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  1. Mordenakhnen

    The coronavirus conspiracy

  2. Mordenakhnen

    AMD Zen

    Now if only they would put some more money/resources into driver development for their GPUs. I sometimes feel that the people they have working on graphics drivers are on secondment from Bethesda.
  3. Mordenakhnen

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Just got an In Win 103 RBG White mid tower case, a fairly nice unit but words cannot adequately express just how infuriating the ease of pressing the power button is, particularly given its position, when setting the build up. I have a couple of white bequiet! 120mm shadow wings 2 pwm fans on order and am considering the white Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 240X AIO as a possible addition. Aaaand hopefully the comfy looking swivel papasan chair I've ordered off eBay gets here some time soon.
  4. Mordenakhnen

    AMD Zen

    Just because it's Zen & RDNA based doesn't mean it's "just a PC".
  5. Mordenakhnen

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Some Diablo Swing Orchestra thanks to hearing it on the Twitch channel of an aussie bloke calling himself ExcessiveProfanity.
  6. Mordenakhnen

    i see dead people

    Terry Jones has died https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-51209197 such a shame the dementia and the fading away.
  7. Mordenakhnen

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Been heavily into Final Fantasy XIV, just got my first class/job to current max level (80) and finished the main story quest chain as it currently stands. I never paid that much attention to the story in WoW but in FF XIV I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the creature and world design I find quite pleasing as is the music.
  8. Mordenakhnen

    What's on your mind?

    Pity I didn't have that luck last Monday when my car packed it in.
  9. Mordenakhnen

    What's on your mind?

    Had a rather strange occurrence Today, I had an appointment booked for NBN FTTN install this morning AND THEY SHOWED UP. Wonders will never cease.
  10. Mordenakhnen

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I've beaten my finances back into submission after getting a back payment (just before I bought the two monitors). I bought a Surface Laptop 2 (Cobalt Blue, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, and i5 CPU) mid last week and am enjoying it immensely. It's the first laptop I've ever bought, I did have an old HP boat anchor given to me a few years ago that wasn't much good for anything (nice keyboard though). Now to not spend anything until payday.
  11. Mordenakhnen

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Bought myself a couple of LG 27UL600-W monitors to sit either side of my LG 27UK850-W Auspost managed to lose them for a few days, not sure how, must have put them somewhere in plain sight. just need some decent very wide screen pictures for the background. Using eyefinity 11520x2160 without bezel compensation or 11732x2160 with.
  12. Mordenakhnen

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    It's the VRAM temps that Timmy Joe has problems with, not the others. I've found with mine that the VRAM sits about 20°C above the GPU temp at idle, coolers specifically designed for these cards will undoubtedlt do a better job of cooling the VRAM and will probably have a higher max fan speed to boot.
  13. Mordenakhnen

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    I've got Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut on the GPU, and some 0.5mm Arctic Thermal Cooling Pad sandwiched between small amounts of the supplied thermal adhesive on everything else. the 18cm case fans are running on low speed and make sod all difference to temps, if the card's fans aren't ramping then the RAM will roast.
  14. Mordenakhnen

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    Who knows, he has the anniversary edition, and I have the ordinary XT. If the fans don't ramp up properly the RAM temp will head into the high nineties and beyond. I've noted that the Accelero fans hit max speed at a recorded fan % of about 40-42% and that with the GPU temp what it is the fan needs to be ramping up relatively quickly by the time the GPU temp gets to about 35-40°C in my current environment.