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  1. i enjoy a bit of chilled out and electronica music every now and then. Lamb - Gabriel (just found out about Lamb myself) t r y ^ d - beauty (both albums 'Listen' and 'Public Domain' are great and also free, i grabbed them from jamendo.com) Tunguska Chillout Grooves Vol 5 (also on jamendo, vol 4 is also nice to listen to) I'm sure the majority of us know BT, but i love this remix of satellite which so far has no real name i've come across Bt - Satellite (unity ending remix) enjoy.
  2. reklaw120

    VeeToo Roll Call

    mine is 19991, if i remember correctly i done that right.
  3. reklaw120

    Does anyone know what style of music this is?

    you could try out jamendo.com they will have alot of music very similar to this if you look around, and it's all legal if you needed to know that. the clip to me sounds like experimental-world-ambient. i just downloaded, "Professor Kliq - Community Service II," it is somewhat similar but not that same but like i said if you look around you will find something like it. plus on the site you can stream a whole song/album if you want to listen to it first before you download it.
  4. reklaw120

    What was your #1 song, when you were born

    aus - Venus - Bananarama alright. it's a song everyone in aus should know. usa - When I Think Of You - Janet Jackson well that song was very average. uk - Every Loser Wins - Nick Berry this is just bad.... wtf....
  5. reklaw120

    Im bored!

    Try Dawn of War 2, it the first RTS game i've played where the single player kept me interested the whole way through, graphics are good and the gameplay is also good, the mutiplayer side is completely different to any rts i've played and is alot of fun as well. like Kastoli for his CoH, DoW2 is the same for me, i can't play it for hours on end or more then a few skirmish games, but it is a lot of fun, especially if you have a few mates with the game as well.
  6. reklaw120

    A good gaming mouse...?

    I've used the origianl G5 since it was released and it is by far the best mouse i have used, the only thing against it, i can't rest my whole hand on it, but it hasn't bothered me, the weights i can put in it are a nice feature as the extra weight in the hand gives me a little more control of the mouse. It also has 3 dpi settings with the easy +, - buttons near the scroll wheel my brother's spare Razor Copperhead is also right next to me on my spare comp, it is more comfortable in the hand becasue my whole hand can rest on it, but it is to lite and the side buttons are hard for my thumb and fingers to naturally press because of their placement with the shape of the mouse as a whole. other then that it is a good mouse, also the scroll button is easier to click then the G5. Logitech's G500 Logitech's G500 page is on it's way out, and if i ever had to replace my G5 i would probably get this one. also i've heard people say setting their mouse to the highest dpi while lowering the sensitivity in the game is a handy thing to do for FPS's, their is probably a theory behind that, but i've never tried it.
  7. reklaw120

    AtomicMPC : Hottest 100 - Of All Time

    just done mine, i think maybe one of may favorites will at least make the list, the rest of them not sure going through my music its hard to get a top 10, i love so many songs, its hard to find that track that stands out. oh well i see no problem in posting what i voted for. Foo Fighters - Everlong Chicane - Come Tomorrow VAST - Touched Lostprophets - We Still Kill The Old Way A Day To Remember - The Downfall of us all Mudvayne - Happy? Trust Company - Downfall Muse - Map of the Problematique A Perfect Circle - Judith (Renholder Mix) Guano Apes - You Can't Stop Me
  8. reklaw120

    Triple J Hottest 100 of All Time.

    not a bad list in the end, it had a certain feel to it. If you had to listen to it in one hit only a few of the songs sound out of place, but that's what happens i guess.
  9. reklaw120


    this was all i could come up with, anything else i thought of was mostly just things i disliked. Swinging a console remote around to play a game. Larger then large TV's Most mainstream music Reality shows Windows XP Mobile phones worth over $200 Linking computer games to violence
  10. reklaw120

    Hero Machine

    i had to have another go, well i actually had a few more goes, but this one is one of the better ones
  11. reklaw120

    Hero Machine

    first attempt, tis fun
  12. reklaw120

    List of PC games I have FINISHED

    here's my short list of 'finished' games with single player Battlefield 1942 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Crysis Aliens Vs Predator 2 Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Diablo 2 + Expansion Red Faction Decent 2 Rainbow Six - Vegas 2 if i made a list of games i played half way through and lost interest, it would be massive.
  13. reklaw120

    What does it mean to be a man?

    according to devildriver the answer is Work i agree.
  14. reklaw120

    5 Super Powers what would you choose?

    1- grant wishes, even to myself 2- read minds when i want to 3- the ability to slow time to myself and others i choose and move freely, while everyone else still feels normal time 4- the ability to harness energy and use it 5- teleport it's hard to choose 5, i tired to get ones that would counter the need to use others i would of liked to have. btw Private First Class Passion Pop, made my day =)
  15. reklaw120

    Your most hated film...

    a couple already mentioned Cloverfield - handicam movie just lost it for me, unluckiest grp of people ever, seemed to follow them everywhere. The Bourne Ultimatum - the story was fine, but to much camera movement/blur/angle changes ruined it imo Terminator 3 - for the same reason as op AVP - it was awesome to see aliens and predators in movies again, but it lacked alot of things, AVP2 improved slightly (heard a rumor of predator 3 not sure from where. but could only find a mention of avp3 on imdb)