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  1. That case looks a lot better! Desk mini case M.2 WiFi chip: https://www.elara.ie/productdetail.aspx?productcode=ECE3739907 8GB RAM: https://www.elara.ie/productdetail.aspx?productcode=WCEJM2666HSB8G WD BLUE SSD 1TB M.2 3D NAND SATA harddrive Intel Core i3 8100 / 3.6 GHz processor That would be all compatible and pretty small right?
  2. This is a good point about redundancy, would getting ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-I GAMING for a mobo be overkill? https://www.elara.ie/productdetail.aspx?productcode=ECE4484475 I might get the 8gb for RAM, there is always a spare slot to upgrade later: https://www.elara.ie/productdetail.aspx?productcode=MMEJ153831
  3. Yeah I'm an expat I haven't considered setting up RAID but I could get 2 of the 1TB SSD and set them up in RAID, this motherboard would support this right? To do RAID would I be right in following these instructions? http://codeketchup.blogspot.com/2016/03/how-to-setup-raid-0-with-ssd.html
  4. Hi guys I'm thinking about buying the following and would love some feedback :) Antec ISK 310-65 Mini-ITX 150W PSU Black case ASUS ROG STRIX B360-I GAMING motherboard Intel Core i3 7100 / 3.9 GHz processor WD BLUE SSD 1TB M.2 3D NAND SATA harddrive Generic 16GB DDR4 2400MHZ CL17 NON ECC DIMM PC4-19200 1.2V ram