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  1. Looks like I'm out this time, unexpected car repairs costing money. :(
  2. Well, it has been a while since we all got together. Fuck it, I'm in.
  3. Doc Forrest

    how crap is this government ?

    I'll give it a year.
  4. Doc Forrest

    Roll Call!

    At the earliest 2003.
  5. Doc Forrest

    BRIS: BBQ meat

    Will be there for the January meet.
  6. Doc Forrest

    A little ray of sunshine.

    I'm not sure what the designer was thinking when he created a giant reflecting mirror that can focus the sun's rays over a wide area.
  7. Doc Forrest

    Atomic Meet 13: Brisbane

    Doc Forrest has Marvel vs Capcom hax. I honestly had never played that game before in my life. That being said, I absolutely dusted Reaperman.
  8. Doc Forrest

    110V Distribution Box

    That is an elegant solution to problems that we all potentially face. Any chance of a wiring diagram so I can do something similar? Also, what are the specs on the transformer?
  9. Doc Forrest

    Atomic Meet 13: Brisbane

    I suppose I should confirm here.
  10. Doc Forrest

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    Had a look at the calendar, looked at when my trip south is... Maybe next time.
  11. Doc Forrest

    [BNE] Newfarm Park

    It had better be on, I'm standing near the ferry terminal now.
  12. Doc Forrest

    [BNE] Newfarm Park

    I think I may be free that day, but I'm not sure. If I am, I will endeavour to be there.
  13. Doc Forrest

    Lets go to the movies ! 03/12/11

    Seeing as I was one of the pikers last time I shall endeavour to attend. Just need to juggle around some other engagements. Besides, Nick Frost vs Aliens? I'm down with that.
  14. Doc Forrest

    [BNE] Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens

    I should be able to make it on the 12th for lunch.