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  1. Been a few years since I updated my PC so considering a Xmas present upgrade! Mainly used for 1440p gaming/general use. Current system: CPU Intel Core i5 8600K @ 3.60GHz RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel 3200 @ 1066MHz (15-15-15-36) Motherboard ASRock Z370 Extreme4 GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Monitors Acer XB271HU GSync (2560x1440@165Hz) Dell S2716DG GSync (2560x1440@165Hz) Storage 4TB Seagate ST4000DM000-1F2168 (SATA) 1TB Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 (SATA) 2TB Seagate ST2000VN000-1H3164 (SATA) 960GB SanDisk Ultra II 960GB (SSD) 250GB Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250GB (SSD) Optical Drives ASUS DRW-2014L1T PSU 550/650W Brand Name Bronze/Gold (I can't remember, need to check) I'm considering a 2080 Super upgrade... - Assuming I just can't swap out the 1080 for a 2080 without there being a bottleneck? - If so, is it just a CPU and MB upgrade that I'd need as well? - CPU/MB suggestions – best bang for buck? - Any other thoughts? Many thanks!