dxdiag does not detect my card. -tried installing in second pcie slot. Boots using generic driver and NVIDIA driver installer can't detect my vga Not sure if it's related, but when booting on generic driver, when I change res to 1080 on my 1080 monitor, there is thick bezels around the viewing portion of the screen Is this game over... The card only had to last a few more months for the 11 series
  5. Hi All, I have ben researching phones for the Wife (we are both Andriod users) and decided on the Oppo R11s due to it being a midrange phone with a bit of a premium feel and a good front camera. I finally got to play with one today only to find it having iphone style everything, and its horrible. Neither of us have owned an iphone in years and I don't want to have to learn how to use a phone that is caught somewhere in between. Is there a way without rooting to make it more android? it doesn't even have an app draw and uses the 'swipe up' to access functions which all look like ios. Im not sure that a launcher alone will fix it all. Thanks
  6. krovikan8472

    'Droid: Imaging\Enterprise Managment

    I don't know if this helps, but my personal phone can be wiped by my works tech department through email. They use a Microsoft exchange which in order for me to use it, I must give them access. They can in theory change my passwords/security settings, turn the device off, see failed authentication attempts etc.
  7. krovikan8472

    To upgrade ot build from scratch

    I found a new 1060 3GB for under $100 delivered... worth it, or I need the 6GB?
  8. krovikan8472

    To upgrade ot build from scratch

    Rybags Correct me if im wrong, but as far as I know, I have SATA3 and (First Gen) USB 3.1 ports. The transfer rate on the USB 3.1 ports is defiantly much faster than the USB 2 ports (from transferring large media files to my Galaxy S8+), but I haven't actually benchmarked it. I have tested the SSD transfer rates and they are correct to online benchmarks I have seen. So my system wouldn't be a restriction on a new VGA? I have also seen comparisons between DDR3 & 4 and the conclusion was a negligible difference.
  9. in the early 2000s, I used to rebuild every 6mths to a year when new products came out... but with most games not being so demanding (mainly due to console ports and lazy developers), my last computer lasted 5 years and my current is on 7 years. It is no longer able to play newer titles at 30+fps on decent graphics settings. The thing is that the current prices of RAM and GPUs is ridiculous (although GPUs are starting to drop). I am considering just upgrading my video card, but as I am not constantly researching hardware like I used to, I feel I am a bit out of the loop and would like some advice. Current Rig: i7 Sandybridge 2700k @ 4ghz (w/basic all-in-one- water cooling) 16GB DDR3 Asrock z77 Extreme 4 750watt PSU (cant remember brand, but it is branded) 120Gb crutial SSD + 6TB worth of HDD Coolermaster HAF X case GTX 670 If I upgraded to a GTX 1070, would the rest of the system be a bottle neck? Is there a more appropriate VGA for my needs? I want to be able to run Dues Ex mankind divided at max and any new open world games I fancy (like Elderscrols/Fallout/Watchdogs2/Just cause 3). Thanks for advice.
  10. Hi All, I recently moved and don't have a router atm. I am setting up iinet adsl and my area should have NBN FTTC by OCT-DEC. I plan to switch to NBN as soon as it is available. I was thinking that maybe I could buy a crap/basic (even second hand) adsl router for now and get a decent NBN capable router later. Or maybe a decent WIFI switch with N/AC and just get a basic ADSL modem which I can then switch to a NBN capable modem at a later date. My budget is around $150, but if someone has a good idea, I would still like to hear it. Current devices used will be 2 WIFIAC capable phones, 1 gaming PC over Ethernet and possible streaming TV (prob over WIFI). Thanks in advance
  11. krovikan8472

    Upgrading RAM, keep Dual Channel?

    LOL. Thanks Dasa and Scythe. I will look into the settings tonight. I am actually an old member, but my old account does not work anymore (or I cant remember the correct username or email account I used). I just got off the forums as I used to upgrade constantly (which I loved) but now it seems like a well build computer lasts too long for my liking. My current PC is 7 years old and still runs (almost) everything perfectly. I would love to invest in a new build, but the RAM will have to do for now... My build: i7 2600k (water-cooled), 4x4GB Gskill PC12800 RAM, GTX 670, z77 extreme 4. In 7 years, the only part that died was the PSU.
  12. krovikan8472

    Upgrading RAM, keep Dual Channel?

    Thanks for the info. I didn't consider the single/dual channel affecting the CPU itself and the tests I saw showed only a small difference, but the more, the better. Also, Super Hero, my OS is pretty 'tidy', however, both Chrome and Firefox can each easily get many GB (highest I've seen is 6GB for Chrome itself) and some games (like GTA V) like to use over 12GB of RAM causing the game to crash once its minimised and no longer the priority (Windows closing it, not the game). As I mentioned, I usually have Chrome and Firefox running as the computer is shared and it is far easier to have 2 browsers than it is to constantly log in/out of chrome/google. Thanks Again
  13. Just after some opinions. I currently have 4x4GB DDR3 and want to upgrade RAM (I know its overpriced atm). I was originally thinking to get 2x8GB to replace 2 of the 4GB sticks. But recently I thought, why not just buy a 16GB to replace 1 4GB stick (so I will net an additional 4GB for about the same cost). I had a quick look and most benchmarks actually show negligible difference in single vs dual channel set-ups and the fps in some games was actually slightly higher in single channel config. I mainly game and dont do any video editing and like to leave games running in background. Since I temporally share the comp with my wife, Chrome and Firefox are usually also running eating up all my RAM. I recently had to turn pagefile back on! Thanks, Krovikan