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  1. I found the problem was having both my PC with the media server, and the console itself both on wifi. Once I wired my PC up, I found that most of my streaming issues disappeared (except for when the washing machine is on spin cycle!).
  2. _kapone_

    Calling all car geeks, recommend me a car

    Wow, lots to digest there, thanks guys (nesquick in particular!). I really don't think a wagon would be a good fit for me. I like the idea of not having to be previous about whatever I throw in the back, and as mentioned earlier, the rear seats would be used almost exclusively for kids. In regards to towing, I should have mentioned that I don't own a trailer, although I would have access to one on occasions. For the most part I would prefer to throw stuff in the tray though. I'll keep on looking, I've got a big of time on my side (don't expect to be moving for at least 4 months). The Triton has been mentioned a few times by different people in my travels, so I'll give some serious consideration to that. One question though, what makes the Ford Explorer and the Prado wagons? I've never really considered them to be that (based on size).
  3. _kapone_


    Having just made the decision to throw away a reasonably well paying corporate job, downsize and move to the country (where I'm looking for any part time work that will cover the bills and let me spend time with family), here's my 2 cents. Work out what you really want from a qualitative point of view (e.g. not I want a big house, fast car, etc, but instead I want to feel more ... and spend more time ..., etc). Then let your answers to this guide your decision. Money isn't everything, but if this job will make you happy (it sounds like an awesome adventure!) go for it. If money is your primary reason for doing it, think long and hard about what you'd be giving up. It's scary to walk away from that, but think past the fear before making your decision. At the end of the day, the life we live is largely the result of the choices we make, so make sure that you have the courage to make them instead of following everyone else's choices.
  4. _kapone_

    Calling all car geeks, recommend me a car

    Think you missed something in the OP, I'm looking at utes, not hatchbacks. A hatchback would be the absolute worst car for my situation.
  5. So this might seem like an odd post for a tech site, but I'm sure there's a few car geeks out there, and I've only ever had the best advice from at0micans, so here it goes... After many years of dreaming, my wife and I have finally decided that this will be the year we make the leap to a tree-change, moving from suburban Melbourne, to North East Victoria. Currently we are a single car family, with my wife getting around with our young son in a 2008 Corolla Conquest Wagon, and myself getting to work in the CBD by train each day. We've been really happy with the Corolla, and plan on keeping it as my wife's car. However with the move to the country I will be needing to get a car again. The number one priority for me is reliability. As we are downsizing our lifestyle, including income, we really want to minimise the risk of expensive mechanics bills. Following that is efficiency (we'll be driving 3 hours back to Melbourne every month or so), and value for money. We are expecting to finance the car from the sale of our house, but plan to put the vast majority aside for purchasing our next house. It has to be large enough to pile a couple of mates into the back for the odd camping trip, or a couple of kids car seats, as well as being able to get filled up with a fair bit of cargo (camping trips, firewood collections, tools, etc). It will need to tow a trailer from time to time, but won't be doing any heavy duty towing (e.g. no cars, boats or caravans). Our budget is up to $15,000, but would prefer to get as close to $10,000 as possible. Ideally, what I am imagining in my mind is a dual cab ute with canopy. I don't have any real need for a 4WD, and given the differences in purchase price and running costs, figure a 2WD would be a better option anyway. I have been looking at Hiluxs online, but to be honest I haven't yet worked out the all differences between the different models to do a proper comparison. I also don't know if I'm overlooking any other suitable options. So what's everyone's 2c?
  6. _kapone_

    What Are You Playing?

    SS: Arkham City SL: Skyrim LS: TF2/Counter-strike (for times when I just wanna shoot shit up for a bit) LL: Fallout 3 (I'm more invested in my Fallout character than my Dovakhin at the moment)
  7. _kapone_

    How many games do you have on your Steam account?

    122 Humble Bundles have helped quite a bit there, along with a few publisher packs (gotta love Christmas sales) and Green Man Gaming deals. I've never paid more than $40 on a game AFAIK.
  8. _kapone_

    Arkham City DLC codes

    Neither of my DLC codes worked, but I also assumed that's because it's not the official release date yet. My wife paid $79 which I assumed was a pricematch on release. Nothing on the website about there being two versions. http://www.jbhifi.com.au/games/batman-arkham-city/ I'll be calling them tomorrow to sort this out.
  9. _kapone_

    Arkham City DLC codes

    Hi guys, My wife picked up my Arkham City pre-order from JB for me today, which was awesome! When she called to say she had picked it up, I asked if she'd been given DLC codes, which she hadn't. I then called the store and was told that the codes were in the packaging. Opening the case tonight however, I only have DLC codes for Catwoman and the Batman Beyond skin. From the JB website it looks like there should have been DLC codes for Robin, Batman Earth One, and Batman The Animated Series. Did anyone else have difficulties? Or can anyone confirm that stores should have had loose DLC codes to give out? Thanks
  10. _kapone_

    Force Feedback Mouse/Mice

    I had a Belkin Nostromo n30 force feedback mouse and liked it quite a bit. http://techreport.com/articles.x/3499/1 The only problem was that it was a ball mouse (this was before the days of optical mice) and game support was pretty limited (the only game I remember supporting it fully was Unreal Tournament 2k3). It was a bit of an odd shape, but I actually didn't mind it. If they put this sort of functionality into the G9 I'd pick it up in a heartbeat.
  11. _kapone_

    Best online store for electronic components?

    Thanks everyone. I ended up going to Jaycar today simply because there was stuff I needed stuff for tomorrow, and couldn't get to Radioparts before they closed. Kind of regretted it as it cost a bit more than I was expecting. I'll give some of these online stores a try for upcoming projects and will let everyone know how I went. I do have to say I was impressed with Australian Robotics ( http://www.australianrobotics.com.au )though, for the purchase of my Arduino and a few other bits a pieces (including a 'dinged' up book for $10, which was in close to perfect condition!). Prices were okay, but shipping was extremely quick (ordered on a Saturday, got a confirmation on Sunday to say it was picked and packed, and had it Tuesday morning via Express Post) and their website was one of the better ones I've come across.
  12. Hi all, I've finally bitten the bullet and purchased myself an Arduino clone (a Freetronics Eleven, http://www.freetronics.com/products/eleven), along with a breadboard and a basic kit of components (http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/arduino-s...-kit-p-775.html). I'm now in the process of checking out projects I'd be interested in building and am putting together a list of extra components I'll want to have on hand. The last time I was dabbling in electronics was a long, long time ago, and I was picking up my bits and pieces from the local Dick Smith. Obviously they're not much help anymore, plus I'd much rather buy online as it's much more convenient. So tell me, who is the best online store for electronic components? The criteria being (in order): 1. Price 2. Shipping costs 3. Website usability/functionality (eg. Jaycar's website sucks balls) 4. Customer service/support Thanks! Update: Fixed links
  13. _kapone_

    New "Buy the latest issue" side ad thingo

    +1 to this. With my browser snapped to one side on a 1920x1080 screen, the bar cuts into article text. And now that I'm paying a bit more attention, the whole site doesn't seem to like a window width of less than 1000 pixels. Not a huge issue though.
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    Done, here.
  15. _kapone_

    A Song of Ice and Fire

    Given the George RR Martin hysteria that's overtaking the world now that we have Game Of Thrones the TV series, and GRRM finally got A Dance With Dragons out the door, I assume that I'm not the only person wishing for a 'perfect' A Song Of Ice And Fire game. Now we have Cyanide developing an RTS, A Game Of Thones: Genesis, but I'm honestly dubious of what the end result will be. So tell me, what would your perfect GRRM game be? For myself, give me Morrowind meets Deus Ex with Skyrim visuals. The events would cover the lead up to Robert Baratheon taking to the Iron Throne, and there would be no one main character, instead you'd play several characters, some of whom would interact while others would fleetingly pass each other both (much like the characters in the books themselves). The characters would allow you to experience a variety of roles, including a Black Brother of the Nights Watch, a Targaryen, a Knight of the Kingsguard, a Stark, a Lannister, a Tyrell, a Maester, a mercenary, a hedge knight, a Greyjoy, a Baratheon and a Bravosi assassin. The game would be an open world RPG where you could wander off from the main quest at anytime to explore or complete side quests.