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  1. jpishgar

    Community VP Saying Hi!

    I'm definitely going to use the term "Atomic Overlord" from now on in introductions.
  2. jpishgar

    Community VP Saying Hi!

    Hey there Atomic! By way of introduction, I'm Vice President, Global Community at Future, which is a very officious-sounding title that just means I'm the community goober responsible for all the forums. Future acquired Atomic some time ago, and I've had some great conversations with Ben Mansill in the past about the forums, but hadn't had a chance to catch up for a while. I wanted to swing by and give you a heads-up on the off-chance you start spotting red names appearing as admins down below. One of the things we're hoping to get taken care of is to have the www.atomicmpc.com.au address direct right to forums.atomicmpc.com.au, which should hopefully help surface the forum a little better to new folks and make it things easier to find. I should address the potentially scary "OMG CHANGE!" element before going further, I think. Things have been going along here for quite some time and we're grateful to all of you who have made these forums a part of your lives. We haven't had much of a chance to dive deeper into the forums, but we'll do our best to be of assistance wherever we can, just let us know what matters to you as a community and we'll see about finding the best path forward. We'll do our best to take feedback into consideration going forward, but we will want to bring the guidelines for posting to these forums into line with the guidelines we have on other Future forums. The biggest difference you'll be encountering in the short term is that you'll have improved access to resources and increased availability of community staff on my team to help handle needs that might arise. That said, I'm a consummate gamer and hardware guy myself. I actually got my start in the field as a Community Manager in game development, and had a chance to work on some of the fun ones (and not so fun!). We're happy to be of service in any way possible here, and are eminently pleased to have Atomic as part of the Future family of forums. The Future Community Managers we've just added on these forums are: MKnott CParsons SHaines MHaag MMohammed Please let me know if you have any questions, and again, it's fantastic to meet you all and finally break my lurker status here! Warm Regards, Joe Pishgar