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    a nice soak in a bath?

    I used to be smaller when I was 12 but now am 29 and am 187cm and I used to soak when I was young in a huge deep bathat my Nan's place. Now I live in a flat and the bath is so shallow and short I can't get more than my legs and bum in the bath unless I lay down and have my legs sticking out. Sinces its department of housing theres no modification allowed or even possible to raise water height. Sometimes I just want a good old wash and soak so I search around the net and what do I find? The only places listed are guess what? Gay bathhouses >_< places where only Gay people go with side rooms for sex and stuff. Anyone know of a good alternative for those of us that are straight? Pools are no good cause even heated pools are cold and I really wanna soak in just warm relaxing water for an hour or 2.