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    Why Don't They Write Good Songs Anymore?

    This is the THIRD time (that I've seen) that you have posted this non-fact in the Green Room, and every time some points out that Muse - Knights of Cydonia won that year.
  2. Gusto

    True Detective

    Sadly, that's probably right if you're only referring to American shows. What nation's are producing television of the quality of American shows right now? Denmark had Borgen, the UK have Orphan Black -- they were pretty good. But airing right now (or recently finished, or soon to start) is True Detective, Justified, The Americans, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Hannibal and probably more great ones that I haven't the time to keep up with.
  3. Gusto

    JJJ TOP 100

    Apparently not, because it got number 2 that year. EDIT: I just noticed that someone already corrected that same mistake from you in January. Fair enough. If I had it in my head that Straight Lines got number 1, it would piss me off too. 'Ace of Bass - All That She Wants' got #29 in 1993, the same year that 'Asshole' was number 1. 5 years later 'Pretty Fly For A White Guy' was number 1. It's always been a mixed bag. The best thing to do is enjoy it when your songs come up and mock everyone that voted for any other song and then forget about it forever on January 27.
  4. Gusto

    JJJ TOP 100

    That alt+j song is boring. I can't imagine anyone saying; 'That was my favourite song of the year'. However it's not awful, unlike that Skrillex song. It was a terrible Hottest 100, but the voters did well to keep Bangarang anywhere near the top. Unfortunately, they let that shitty DnB group (Rudimental?) do well, so it's pretty much a zero-sum game in keeping out soul-less electronic music.
  5. Gusto

    2013 Oscar nominations

    Lincoln will win. It won't deserve to, but it will.
  6. Gusto

    Last Resort Cancelled

    Wha..? Am I speaking Martian today or something? I said I'd probably thought it looked like shit. You said it reviewed well. I pointed out that reviews are not a reflection of my views. What, exactly, is unclear in that chain? What do your views have to do with its cancellation?
  7. Gusto

    Block ops 2

    Why would anyone go out of their way to give you their opinion on it when you're, by your own admission, going to ruin their fun by hacking?
  8. Gusto

    Red Dwarf X

    Isn't that Red Dwarf's whole schtick? Almost every joke has a simile construction "X is about as Y as Z".
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  10. Gusto

    He has a way with the ladies

    It's from A Serious Man, but someone still presumably had to write it.
  11. Gusto


    Seven seasons later and it's pretty clear that of all the directions it could have gone, it went the wrong way.
  12. Gusto

    Pan Am

    I wouldn't get too attached. It probably needs a steady increase in ratings for the rest of the season to get renewed.
  13. Gusto

    Might and Magic Heroes VI

    Anyone remember General Kendall from Heroes III?
  14. Gusto

    Taste the happy, Michael!

    If it gets picked up, I doubt it would be in the fall schedule unless it goes to basic cable. I think Arnett could fit in 9-10 episodes in the Summer schedule. As long as Up All Night or Parks and Rec doesn't get moved to off-season -- and Community will get moved before either of those shows.
  15. Gusto

    Recomend Me a TV show

    The state of affairs of scripted TV in Australia is pathetic. Agreed. FX aren't fat and much of its programming is done on relatively small budgets. The creators of the original obviously greatly benefit from this. It's not a shiny, big budget show and it airs on Eleven. It's not gonna be a hit over here. Of all the international shows to be Americanised, this should be the least objectionable. It's on basic cable; it's fairly low budget and won't be a massive hit. The creators are heavily involved; one even gets to star in it, that's pretty unusual.
  16. Gusto

    Recomend Me a TV show

    Party Down was one of the better comedies of the past couple years. And don't let the first season of Parks and Recreation put you off. It really found its voice in the second season.
  17. Gusto

    What Podcasts does everyone listen to

    I don't think I could listen to a podcast about real shit. Comedy Bang Bang (formerly Comedy Death Ray) The Pod F. Tompkast WTF with Marc Maron Who Charted? Nerdist And Doug Loves Movies.
  18. Gusto

    Funniest Comedy Clips

    Got any Dane Cook or Larry the Cable Guy to go along with that?
  19. Gusto

    Best Sci-Fi flicks of the Noughties

    I couldn't split Children of Men and Eternal Sunshine. I think A Scanner Darkly is seriously under-rated too.
  20. Gusto

    Suggest me some cool new music artists

    I can help with some downtempo 'nu-jazz' vibes in the vein of Quantic.
  21. Gusto

    So this is what vinyl's all about

    I find this interesting when the most recognisable turntable to kids these days is the Technics SL1200 that is quite true due to the interest in electronic music played by DJ's and even so technics are no longer made (they stopped last year) so kids cant get them anymore. i wouldnt mind a pair myself.. One of the reasons SL-1200's are so popular is because they are well built and keep going and going if you take good care of them. They'll be around for a while on the second hand market.
  22. Gusto

    So this is what vinyl's all about

    It's a bit harder these days with a resurging interest in vinyl from hipsters, but trash and treasure markets, Salvos and garage sales can get you some decent stuff on the cheap. I know for a fact I have Disraeli Gears, Axis: Bold as Love and Electric Ladyland and I definitely didn't pay more than $5 for any of them. Unfortunately, even old codgers look up their collection on eBay these days and think their tatty, warped copy of Bitches Brew is worth as much as the VG/EX copy they saw on eBay.
  23. Gusto

    So this is what vinyl's all about

    Sounds like every single dollar bin I've skipped though for a diamond in the rough.
  24. Gusto

    TC Anthony & TC Yasi

    ATTN: Channel 9 and ACA. The cricket is more important.