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  1. johnsee

    Roll Call!

  2. johnsee

    Oh Hi

    Possible. You're before my time, but like others have said, I recognise your name. You must be infamous ! You may have seen my movies. Twinair and I made several B-grade adult films together
  3. johnsee

    Oh Hi

    Lots of work. I would stay... but that flouncy guy creeps me out... So I made a post. Does this mean I can win POTM?
  4. johnsee

    Calling all supergeeks

    Megz, if you haven't had any luck, please shoot me a private message and I may be able to help you with email addresses to a fb employee or two.
  5. johnsee

    Oh Hi

    Half the age of plebsmacker, but twice as good looking ;)
  6. johnsee

    Oh Hi

    Yes sir, very atomic!
  7. johnsee

    Oh Hi

    It's been a while. Years. What did I miss?
  8. johnsee

    Farewell index680i

    My first post in ages, and it has to be about this. A real loss to the atomic community and the world in general :(
  9. johnsee

    I'm Cleaning Up my Server and Found This

    Sorry about the 404, like I said, cleaning things up. Try this: http://www.sandstorming.com/v1/index.php
  10. http://www.sandstorming.com/v1/index.php Oh... and hi :)
  11. johnsee

    State of Origin: Game one, Eithad Stadium Melbourne

    Tickets sold out for the Brisbane match in about 10 minutes flat....
  12. johnsee

    So long...

    Can you give me a few days? They're framed and mounted on my wall...
  13. johnsee

    So long...

    I'm not sure if people not noticing I was a mod is a good or bad thing :P
  14. johnsee

    LOST v2

    I love it. Every episode is fast paced and it is all coming together beautifully!
  15. johnsee

    So long...

    Thanks guys. I'll still be around, but times change I guess :) Chance for someone else to stand up and show what they are made of I guess