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    the atomican child of ravenclaw

    Hello I am back not from a holiday but after not paying attention to this and being confused about how i could not comment the reason was that i did not realise until about 5 seconds ago that i was not logged in
  2. Raven101

    the atomican child of ravenclaw

    Even though I'm ravenclaw a bit of a slytherin fan! Link to Benny hillifier ---> the best
  3. Hello! atomicans I'm a super geek/nerd I like reading like any ravenclaw would I hate on fortnite and love minecraft I like playing video games on my pc think the benny hillifier is cool and having the unnecessary ability to stuff lots of marshmellows in your mouth all at once is a sign of superior intelligence and I like singing silly songs about being ripped apart by badgers and the death stick and stuff like that. I'm the young son of two atomicans. can you guess which two?