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  1. Glad to see you back kunzie, iirc we joined Atomic around the same time (though I tired of my first handle after a year or so). Like you I mainly lurk here these days - probably around 5 years since my last post! At the very least, it looks like you're having fun with the channel :) I've sent the link over to some mates who both watch and produce game reviews. Good luck with it!
  2. über-Bantumi

    Secured Bridged Network

    Interesting, I experienced this myself after upgrading the IOS and SDM on a 5520 to 7.2(4), the SDM seemed to accept configuration of an interface which was no longer there. I performed the upgrade on another device and could not replicate the fault... just another reason not to use the SDM in my books :) conf t -> int gi0/2 -> ip address x.x.x.x there is no ambiguity when the configuration is text!
  3. über-Bantumi

    Can't PM? Can't get into Trademart? Read Here!

    Thanks for the advice Chaos.Lady
  4. über-Bantumi

    Last minute flights to Sydney

    robzy, If you're looking for a cheap trip from sydney airport to town without using public transport airportconnect.com.au do $20 return trips to the CBD hotel door. Also, jetabroad.com.au and skyscanner.net are decent airline pricing alternatives... I prefer jetabroad due to the capability to 'choose alliance' (oneworld etc). Good luck with booking the travel
  5. über-Bantumi

    The use of SDM in a production network

    While I do abhor the general clunky operation of A/SDM and avoid it wherever possible, I have been forced to use it for ASA's with certain modules (such as IDS). It really is quite awful, but I haven't noticed excessive resource escalation when using it...
  6. über-Bantumi

    Atomic F1 Tipping 2009

    everyone get their tips in? ;)
  7. über-Bantumi

    Atomic F1 Tipping 2009

    Sadly not, SC10 have no firm date for this to be rolled out, but a phonecall to them returns '3Q 2010'. As they were claiming early-2008 for the 10HD that never graced us, I hold few hopes for OneHD happening in the 'berra before I depart it. /sigh I spose that's to be expected, stupid useless SC 10. Grump, Is the F1 live on selecTV or other non-foxtel paytv? Not to my knowledge, as far as I know the Channel 10 nazis have sole distribution here - barring the online .swf streaming from the ITV feed ;) Still can't believe the Polish/German meltdown... those bastards destroyed my tips completely! Malaysia should be a cracker...
  8. über-Bantumi

    Atomic F1 Tipping 2009

    Sadly not, SC10 have no firm date for this to be rolled out, but a phonecall to them returns '3Q 2010'. As they were claiming early-2008 for the 10HD that never graced us, I hold few hopes for OneHD happening in the 'berra before I depart it. Nevertheless, an interesting race. Appalling work by Vettel and Kubica to completely ruin my tips with only a handful of laps to go, however, great to see Button (and BrawnGP) start in a winning way. Always been a Honda fan (along with Williams), and aside from "Australia's Mark Webber" (as infuriating as that commentary is) Button is my preferred driver. After several years of consistently forgetting to tip most of the rounds, I've pulled out of the Atomic league to join a few workmates, who will hopefully remind me to tip (or at least rub it in about the time Friday practice starts...). PS - congrats to Brains for the front row tip, BrawnGP's late winter testing form was simply unbelievable!
  9. über-Bantumi

    Suggestions for home VM server

    With the recent price rises I've put the purchase on ice - >$300 for the Q6600 which was ~$200 just weeks ago... may even have to wait to after christmas (come on $AU, pick up your act!). I've used ESX with great success (mainly on HP DL servers), and while I've downloaded ESXi I'm yet to install it at home - no longer have any server hardware lying around here! Through some research I did find ESX has a surprising amount of support for notebook chipsets though...
  10. über-Bantumi

    Suggestions for home VM server

    Thanks again kikz. I've had a weekend away and I'm now looking around for places to order these bits. Cheers
  11. über-Bantumi

    Suggestions for home VM server

    Yeah you're on the money with RAM, 4GB is reasonable - but my work box has dual quad cores and 16GB RAM so I'm spoiled, OK! ;) mstsc +1, despite my initial annoyance at the vista client after using XP for years, it's still my choice for all (gui) remote admin. Thankfully, however, my job no longer centres around being an admin. I have a mate who has a mythbunu vm on top of vmware workstation with RHEL4 as the base. He just has a cheapo dtv card, so I'll have a decent chat to him before I outlay any hardware. There's also a bit of a howto on the myth wiki / http://o2s.csail.mit.edu/o2s-wiki/MythTV Do you have any thoughts on Server 2K3 vs Vista Enterprise as a base OS? I'm totally sold on the windows path, and will likely play around with Virtual PC based on your advice (haven't used VPC since uni!). Thanks again for the tips. Cheers
  12. über-Bantumi

    Suggestions for home VM server

    kikz, Thanks for the detailed reply! It's been a while since our paths last crossed here - around when Lewis was searching for his first win iirc ;) Anyways, I'm curious that you've recommended Windows Server 2003 R2 - I've been conscious of the fact that each time I've used VMWare Server having Linux as a base OS seems to be more resource friendly than Windows Server. My existing file/web server (which I'll convert directly to a VM) is running 2K3 R2, and I have another license at my disposal so this is certainly an option. I also make no suggestions that my basic/intermediate knowledge of Linux compares to my formative years spent as a Windows Server admin :S - maybe the trauma is subliminally pushing me to the nix side? ;) I have used ESX and while it's great for the corporate environment I guess I'm still trying to define the exact role of my box and (added with the video card comments) I still hadn't given up the idea that the machine could also be suitable for gaming. For the immediate time I'll just try and source a PCI VGA card (I have half a dozen AGP!), as gaming really isn't a priority. As a developer your difference disk architecture is well planned and seems to be perfect for your purpose. While I am looking to develop for my 'on the side' consulting work, it's not going to be anything intensive and as long as I have spare resources for a couple of basic dummy clients come prototype time. Your ease of running up a new environment is something many developers could take note of! Can you comment on your experience with the Q6600? According to your signature you have a similar platform to what I'm looking to run, so I'd been keen to hear any feedback on the capability of the quad core to handle what you throw at it. Also, any thoughts on your Gigabyte motherboard? Any annoyances etc. After all this discussion, my revised build currently comprises: - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 2.40 GHz Clock Speed, FSB 1066MHz, 2x4MB L2 Cache ~ $260 - Foxconn P965 LGA775 QUADCORE ATX FSB1066 [P9657AA-8EKRS2H] ~ $60 - 8GB PC-6400 DDR2, 4 x 2GB (kingston/transcend) ~ $160 - Asus TA-B11 Midtower case ~ $90 - Cheap PCI VGA card ~ $2 ;) So, hopefully under the $600 which will allow me to look at a HD tuner and other things (the idea of adding a mythbuntu vm is becoming quite appealing!). Cheers
  13. über-Bantumi

    Suggestions for home VM server

    Thanks, that's pretty much what I thought. My days of overclocking are years behind! Any advice on the video card, or Asus cases in general?
  14. über-Bantumi

    Suggestions for home VM server

    Indeed, let's hope. Can anyone offer some light on if I should be on the lookout for 1066MHz RAM to match the processor FSB? Or is the huge price difference better served by purchasing more RAM?
  15. über-Bantumi


    Can you boot one of them to Windows? If so, just right-click and format the other. Otherwise just load up a Windows boot disk and format it from there (can be done just as effectively with an ubuntu live cd or any other bootable distro). Hiren's Boot CD and Ultimate Boot CD are very handy tools for stuff like this.