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  1. Hello, I am looking into using VPN service. I am considering using CyberGhost but only want to pay for a plan that covers 1 device. Originally I wanted to try and run it on my NAS where I run a torrent client, but I thought it might be good to try and set it up so it covers my entire network. I have read that it isnt a great idea to run the VPN client directly on my router as the router would not be "fast / powerful" enough to handle it. So I was thinking I could build my own router / linux box.. i remember many moons ago following a how to guide provided by atomic to build a linux firewall / gateway / router... Sorry for sounding like such a goose, but it has been years since I have dabbled in anything *nix related. one question though springs to mind, would it be possible to replace my ISP's provided router (I am on a fixed wireless NBN service) with a home made linux job that I could install the cyberghost VPN service on or would it be best to plug the supplied router into the linux gateway I try and build and then have that plugged into my switch? I also remember many moons ago building a smoothwall box with 2 NICS in it that had similar setup with an ADSL connection. Or am I just over cooking this? Oh, reason I thought about the linux box was that I cant find out (or work out) how to install the cyberghost client on my shitty Thecus N2200 NAS. Thanks for any info or advice.
  2. Thanks for the reply Master_Scythe, I know it sounds a bit odd, but only allowing access to 2 or 3 sites is what needs to be done. This isn't a solution for an office or home where access to the internet is required for other client PC's. It's a project my friend has asked me about. I have scratched my head a few times as well, but apparently limiting access to only 2 or 3 websites on the network is what he wants to.... I will look into the OpenDNS solution but I think this will still be not enough. Thanks again.
  3. Hello, I have half a dozen different mobile devices, Galaxy NOTE Tabs, Ipads, Samsung Tablets etc etc. If I wanted to hand those devices out in say a cafe and have the users only be able to browse to certain websites, say "forums.atomicmpc.com.au" what would be the best way to do this? Initially I am thinking a proxy server, but I have never done this before and was wondering if there are other ways to achieve this on tablets and other mobile devices? If the simplest solution would be a proxy server, I used smoothwall many moons ago and was going to have a crack with this. Any ideas / help / pointers would be appreciated. Thanks! And if I have posted in the wrong forum, apologies about that and I can repost in another one if ncessary.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if it ispossible to force windows XP to always maintain the secondry video ouput on my computer? I have 2 computers running windows XP with Geforce 210 video cards, VGA plugs into the PC Monitor and the HDMI outputs plug into the an automated A/V switcher. But when the switching is done, windows will drop the video signal from the PC it is switching from, and when it switches back, windows will try and reconfigure it, but this doesnt work seemlessly. I am using an Nvidia Geforce 210 graphics card with the VGA plugged into the pc monitor and the HDMI plugged into the switcher. The Nvidia control panel help file mentions something about forcing EDID detection for a workstation, but I cannot find this anywhere. I have also read that the "Force TV detection" option only works with S-Video or Composite video connections. Is there another program I can run, or something that I can do so that when the switching is done both computers will continue to maintain the secondry output settings? I have also tried this with windows 7 but you switch from and then back to the computer running windows 7 it seems to have a "hissy fit" and tries to clone the desktop to the TV.... I am using Version 310.90 of the nvidia drivers, and would like to try and stick with these due to compatibility issues with a program I have on my PC with other drivers. Thanks for any help.... or putting me out of my misery and confirming this cant be done.
  5. Hello, It has been a while since I have been on here and was hoping to get some help. Last night I rebooted our windows 2008 server and upon reboot it blue screened with a "page_fault_in_nonpaged_area" i tried to reboot but his didn't help.. after reaching the login screen It blue screened again. I did a quick google search and decided that the ram might be faulty. SO I swapped out the 2 x 2gig sticks of ram with 2 new 4gig sticks of ram so I booted the computer up and again it BSOD but this time it was different BSOD from memory it was a BAD_POOL_HEADER error. I have a single 500gig sata drive with the OS and data and 4 x 1TB Sata drives in a raid 10 array on an adaptec 2410SA controller. So I removed the RAID card from the server and also removed the USB3 Card. Rebooted but same issue. I have been backing up the system everyday using the windows backup tool, as a system image. I also check a few times a week that the backups where successful, which they have been. SO i whacked the Installation disc in, booted up and restored the most recent back up to a brand new 1TB WD Green Caviar drive. Now the system boots up goes past hte splash screen, but reboots again just as you think the login screen will come up. I have tried safe mode and all other kinds of modes, as well as flashing the BIOS and trying each daily back up going back about 6 weeks. I also tried just restoring the System disc as well as restoring the System disc and other partitions, to no avail..... Id prefer not to have to re-install the server with AD and everything, but im at a loss here.... Any suggestions? FWIW the motherboard is an ASUS P7P55 LX, oh and I swapped the ASUS 8400GS video card with another one. its not a fancy server by any stretch but it seems to go alright.
  6. Hippiekiller

    demoting a DC (2003 server)

    Thanks Squallstrife. yesterday i stuffed around with trying to restore the backup I of the server I made to a Virtual Machine... after hours of backing up, moving the backup to my laptop and then stuffing about with setting up the VM it failed..... I'd never done this before but I'm guessing it was a driver issue, the VM would boot, but then blue screen :-( Anyway I came in this morning crossed my fingers and demoted the DC, rebooted, logged in with the local admin account created a local user account then copied the AD profile to the local profile rebooted and everything seems to work for one f the users well everything except outlook 2007.. I had to make the new user a member of hte admins group for outlook to open. I guess i will just re-install outlook 2007 and see if that fixes that problem. But all in all I'm happy and everything seems to be OK. Thanks for the telling me what i wanted to hear SquallStrife....
  7. Hippiekiller

    demoting a DC (2003 server)

    OK, so that's what i wanted to hear... well not really, but you know what I mean. So then, before i demote the DC can i create a couple of local accounts and will these allow me to logon to the computer once I have demoted it? also, does the data from the AD Account profiles get deleted?
  8. Hippiekiller

    demoting a DC (2003 server)

    the two DC's are in different Domains. I understand where you are coming from by advising me to hire a professional. I did set up the other domain and manage it. Its pretty small and uncomplicated about 20 computers with 1 x DC which is 2008 Server with AD/DNS/DHCP) However this is tripping me up because i have never demoted a DC before. At the end of the day all my mate needs is his DC turned into a regular file server / work station. We can go through all the stuffing about of backing up all his data, formatting the drives in his server and installing windows XP or even 7 and then re-installing the applications and restoring his data... I just thought demoting a DC would be the better option.....
  9. Hippiekiller

    demoting a DC (2003 server)

    Gday, A friend has a windows standard 2003 server. The previous guy that looked after his IT had it set up as a DC for a 3 PC network.... my mate now wants to move the server into another office where there is already an existing DC (2008 server) He has asked me to do it... I thought it wouldn't be that hard to demote the server. there is no need to have 2 DC in the new office, and both small business would prefer that my friends 2003 DC be demoted. I started to run dcpromo to remove AD but then came across the 2nd "question" box where you tick the box to say that the DC is the last domain controller in the domain and then below it informs me that "After I remove Active Directory from the last domain....... All User accounts in the domain will be deleted" Does this mean that If i have a user account called "Little Johnny" that was used to login and run there MYOB application that once I have removed AD.. "Little Johnny" wont be able to login anymore and all of his data in his profile folder will be deleted? Just edited to say that my friends 2003 server just needs to run as a "file server" so a few people can login to it remotely and use MYOB (one book keeper and one accountant) I don't need to migrate any user accounts from it to the new domain or anything like that. In a nutshell i just want to be able to use my friends windows 2003 server DC on another already set up domain without having to set up my friends DC in the new domain as second DC or anything like that.. We just want to be able to demote it, plug it in to the new network and have the same people that login to it.. remotely... I hope all that makes sense, sorry if i tried to over explain things and just complicate matters.
  10. well you where spot on with it being the NF Chip. I downloaded an NFC Reader and scanned my card and it gave me... well a lot of useless information I suppose... well useless to me anyways.
  11. Just wondering if anybody can shed some light on this please. I placed my Samsung Galaxy S3 on my key card today, not on purpose just plopped it down on top of it. and it made a "noise"... like it was reading the SIM or "interacting" with it in some way.... I didnt come up with many answers on the net.. some old posts about OPTUS / WESTPAC and MASTERCARD running a trial in Australia and having the trial clients chip details programmed into there SIM but that's about it.... I'm with OPTUS but not westpac so i doubt that is it... Anybody got any ideas? Is it just the phone trying to read the CHIP thinking it is something it can interact with.. but cant? I don't see any apps or icons pop up on the phone either.
  12. Hippiekiller

    Dual Booting windows 7 and Windows 8

    I was thinking maybe I could take an image or back up of the drive. Then create a blank partition on the drive. restore the image to the blank partition so I have 2 Win 7 Installs and then just upgrade one of the installations to windows 8. Would i have to edit or "stuff around" with the boot loader to do this, or would it just not be possible do you think?
  13. Hippiekiller

    Dual Booting windows 7 and Windows 8

    hmmm All the howto's I am seeing assume you have the installation DVD for Windows 8. which I dont... I was just upgrading Win7 via that cheap upgrade offer Microsoft are doing. I suppose that's why they call it an upgrade.. will keep fiddling though.
  14. Hippiekiller

    Dual Booting windows 7 and Windows 8

    I just got a laptop that runs Windows 7 HP. I was going to download the windows 8 Pro upgrade, but I am a little hesitant to use Windows 8 on my main computer. Whats the chances of being able to dual boot Windows 7 HP and Windows 8 Pro? Would it be possible to image the current HDD upgrade to Windows 8 Pro and then "install" / "put" the Windows 7 HP image back on the drive? Guessing I might need to partition the HDD.. but there's a new boot loader with windows 7 or 8 isn't there? I remember dual booting XP and *nix many, many years ago but I cant imagine it it would be the same process, especially since I will have no installation media. Any pointers would be much appreciated and I'll be off searching google for any info as well.
  15. Actually... I only have an SGS1 :-( got that wrong. But i installed Firefox on my phone and it now works fine. So it must have something to do with the default browser that is installed with the SGS1 I haven't tried any other file types or looked at the logging, but I will have a squiz at those. The web server is only really for my own purpose so if i have to run Firefox then thats fine. Thanks for the pointers Ferris.