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  1. Mordenakhnen

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Just using it as my home router. Quite cheap, no inbuilt WiFi or xDSL modem, and as a compulsive tinkerer I can play with it (when the house is otherwise empty) to my hearts content. Might give OpenWRT or something simillar a go at some stage.
  2. Mordenakhnen

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Just bought a Ubiquiti Edgerouter X, quite a nice piece of kit IMO.
  3. Mordenakhnen

    New forum issues/features here (Atomic πi)

    Looks pretty good. Given the overall look of the default theme, the confirmation dialogs such as the one for mark all read could be darkened a bit, though they aren't big enough to be blinding in the current white.
  4. Mordenakhnen

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    The body text colour and background colour of the popup for "Mark site read" are both white.
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  6. Mordenakhnen

    i see dead people

    Darrell Eastlake gone at 75 after battling Alzheimer's disease and emphysema: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-19/darrell-eastlake-dies-aged-75-reports/9674564 to quote a 12th Man piece: Darrell: Pearce off Jack, Gibbs on Jack: What did you fuckn say? Darrell: Pearce off Jack, Gibbs on Jack: Don't tell me to piss off fuck knuckle Darrell: Hoh Hoh, Big Jack's king hit me, and I've gone crashing to the deck.
  7. Mordenakhnen

    i see dead people

    R Lee Ermey, who played Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket has died of "complications of pneumonia" at age 74 http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-43779357
  8. Mordenakhnen

    What's on your mind?

    The current xkcd.com panel is nuts. https://xkcd.com/1975/
  9. From what I've read EMIB is only used between the HBM2 and the GPU, the connection to the CPU is PCI-E. AdoredTV over at Youtube provides a bit of analysis of what Intel & AMD have got going with this:
  10. Mordenakhnen

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Just completed the main campaign and smaller DLC stuff in XCOM 2, quite enjoyed it. I'd had another go at XCOM 1 just prior to getting XCOM 2 and didn't really like it so the second game was a pleasant surprise (as much a surprise as it can be having watched a decent amount of others streaming gameplay). One of my fondest gaming memories is of clearing out a landed (not crashed) three level UFO in the original game UFO: Enemy Unknown so it was nice to gain some enjoyment out of the new stuff and it makes me more comfortable with the idea of putting some money down on the luxury digital deluxe version of Phoenix Point a little closer to when they open up early access for those who backed/preorder at a high enough level. For those who haven't heard of it: https://phoenixpoint.info/ An XCOM style game that blends alien stuff and a post apocalyptic Earth. Phoenix Point is being designed by Julian Gollop, one of the designers of the original 1990's XCOM games UFO: Enemy Unknown and X-COM: Terror from the Deep.
  11. Mordenakhnen

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Just got myself a black Jonsbo RM3 Micro-ATX case from PLE Computers. http://www.jonsbo.com/en/products_32_2.html I'm going to have to get a PSU with better (and somewhat shorter) cables. Some aspects of how things currently are, particularly the SATA power leads, make getting the back glass plate on without undue pressure on the HDDs and without bowing the glass somewhat difficult.