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    sub $200 overclocking board

    i agree ASROCK make some great boards, But are still not in the same league as GB/ASUS On a side note i have an Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 for sale, Pm me if your interested ;)
  2. pnut

    Help me - Best EURO car in aus :)

    Yeah, damn safety equipment is raping my power to weight :P when they are fully stripped out for racing they normally weight in at about 1050kg
  3. pnut

    Help me - Best EURO car in aus :)

    it weights in at around 1200kg with me in it its was dyno'd before the extractors with 210WHP, an estimation now would be 220-230WHP
  4. pnut

    Help me - Best EURO car in aus :)

    Thanks for your support guys, im currently in 3rd now ! :)
  5. pnut

    Help me - Best EURO car in aus :)

    fuel economy is for hippies, before it was modded it would manage 5.2/100 now its averages 11.2/100 ... totally worth it ! So I guess you are earning bega bucks to pay for your fuel habit so you can drive like a complete fkin moron... good for you. Most people here have matured beyond that (I think). No, i just do no see the point in hyper miling... if i want to be and "fkin moron" i take it to the track
  6. pnut

    Help me - Best EURO car in aus :)

    fuel economy is for hippies, before it was modded it would manage 5.2/100 now its averages 11.2/100 ... totally worth it !
  7. pnut

    Help me - Best EURO car in aus :)

    Yes the silicon intake tubing does actually add power, the stock tubing has a smaller diameter than the throttle body and is ribbed which creates turbulence and a bottleneck, dyno's have show that simple pipe replacement can add ~3-5hp and every HP counts :) Haha yeah I know when i used to frequent here alot everyone's build threads would say what size fans they had, how many fans and if they were intake / exhaust. The reason I listed them is they are Track compound pads as I track my car whenever I can afford to. As far as weight reduction at the moment I have only removed the rear seats and added the lightweight wheels but still that has saved ~60 kg on a ~1.1 tonne car, Id like todo some more but at the moment since its my daily driver and i like my creature comforts :) As for the rear swaybar, i have had a larger on it which on the street was heaps of fun because you would throw it into a corner and the back end would come alive but on the racetrack it was a nightmare, At the track the mini with its stock sway bars is very neutral and predictable car but when you take away rear end grip but uprating the sway bar at the same speeds it would often end in a front wheel drift ... which is fun but it scrubs a lot of speed or a spin out. The mini challenge cars actually have smaller front and rear sway bars than stock.
  8. pnut

    Help me - Best EURO car in aus :)

    Haha, thats one of the MANY things done. Go Fast 1.6L supercharged Alta CAI Silicon intake tubing 15% Supercharger reduction pulley Alta Intercooler with water sprayer JCW 380CC injectors 4-2-1 Matched Extractors Highflow 200cell CAT JCW exhaust with resonator removed Handling KW v2 Coilover suspension M7 Strut tower brace OMP lower chassis brace 17" lightweight Mini challenge rims Stopping Wilwood FSL calipers - 4 pot Uprated with stainless steel pistons 13" Cross drilled, gas slotted and zink plated rotors All round TCE stainless steel brake lines BP-10 Pads front Ferodo DS2500 pads rear Aesthetics Painted wheels satin black. Modified bumper for AERO grill. Foglight blackouts Beltline blackouts Voltage Products larger intercooler scoop. Home made custom air divertor plate. Alta oil catch can. Autometer 2 5/8 boost gauge. Tinted windows Custom yellow badge S badges to match calipers. Bonnet stripes Fluffy Dice <- Very important :P So yep just a mini on BBS's nesquick ;)
  9. pnut

    Help me - Best EURO car in aus :)

    cheers bud :) Thanks to everyone whos voted today. Im currently sitting in 4th, in hot pursuit for first 3 places :) Keep the votes coming.
  10. Hi Everyone, I need your help, i entered a competition for best EURO car in AUS I would like to see my mini make the top 3 ! :) Simply click on the link below to vote for my baby. All it takes is 15 seconds of your time. Thanks! Vote here | Facebook *you must like the page and then click the vote here* As a bonus if you vote you also go into a draw to win a PS3 kit worth $600 Much appreciated guys ! :)
  11. when i was overclocking my Q9550, i lowered its multi as far as it would go then upped my bus as high as it would go to 500mhz (2000mhz FSB) then tweaked ram timings etc, then upped my muti to hapilly find out i have one sexy overclocker :)
  12. pnut

    CPU Burn In

    I ran in my car by taking it around Queensland raceway every wed/ sat for 4 weeks, 1200 kms at race speed did it ;) its now at 90,000 k's i track it quite often and its in perfect health. anyways back to CPU's, havent burnt in a cpu since my first 800 amd duron
  13. pnut

    EBgames and Star Trek online

    Simple, buy it online and download it like i did and save yourself $50. currently lvl 13 and loving it :)
  14. pnut

    Star Trek Online

    Im currently playing this, played OB and loved it so i bought it on Direct 2 Driver for around $50. Im currently lvl 11 and loving it :)