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  1. Leonid: 1. In putting a price on carbon, we accelerate the development of these technologies that you are waiting for. This has the long term benefit of reducing over all carbon emissions. 2. You seem to concentrate on the technology required to produce carbon-cheap power. But what about technology to be more energy efficient? Consider using more efficient power supplies, using slower CPUs if your applications are disk bound, etc. None of these seem out of our grasp. 3. You might pass the cost on, but market competitions says there will also be those who won't, and there will be those who will find ways to be more energy efficient as to maintain their margin and their cost-to-customers. As long as businesses are not colluding, a price on carbon will force companies to optimise for energy efficiency, and if they do, the rise in prices may not be as extreme as you make it out to be.
  2. Leonid's analysis is pretty damning if you assume the technology we have now is the pinnacle of human achievement and will never be surpassed. All things considered, this probably isn't the case. Price will go up initially, but competition will ensured that it will go down again. The market, I trust, will adopt to the price on carbon and re-optimise itself in the way markets tends to. DCs might start installing solar panels or more efficient transformers; hosting companies might switch to more power efficient hardware; small businesses might consolidate servers to get rid of unnecessary capacity, etc. EDIT I also want to point out that picking a bone with the Government's statement that ""The price of most goods will increase by less than one half of one per cent as a result of a carbon price," is a disingenuous. Electricity is not a good, but an ongoing a cost. That rack of yours probably isn't going to be that much more expensive to buy after the introduction of the carbon tax. Even if you were to argue that it is a good, given that most Australians don't run their own hosting company, it is a stretch to imagine it falls under the umbrella of "most goods".
  3. Actually, did you know that isn't true? Coal power plants actually release more radiation into the environment than nuclear plants. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article....n-nuclear-waste I guess your sarcasm detector blew up. You should have used the sarcasm font :P
  4. There is consensus in the scientific community that humans are causing global warming. I refer you to statements confirming this from every major scientific academy. I also refer to you the latest survey of scientific opinion which found: You know what the scientific community thinks will really solve anthropogenic warming? Stop using so much fossil fuel. But how do we do this without being draconian about it? Why market forces! Since doing X is causing problems, there should be disincentive to do X, perhaps some form of tax... In the end, your argument that we shouldn't do anything because China's output will undo all our good work is an argument to nothing at all, in all things. Why bother with feeding the hungry and helping the poor? The global balance sheet of pain and suffering is dominated by the despots in Africa anyway. Even if we eliminate all suffering in Australia, it would be nothing compared to the suffering coming out of Africa or North Korea. So fuck it, let us do nothing, sit on our arses all day and do whatever the fuck we like -- it is not like one person changing their habits can affect a world populated by over 7 billion people.
  5. Most gasses are invisible, and I don't quite get what your point is? Does google detect invisible gases? If not then this specially built satellite to detect your cows farting so they can tax you for it CAN do things that google can't. :) Right, I see. So you think that being able to detecting CO2 and Methane (presumably these are the two gases you are talking about) at a resolution of 2x2km per pixel will lead to some kind of world government where the average farmer is grind beneath the heels of the carbon police? If so, LOL. Talk about an overinflated sense of importance.
  6. freespace

    Lightbulbs are not so safe

    Have an upvote! Wait this isn't reddit...
  7. Most gasses are invisible, and I don't quite get what your point is?
  8. You have to be kidding me right? Global surveillance at 2x2km resolution? Shit Google does better.
  9. LOL WHAT is the correct response, because I have no idea what you are trying to say. Your sentence structure is a real WTF.
  10. The cynic in you should also suggests that business will do everything they can to exploit the new tax for their own gain.
  11. Yeah, because coffee shops would never collude and use the carbon tax as an excuse to make an extra $6 bucks in your example. That is not to say they will, but simply pointing out that you are vastly over simplifying it. In any case, the Government can do no right in your eyes. If they failed to stop people from exploiting their policies for monetary gain, you rag on them, and rightly so. For example the solar insulation scheme. So now they put in regulation to make sure no one can raise the prices and then pay off Alan Jones to blame it on the carbon tax without proof, and you rag on them for being thought police. This is despite the the only thing ACCC will reinforce is claims without reasonable basis or plain untrue, no worse than the standards we require of advertisement in general. Remember those perpetually "closing down" carpet stores? The "80%" off jewellery prices that were marked up by the same amount in the first place? But whatever man, fuck da power! People should be able to say whatever they want to make a buck, freedom of speech man! WOOOOOO
  12. freespace

    Hmm - cataracts

    I love my glasses... I feel naked without them. I suppose it comes from having to wear them since childhood :) Was a little happy to hear I would still need them for a legitimate purpose, instead of just being props :P If it is just starting now, it will be another year at least for them to get to the point where you have to get it fixed. For me the effects aren't really noticeable except in bright sunlight. I can't read in the Sun any more because there is just too much glare. Same for finding people in broad day light :) Even so, my doctors say I could leave it for another 6 month, but I won't be in .au then, so I elected to get them done this year. Not stressing about it is the best strategy, and you can probably pass your next flight med as long as you don't need to see in the sun :P Cheers, Steve
  13. freespace

    Hmm - cataracts

    Eh, nothing to stress about Chris :P I will be getting the same surgery in late July and Mid August. They will cut out my current lenses and put in new ones. It will give me 20/20 vision, but I will need bifocals to read since the artificial lenses can't flex like the natural ones. I will let yo know how it goes :) Cheers, Steve
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    Ghost Recon Alpha

    It magically decided to work this morning. Watched it through it, it was pretty good! Some cool ideas :)
  15. freespace

    Ghost Recon Alpha

    It might be cool, but whatever ubi is using to stream it is full of shit. I have tried 3 times now to let it play in the BG while I do something else, and it never got very far. So fuck it. I will watch it when someone puts it on youtube or something.