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  1. grommet80

    Do you still identify with your handle?

    I'm still round and squishy like a grommet. Less round and squishy but still round and squishy. I still use this handle everywhere. 80proof I use far less but I don't listen to D12 much anymore so I guess that was always going to pass eventually. Plus I don't seem to recall the email address or password to my 80proof account here.
  2. grommet80

    I like my woman how I like my coffee

    Have you always preferred pre-pubescent girls or is this a new thing?
  3. grommet80

    What's on your mind?

    We're you guys always this depressing?
  4. grommet80

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I bought a Squier Strat bullet and Frontman 15G from gumtree for $100 and a copy of Rocksmith 2014 for $65 from ozgameshop 2 weeks ago. The Frontman is in the cupboard until I get some idea of what I'm doing. I'm slowly getting better, or maybe quickly. I don't know how quickly you are meant to progress really :) Ha, I should change my sig since I don't really drink or get wasted anymore. Or listen to Kid Rock for that matter.
  5. grommet80

    Roll Call!

    It's been over 10 years but I don't come here much anymore, just lurk occaisionally. I think the paywall and change from General chat to Green Room and the whole Otamic think drove me away. Or maybe I moved to Facebook and never came back even when I stopped using facebook.
  6. grommet80

    What's on your mind?

    Wow the atomic forums are pretty quiet these days. Does the magazine even exist anymore? Have we moved on to a post forum and magazine world?
  7. grommet80

    Dreams and there meanings.

    Constant nightmares are often related to post traumatic stress disorder. Often than that I don't put a lot of stock in Dreams if they were that important we would remember them but our we don't store them in memory the same as our other thoughts. Generally any dreams we do have are only significant to ourselves anyway there is no template to apply in order to extract meaning.
  8. grommet80

    PC or Mac?

    Hackintoshes are a pain in the arse, I've built several over the years. Run 10.4 - 10.7, vanilla installs and pre-made distro's always found them unstable-ish. If you want a Mac buy one, hackintoshes are a mugs game.
  9. grommet80

    OSX - 10.8 Mountain Lion announced as next version of OSX

    I'm surprised how few point releases 10.7 has gotten.
  10. I like the new nano, good form factor, clips onto my shirt for gym and randomly through the day. Would mind bluetooth for headphones and also better bluetooth headphones.
  11. grommet80

    Who's still here from the olden days?

    Me too but I'm more circa 2003. Can't believe between this and 80proof I racked up 12000 posts, I seriously needed a life.
  12. grommet80

    Achievements this month

    Finished my Diploma of IT. May be more or less useless but work payed for it and a Qual is a Qual.
  13. grommet80

    Friday night.

    Gym, dinner, TV, play with OSX lion.
  14. As an ex pot addict and borderline alcoholic I agree but the problem is people and their need to not be themselves. I honestly believe that given the crime that prohibition creates, legalisation is a much better option. I would really like to see drug manufacturer taken out of the hands of criminal gangs. Not that it matters I suppose they'll just move on to the next thing they can use violence and intimidation to make a buck out of. *shrug*