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  1. So I havent pulled the plug on this just yet, been too busy playing BF hardline. I know i know, but i paid RRP for it and It cant just sit there lol! I only realised I didn't have an idea on what my current system would fetch if I sold it as it to finance a new box. Id prefer to not part it out. Can anyone ball park it? If i decide to ill prob list it up here, ebay etc.. Thaaaanks!
  2. Hi all, First post back after a serious hiatus and was looking to pick the brains of you all regarding a wee opportunity in disguise i have happening. Basically in a nutshell I have the below components I'm currently using in my gaming box, but would really like to move it across into a small itx case. I recently put together a basic HTPC build in a CoolerMaster Elite 130 box for the living room and was surprised how easy it was and what I could fit in it. Components are: CPU: Socket 1156 i5 750 Mobo: MSI P55-GD65 HDD: 1 run of the mill 3.5 inch drive Memory: Kingston Value ram (2 x 4g modules) GPU: Gigabyte GTX 470 PSU: OCZ Modstream Pro 700w modular Case: Xigmatek Mid tower (don't know model) I was impressed to recently learn that I have had the above build since August 2010!, with the only change being a bump in ram from 4-8gb! It still runs battlefield 4 decently :) Point to note: - GPU will be upgraded this year (currently thinking a GTX 760 or 770) so I can turn on a few more pretties in Battefield Hardline. (No SLI/Xfire plans) - I plan on playing games on 1920x1080 as that's my 24' screens native res. - No solid plans on upgrading CPU unless I really need to, its still running stock speeds and cooling - RAM upgrade may be needed in the next year or 2? I know most m-ITX boards only have 2 slots, so may need to replace with a full 16gb kit sometime :/ - PSU is modular and isn't too large (cannot find the dimensions of it atm), so I believe most 'enthusiast/gaming' itx cases should be able to fit it. Major Issues: - Current motherboard will have to go, as its Full ATX. However as Socket 1156 is EOL i'm having a hard time tracking a replacement m-ITX board down via the usual online channels. It would need to be cheapish and match if not better the current boards performance. Other possibilities - Sell off CPU, Mobo, Case and replace with a i5 4690 and h97/z97 combo and new case. Really is gonna come down to dollars, cents and what my best bang for buck will be. Does anybody have thoughts on the above, I know I'm thinking out loud a bit lol :)
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    umm. so what exactly happened here?

    Ive only just come back to the forum a little while back. I loved this place and TBH it kinda gave me the warm fuzzies coming back after such a long hiatus. This place taught me heaps when I was just getting into the IT industry.
  4. Thanks for the feedback all, looks like I've got some thinking to do. Much appreciated ?
  5. Possible the card may need to be reseated as well. I've had that issue in the past and no beep codes were present.
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    Cannot access old Atomic account

    I liiiiiiivvvve again!!!!
  7. Hi all, Have not been around these parts for at least a year, have had some serious stuff go down on the personal side moving to the other side of the country and new jobs and all that goes with it, but I digress. I sent a thought faulty gtx470 back to a online pc shop (shall remain unnamed) 12th decemeber last year. They confirmed the faulty card, and then sent it on to the manufacturer on approx the 16th i believe for further testing and replacement. Now I have no issues with the pc shop as they have been doing all they can for me and trying to contact the manufacturer on my behalf. The pc shop explained to me that the manufacturer went into holiday shutdown around the 18th I think and that they only went back to trading a couple of weeks ago. I know its a busy time and things are always delayed around the Xmas period but I have been without a usable gaming machine for 1 month and 2 days now since I sent the card back and Im starting to get a little fed up. Anyone else experienced this and perhaps have any ideas on how to possibly get things moving a bit quicker? The pc shop has sent the manufacturer emails requesitng an update on the job but to no real avail regarding ETA's or anything like that. Thanks in advance to any assistance you can provide, im starting to get a little tired of doing all my computing on my 3 year old netbook lol.
  8. Thanks for your detailed reply mate, I purchased the item from a store in VIC but im located in the ACT, so im assuming I would need to review the VIC consumer laws. I did forget to mention that the item has a 3 year warranty, but has decided to die after a little over 1 year. Unfortunately I dont have any written correspondence from the shop as they provided the info to me over the phone when I was chasing the item up. I think I might request a copy of the emails they sent to the manufacturer and ask them to call the manufacturer as the emails dont seem to be doing much good.
  9. yeah mates board only has a single IDE controller, so yes two channels. one for ide hdd and one for ide dvd drive. And yes i was questioning myself when my mate was asking about installing windows as he said he hadnt really done it besides using a restore to out of the box install. probably should have kept an eye on him, especially since our pc's are in the same room lol
  10. hi all, my friend just bought a new SATA hdd and in the upgrade decided to go from WinXP SP3 to Win 7 7000 build 64bit. All went well except for one problem. 1) he has two hdd's, 1 SATA and 1 IDE 2) installed windows 7 64 bit on the SATA drive (the IDE drive has WinXP install on it as well as his personal files) 3) with both drives hooked up and booting into windows 7 64 bit, a quick look into device manager and disk management shows both drives attached and working. However the IDE drive is not viewable in my computer. the files are intact as i used Acronis disk director to explore the drive, but there is no copy/paste section that will allow me to simply copy the files over to the new drive so i can format the IDE drive. has anyone else come across this issue? ive read a little about some people thinking that it could be the ide drive clashing with a dvd writer so a movementi n jumpers may be necessary, but it doesnt seem like that would apply to this situation as the setup was known working when the machine was running XP as the primary OS. any help available :)
  11. ok heres wat i did to fix it all up. feel free to ask questions if i dont go into enuff detail :) 1) IDE drive with XP installed was master (board only has single ide channel) 2) DVD burner set as slave on same IDE channel 3) SATA drive setup on first SATA channel (ORIGINAL PROBLEM) My mate installed Win 7 on the sata drive, booting into Win 7 showed IDD hdd in device manger but not my computer. - Swapped the IDE HDD with the IDE DVD burner thus making HDD slave and burner master, as i figured it may be due to them clashing as they were both active partitions. - Booted system up, and got "BOOTMGR is missing", turned out my mate installed Win 7 on the SATA HDD whilst the IDE HDD was still connected, and due to it already having the boot manager installed on it it added the info to boot to Win 7 to the boot mangers records on the IDE HDD. - Disconnected IDE HDD, threw in Win 7 disc, and did the "bootrec /fixmbr, bootrec /fixboot, bootrec /rebuildbcd" then rebooted pc, then used the repair startup option on the install dvd. Rebooted again, and the pc booted to Win 7. - Shut down PC, reconnected IDE HDD as slave and IDE DVD burner as master. PC booted to Win 7 successful. - copied necessary files over from IDE HDD to SATA HDD, then formatted IDE HDD to use for storage. - Problem fixed. Note however i did have a few problems with the bootrec /fixmbr and the others, I need to do all 3 before the bootmgr was fixed, even then i still did the repair startup option fromt he installation disc. I believe i needed to do this because, seeing as how there was no bootmgr installed on the disc, and thus couldnt have been broken, that the rebuilding of the boot configuration data needed to be completed. I dont fully yet understand the BCD but am looking into it. Hope this can help someone in the future.
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    re-image pc to SOE using image from usb key

    yes i recently got a copy of symantec ghost suite 2.5 from a friend to try out, he said to check out the symantec video tutorials from the web site which ive started goin through. havent seen anything on there really talking about using the usb to image the system though. mostly just building an image and using unicast or multicast (not sure which one it was) to send the image to the pc.
  13. hey all, I was looking into a job that requires me to re-image a set of office pc's to a SOE. Now when i was completeing my it traineeship oh so long ago I used to use norton ghost and set a multicast from the server to send the image to a bunch of the machines that required re-imaging. Id just boot the pc's from a ghost floppy and then they would image themselves from the server. I think i also remember doing in from a cd based image as well. however for this job im required to do re-image these pcs via a usb key and im not sure how to go about doing it. google hasnt provided much information either. has anyone done this before and could give me a run down on how it goes or point me in the direction of a link that can shed some light on it for me. thanks heaps :)
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    Fix regular pc problems website

    i take it you are one such person. what specifically have you read in a job description that you dont know much about? oh its just as an example, some jobs i have looked at located in my area have requirements for expierience in novel and microsoft exchange seem to come up often. just alot of stuff like that which we were never taught about at uni. That being said however im sure on the job training is provided to some level but they do expect that the applicant has some experience with using these things. which i guess is more reason to try and find copies of the software and read more about these things in online training manuals as the likes.
  15. hi all, I just recently graduated my IT degree end of last year and am starting to apply for basic pc builder/technician jobs atm, but as I have been at uni the last 4 years ive sort of fallen out of the loop with fixing pcs a bit. I only fixed the odd box at uni so im feeling a bit rough with everything. can anyone point me in the direction of a good website that sort of lumps lots of "the usual" jobs a basic computer shop tech has to fix. imalso trying to do some practical based study, like for e.g. i really wanted to find a tutorial or guide on how to fix a master boot record which is easy......, however i cant seem to find anywhere that tells me how to break the master boot record so that i can attempt to fix the damn thing!!!. I was plannin on installing vista and xp on some virtual machines and trying to replicate problems and the go abouts of fixing them. thanks for any help you can offer :)
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    Fix regular pc problems website

    lol, most ppl would say "install wat?" i was looking into some certifications actually cause i think with an IT degree these days we come out not knowning enough about real world setups, i was actually talking to my old linux admin lecturer about this exact topic at the end of the course. He was telling me about how ITgrads will think they are educated enough to do most jobs when they graduate but when applying for jobs and reading the "expectations/qualifications/knowledge in" they relise they dont know much if anything about what is on that list. Also practical experience is lacking alot in graduates i have found. The thing that is annoying is that no one informs the students of these things, and thus after graduating with a degree (to which is meant to have thousands of spots to fill in a growing market) in this field we stumble to find that there are not that many entry level jobs for graduates available unless u live in a captial city somewhere in australia. At least this has been mine and few other ppl in my classes expierience with our field. feel free to add constructive criticism :)
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    Fix regular pc problems website

    lol yeah i know it sounds a little low for my qualifications, that being said i have 2 cert III's in IT as well, but the problem is mostly with the area Im located in there arnt that many positions for a graduate level IT person. Mostly only positions opening to ppl with like 5 years expierience with senior level IT exp in the workplace and such. ive started ringing aroud places just recently, as there arnt many jobs advertised on seek and job search web sites where im living atm. so any pointers people?
  18. Hey all, Not sure if anyone else has been noticing, but ive been closely watching the Intel Q6600 prices last week or 2 and they have been increasing quite dramatically. I mean yesterday at Umart it was $288 i believe, and today its jumped up to $325. And im almost certain it was about $260ish only beginning or last week. Can someone shine a light on this for me, because at this price theres no way im buying a quad core. Happy hunting :)
  19. hey all, the system in question is the following (btw thanks for all that assisted me on my new build, im loving it) - e8400 wolfdale (stock cooler and thermal paste) - ep45 ds3l rev. A2 (f8 bios) - 2 x 2gb ddr2 6400 generic - msi r4850 (the new one with dual slot cooler) - cm690 w/ window (3 x 120mm fans) - pioneer 216 sata - wd 640gb sata - corsair hx520 stock cpu speed temps idle/low load - core 1 (33-35) core 2 (33-35) occt load - core 1 (50-55) core 2 (50-55) I was doing a mild overclock (3.2ghz) with the following settings: CPU host frequency - 356 MCH frequency latch - auto System Memory Multiplier (SPD) - 2.00B (712mhz) everything else on the board has been set to optimized defaults, and besides the above settings all has been left on default settings. now i only did this yesterday, but didnt have time to do much in the ways of testing besides running OCCT for about 15mins. both cpu cores didnt go over 60 degrees. so i thought everything was running relatively smoothly, so i shut down my pc last night, then booted up this morning and my machine did the old boot, reboot thing and put my settings back to the default speeds. im not sure why its doing this now, because i did numerous restarts yesterday without this problem occuring. Also i was playing games on it all night with no hiccups. can anyone help me out with motherboard settings for this board. ive found alot of guides for the ep35-ds3l but not all the bios settings are the same as this board. thank you muchly
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    Overclock lost on power off

    reset the cmos ey, i shall give it a try and report back :)
  21. well I started this thread after noticing they were goin up fairly quickly, but i cant specificalyl remember the date, i do remember i started the thread once the q6600 went to $325 at umart, but its down to $290ish now however. I ended up gettin the e8400 istead though, when i ordered I just couldnt justify the price difference between the 2
  22. Its friday so its a good day :), Been checking out budget mainboard of late and am still yet to fall upon a good article about the real world performance difference between the 2 chipsets. Was looking at the: - MSI P43-NEO-F ($99 at Umart) - Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L ($149 at Umart) Now i know the gigabyte board is a very popular one, and right so, but im wondering what real world difference would there be between the two, would it justify the $50 price diff. Mostly interested in CPU overclockability and the likes. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good article between the 2 chipsets (not necessarily betwen these boards, as they were just 2 boards i liked the looks of as ive used both manufactuers before and had no problems).
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    Gaming cpu & GPU

    well you might need to give us some more info, such thing as the most you would like to spend and the likes. But the intel e8400 or e8500 are real favourites around here for their price/performance/overclockability reasons. And generally the ati 4850/4870's are also on par for the performance/bang for buck market.