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  1. ok... Acer e2160 CPU 1.8 ghz 2G x800mhz RAM GForce 8500 Windows 7 This is what we were doing when it crashed... -Rendering a 3D image at 100% for 42 hours -Running Fiefox for browsing -Running Chrome for emails It all of a sudden rebooted itself! What I did from there... -Started in Safe Mode -Rebooted in Normal Mode - all appeared to load ok except for my external J drive would not load completely. As soon as it hit the end of the green loading line, the computer rebooted itself. In that process it also turned off my avast anti-virus. -Rebooted in Normal mode, started full scan with anti-virus (non found), then everything started working normally again. This afternoon... -Running Photoshop CS4, Firefox, Chrome & Windows Live Mail -I saved an image in Photoshop and while that was processing I clicked an email (gmail) that had just come in via Chrome -SHAT...the CPU froze! What I have done so far... -rebooted in safe mode -help file suggested restoring to a safe point so I did that NOW... -CPU loads to the Windows 7 image then the screen goes blank! NOTHING! My first thought is that it's the graphics card...any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!