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  1. This sounds amazing! Won't be for years till it arrives near me though.
  2. Spookywanluke

    Remember werewolf/Mafia?

    I'd love to, but not sure how a different time zone would work.
  3. Spookywanluke

    Remember werewolf/Mafia?

    In person rules: http://www.playwerewolf.co/rules/ Online rules: https://sites.google.com/site/atomicanmafia/
  4. Spookywanluke

    Roll Call!

    Tripped over these forums again, been way too long.
  5. Spookywanluke

    Remember werewolf/Mafia?

    Pity, it was a lot of fun but can be hell to organise.
  6. Spookywanluke

    Remember werewolf/Mafia?

    Largest game outside of gencon that I have seen. ~40 players. I think I'd still prefer the shenanigans and suspense of the online compared to a few hours... http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f50/Spookywanluke/IMG_20170130_190451_zpsvnbzz7kq.jpg
  7. Spookywanluke

    Destiny.... Hub.

    Well I'm definitely not going anywhere near that PVP option.....unless I want to be chop suey.
  8. Spookywanluke

    Destiny.... Hub.

    That's really odd, I'm PS4 definitely. Try reynard_muldrake without caps, I've noticed PSN has bee having issues with caps lately... or at least with finding my friends..... Or just follow my friend request, I think I found you :) I was debating between AUF and Ardent Hawks as they were the most interesting ones I found after a brief search, but as you recommend some peeps in Ardent I've very tempted. (It also takes almost more effort to join AUF then it did to get primarch here...well a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea)
  9. Spookywanluke

    Official Atomic Gamer IDs

    Origin: Spookywanluke PSN: Reynard_Muldrake Steam: Spookywanluke I play generally: Destiny - often, Civilization, Earth2160, Portal and occasionally BF3.
  10. Spookywanluke

    Destiny.... Hub.

    Hey guys, now that AusGuard has closed it's borders, is there clan you would recommend me join?
  11. Spookywanluke

    Destiny.... Hub.

    Not bad. Dave found that as he was playing the other day. Control with Lv11. Was beaten and beating level 26 and level 5 players... It was a bit of a mess of a map.
  12. Spookywanluke

    Now they want to shut down 4chan

    As long as there are forums and img forums at that, there will be a version of 4chan. As long as there is anonymity, there will be Anonymous. Once men had clubs and made war on other peoples, now days we have computers and still 'break and enter'. It's not right, but shutting down 4chan is akin to putting a bandaid over open heart surgery.
  13. Spookywanluke

    Now they want to shut down 4chan

    Shrug. I DO not agree with any government censorship at all (or censorship in general), but if a group manages to 1. Shut down 4 Chan perma or 2, Block 4chan from the peeps proper then I'll be amazed. Many men have tried . . . so many, but none has succeeded.
  14. Spookywanluke

    Destiny.... Hub.

    I would if 1. I saw anyone I knew...and I could figure out how too!!!! Oh this is not fun. Level 8ish playing a level 6 mission on Earth and stuck with constant spawning wizards, no players available for a fireteam, no idea where to go (even with my companion cube....oops, ghost) and darkness abounds.... Let's hope when I next log on and try this mission again I have more luck. yup I've noticed that, me going down from one hit, yet often it taking two hits to take someone down, I've started using my handcanon in pvp, I've found either leading or following up after melee with that resolves any issues of the melee not taking them out. In a match yesterday of control I had 12 captures, and everyone else on my team had 6 or less. I was top of the team in points because of my caps, but third for number of kills. I was often the only one capping a point as well. Yep tell me about it. I'l be honest, I'm fairly a newbie on the PS4 but I've always loved control and CTF missions on any multiplayer but only if the team sticks in pairs or together. There's no point neutralizing a point if only to die a second later due to having no backup....and that is especially true for those of us playing Warlocks! ...Yes the enemy is capturing point B, but FFS don't leave me here to twiddle my thumbs alone.... There is no I in team, but there is ME.
  15. Spookywanluke

    PSA: Winamp closing down

    WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ALL THE SHOUTCAST STREAMS!!?!?!?! I think what I liked about winamp was its simplicity. You could download a file, and play it while it downloaded. If it hit the end of the 20 seconds it had when you added it, it'd play into the negatives untill it hits the end of the currently downloading stream. It didnt lock files as 'In Use' unless you pause them while playing. Its super lightweight. And since I disable everything, its super fast (classic skin FTW). I guess I don't have to pay for the last version in a month then. While a legal black zone, it'll officially be abandonware. ----------- Well then! Abandonware treatment it is! I wish they'd release the pro version for free, OFFICIALLY if they're closing down AND not selling anymore. Cough ""free download winamp ---> already own winamp --->dowload pro." and if they had already ditched the program at that point cheat and use a keygen instead of paying for it.... AOHell, I haven't heard that for almost 20 years! it's very sad to see this piece of history go. I still use it every day when I don't have to use Itunes, I have it installed on every working pc and control it via my phone... It still has the best skins, the least ram/cpu usage that I've tested and has a true random function (don't get me started on IShit) It may be possible, but so far with my audio set-ups it IS the only program that I can make play MP3's in surround sound (even if it is only faked) and the only player that can quickly convert cd's to mp3 (not used often but for the occasion that the group isn't online yet) I remember getting pissed when AOL edited the classic start up to beep out "ass" with a shitty llama noise. Long live the Llama