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    Smart light switch, need your advise

    Guys, New to this forum. My first post is going to ask about smart light switches in Australia. I am looking to buy and install some smart light switches to be used for my garden lights, kitchen, cinema and children's rooms. Not looking at the eBay/Amazon cheap Zigbee switches as they got low quality. Not looking at bulbs as we don't want to keep wall switch on all the time. Not looking at setting up server and program the api from the switch firmware myself. It doesn't matter WiFi, Zigbee or Zwave, and doesn't matter if there cloud service is hosted by the supplier. I will keep these switches in a separate network. Most importantly the switches must be Australian standard approved. Currently I found Ctec (www.ctec.com.au) is available and serve my purpose and most of other products are on eBay but not sure if they are sold by a local businesses or private sellers. I prefer buying from local businesses that gives me a safe feeling to use a hard wired electrical product. My question is has anyone used Ctec and your feedback will be high appreciated and also if there is any other product available please let me know. Ta