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  1. MSGT Bilko

    Ticketek Questions

    If your mother goes to any of the places listed on this web page http://premier.ticketek.com.au/Content/Out...encies_vic.aspx Marked with - City Box Office Collect Tagged, they will print them out and hand them to her. 8)
  2. MSGT Bilko

    The Atomic Wedding of the Decade [telegram wall]

    I would not have thought so. I do not think they would have had enough time to get there, take photos and be back at the reception in time. It was a fantastic Day!! 8)
  3. MSGT Bilko

    Anyone live near Erskine Park - Penrith?

    Hmm, I might be able to help out in this operation!! 8)
  4. MSGT Bilko

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    What is on Tap?? 8)
  5. MSGT Bilko

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    Saturday Night would be best. People can fly after work on Friday or early Saturday for an evening of fun!! 8)
  6. MSGT Bilko

    First Atomic Posts

    I think my first post was pre V2.6. I think I might have been early 2.0?? Do we have an archive of that one somewhere?? 8)
  7. MSGT Bilko

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    *purr*Or should that be, *bite*? :-) No, they already have a Biter in Perth. 8)
  8. MSGT Bilko

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    At a count of the people in my memory, I'd place it at mid teens, actually. Low, low turnout, whatever the number. I had some pics up at the time - all four of them. :P Edit: Actually, they're still around, and there's more than 4. Not many more than 4... ;P http://s121.photobucket.com/albums/o211/Cy...us_Teaser/Meet/ I think you put the camera away before my late arrival. I would have put attendance at 20. As I mentioned in the other thread, just make sure the event is not staged around School Holidays. It pushes airfares up and hotels sometimes cash in as well. I shall be down as a Maybe, as my longterm schedule is still changing upto a month beforehand. 8)
  9. MSGT Bilko

    Atomic M33t 12!

    I would also suggest trying to avoid school holidays and any other major events in the local area as they can have a huge effect of prices of flights. Had I still been in Perth, I would have been all over it, with the assitance from the rest of the Crew. 8)
  10. MSGT Bilko

    P-Plater kills young mother

    Me a Copper, no. Used to work on the radio comms dept. Since then moved couple of states East. Yeah moved over to Sydney. Perth was getting a little crowded. I saw the meida reports today of the booking of the driver. 8)
  11. MSGT Bilko

    P-Plater kills young mother

    I know that stretch of road quite well. But I have not been down there for the last 4 months. Used to work down the end and to the right. Yeah, that big Police Complex. Many police cars travel the route often. I will admit it is a fairly tight bend, and those that dont see can be cought out. I will also say that i see a lot of people go through it just under 60, but have not herd anyone squeal the wheels. This is one very unfortunate incident and I truly do hope that the driver has lernt his lesson from this event. 8(
  12. MSGT Bilko

    BF3 Paintball Night

  13. Good to know its now all up and running for you Mate. I am going to guess that he didnt have his cable tester handy when terminating. Every cable i make, gets a whirl in the tester. 99% of the time its all good. but their is the odd one that gets through with a last minute twist in the crimp. I cant say I have had a box of cable with that problem. And I have been through a few boxes in my time of installing network cables for various jobs. Enjoy the speed!! 8)
  14. MSGT Bilko

    BF3 Paintball Night

    Hey Atomic Staffers, Just wondering when we are going to see the videos from the Cameras that Hawkeye had on him?? Was a while ago now. I was told the footage looked good from initial viewings. MSGT Bilko Team Delta 8)
  15. MSGT Bilko


    They should appear on the front page sometime this week. Normally takes a few days for them to find out which ones that they can use and do up a quick wrap. Also, this should be in Feedback. 8)