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    So, life has happened.

    Good stuff 1shot! Hope it all goes well!
  2. Afros

    Green slushi story

    I still remember the shudder that story gave me when I read it, thankfully time has made me forget a lot of it but the memory of how it made me feel puts me off looking it up again!
  3. Afros

    Asked to not use a nickname

    Well done on missing the point... whereas 'Greedy murderous Jew' is a phrase that would be very difficult to put to something other then an Israeli who likes to kill and take as much as he likes, nicknames like Browny, Blackey or Whitey can all be linked to a last name, or as an opposites type nickname, such as calling a redhead blue... What is next for the political correctness police like yourself? Will you start protesting nicknames like 'The big marn' or 'the big fella' or 'tiny' or 'shorty' or 'shortarse' and so on because obese, tall or short people may be offended? Think ya need to learn the difference between intent to cause insult and an innocent bit of fun for a laugh...
  4. Afros

    Don't Eat in the Toilet

    I have a picture of a traffic advice sign that said 'Insert Memory Card' but unfortunately I cannot upload it here...
  5. Afros

    Are scammers getting lazy?

    One of the first lessons my mother taught me in life was, if something is to good to be true, it probably is... I think the people who fall for these scams are either stupid, or live in an alternate universe where sometimes wild crazy moments of luck beyond your wildest dreams can happen for no reason with you having to do no work for them to happen...
  6. Afros

    Took a while - Cyclone Tracey

    I read in the Bill Bryson book 'Down Under' about a room in the museum up in Darwin where you sit, in pitch black, and they play a recording made by a priest of the cyclone as it goes over, does anybody know anything more about this? I would imagine it would be quite scary!
  7. Afros

    Took a while - Cyclone Tracey

    Nice mate! My dad was just outside of Darwin when Tracey hit, so he and his mates went back in and worked on the rebuilding, he reckoned it was great, top money, no women (I'd find that comment worrying if he hadn't subsequently met mum and produced me) he reckoned he had a great time, work all day, drink all night...
  8. other parts of the interweb for the past several years! thought I'd pop back in and see if this place was still here!

  9. Afros

    NRL Finals

    For me, Manly vs Broncos I can see that being a real good game of football, the Broncos pack is a bit under-rated for mine, McCullough and Hunt are lively out of dummy half, Lockyer and Wallace guide the ship around so well, Reed and Hodges are real strike weapons out wide providing chances for the back three and hard to stop themselves, young Josh McGuire is great for mine, just an absolute mongrel, I'm a big fan of his and can see him following his fellow book end Hannant into rep footy in the next few years, David Hala has provided more brute off the bench as well, and Scott Anderson is a worker, Parker works his arse off while Glenn, Thiaday and Gillett are all dynamic runners, the question is who sits out for Sammy? Manly have plenty of ability to grind it out and I like the balance of their forward pack, the likes of Galuvao, Kite and Rose provide the motor to get them forward, Watmough is a grub who gets under the opponents skins, and the likes of Mauro, Buhrer and Rodney are underrated, they all do a good job. Despite being an origin hooker Matty Ballin still flies under the radar, perhaps even deserving to be Cam Smith's understudy for the Kangaroo's this year? Tony Williams is just a beast... Matai provides the brute out wide and Lyon the silky smooth brilliance, and the back three can sniff out the line, while the halves are inexperienced they both seem to have the right mentality for the job. No Glenn Stewart is a problem for Manly but no Darren Lockyer is curtains for the Broncos... I'm gunna tip Manly to come out on top in a tight one. Melbourne vs Warriors is a less interesting match-up for mine, the Warriors won vs the Tigers because the Tigers didn't play finals football, when the situation of the game called for solid sets and kicking into corners then defending, Benji Marshall just did his usual thing, which for me despite his brilliance will never allow him to claim the title of worlds best player. As for this game, the Warriors can't afford to give Melbourne any start, they need to make Melbourne chase if they are to win, if they let Melbourne get out over a converted try I just couldn't see them coming back into it, the Warriors probably need to do a few unconventional things throughout the game, if they just play standard football Melbourne will control the game and cruise it, chips over the top, offloads creating second phase play is where they may unsettle the Storm's defense, but for mine, the Storm forwards will just do their usual no frills work directed around the park by Cam Smith, and off the back of that Cooper Cronk will do what he has to to get the points and get them home, Melbourne eased down for mine.
  10. allo allo! where you been hiding?

  11. Afros

    Assaulted and Cops did nothing

    Enjoy your jail sentence. I don't know how far away it is, but with an attitude like that, you'll get one sooner or later. I was going to try to explain my point to you, but your ignorance shines through so much I'll just simplify it for you into a question... I know plenty of aboriginal guys and also guys of other races, when people insult them about their race in a situation where tempers are already running hot and alcohol is involved, it invariably ends up in a physical conflict, so how does that mean I'm going to jail? (I've not been in a fight since I was about 12, btw) But still top marks on taking less then 10 words out of a post and turning them into something to portray me in a negative light, thought about a career in journalism bud?
  12. Afros

    Maccas will kill you

    Kills off? That's not funny. You're bad and you should feel bad. Oh man this is why I need to hire someone to proof read anything I post! :S
  13. Afros

    Assaulted and Cops did nothing

    Soon as I read 'I made a racial slur' in the opening post, I knew which way I was leaning, I don't care if the other guy 'didn't have the right to hit him' or whatever else, you put two guys in a cab together who don't know each other, a minor dispute erupts over the fair, and one guy brings race into it, bang its on, especially with alcohol involved, bud, seems your biggest problem with all of this is he handed your arse to you, I've always learnt in a dispute you need to stay calm and not insult your adversary, if you'd calmly said to him, look mate, either you go halves in the fare to whoever is closer to here, or get out and get your own cab, while maintaining a calm demeanor, then I'm willing to bet the situation wouldn't have escalated into a physical confrontation, by taking the option you did you cornered him into taking the option he did!
  14. Afros

    Throw away lines in wiki articles

    I wonder if that means those bush adventure guys on tv will start carrying a spare can of hair spray just in case a snake surprises them?