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  1. Just reinstall windows every 30 days, hahaha. Basic idea is when you uninstall the program, whatever copy protection files/reg keys were installed are simply left there. Quite often these are in folders with names that have nothing to do with the original program. The true smart programmers write a date somewhere into the installer itself, on the web server or as part of the software update cycle. I love the ones where you just set to date back and it works again, not all programmers know how to write this sort of code.
  2. fabricator

    Bloody Hell ! That was fast !

    Nice rig, I'd need to buy a lotto ticket though. Considered a backup boot drive, in case the SSD carks it just before a deadline ? My mission critical home machine (work machine was POS that wouldn't run some things) had 2nd hard drive with independent OS/software install. Was great when windows died and I didn't have time to fix it, just change the BIOS settings.
  3. fabricator


    I always unplug my equipment during bad (or close) lightning storms. Even underground power cables are no match, I've seen a melted and fused underground 11kv cable. Note the terms like "lightning absorption" and "protection levels", these clearly imply there are limits to what the device can clamp. I'm sure these power boards can absorb lightning, and destroy themselves in the process! The 1,000,000 dollar question is, will that be enough to protect your equipment. The company can always reject claims for equipment destroyed by lightning or power surges the devices were never intended to cope with. I've heard of test equipment designed to measure lightning being burnt to a crisp. wikipedia - Lightning To put that in context, the entire world's power stations produced 16 Terrawatts in 2006.
  4. I had this problem, missing expansion slot covers, easy solution simply find an old case and nick the covers out of it.
  5. fabricator

    This mob should be shut down

    Ex government means the store has to: a) clean and test everything. b) buy and install windows licences for each machine. c) dump the inevitable garbage which comes from auction bulk buys. d) risk getting stuck with things that don't sell. So you can easily spend $100 or more on each machine. More if the government removed all the hard drives for security reasons.
  6. fabricator

    cheap l.e.d monitor

    Its only LED backlight, still the same LCD panel being used. The V2400eco looks pretty stupid, even compared to mac monitors.
  7. fabricator

    Anyone good with CB radios? need help with this lol.

    You used to be able to get dummy batteries for the hand held CB radios, not sure if they still make them. The dummy battery backs have a DC power connector so you can plug into a plug pack or cigarette lighter adapter. Oh an another thing to consider, a fold down adapter for the big antenna, for when you know something low is coming (carparks, trees etc).
  8. fabricator

    More Expensive cable lunancy

    I replaced the worn out DVI cable that came with my monitor with a high quality really thick 2m cable. Only $5 from MSY, I felt like I had stolen the thing for that price. As long as there is enough copper to transmit the signals without any real degradation (pretty hard with digital), then its fit for purpose. Do people really think they need 100% OFC wires and gold plated pins for a cable that is never going to get released from its soft seal in the back of their TV/tuner/blue ray/PS3, while in a controlled environment (loungeroom), when the whole thing is only 2m long. By all means buy that fancy gold plated stuff if your operating your tv setup on an oil rig, or some sort of machine room.
  9. Your going to have trouble just running 12-14 leds off "some watch batteries", to be honest. About the only thing small enough to drive that many leds, and fit inside a 50c piece is a microcontroller of some sort. The basic idea is you dim the leds by turning the power to them (IO pin) on and off, so if its on 50% of the time then its 50% brightness. For example the BasicStamp2 which has 16 IO pins. basic stamp 2 details Of course you then need to program the thing, do neat soldering, make a circuit board or wiring loom etc. Resistors are needed for the IO pins to reduce the current to the LEDs so you don't burn them out (1k ohm for 5 volt supply). It sounds like you have a lot of research to do before you can make something like this.
  10. Tried using a different Sata cable ? Sometimes the cables fail.
  11. fabricator

    HDD Disappearing act

    Could also be a bad PSU, I had trouble with an external HD case because its PSU was failing and causing the drive to disconnect.
  12. fabricator

    Filtering through recovered data

    What about a perl script, using GD to read the size of each image ? Any bad files would refuse to open, and its easy enough to make the script go through directory structures as well.
  13. Ah, no. It's rather delicate work to extract the LED wiring from the fan and hook up another switch. Huh, I've done this sort of thing myself, its not that hard. Take the sticker off the back of the fan, put carefully to one side. Take a soldering iron and remove one wire, solder a spare thin wire from something else in its place. Put a few drops of oil in the fan and replace the sticker. Solder switch to complete the circuit to the two wires. its not rocket science if you know how to solder, just be careful not to use (too) much solder.
  14. fabricator

    Why does it take 10-20 working days to get internet?

    Which Telstra treat as: Place first work order, and wait a week. Disconnect all services at the exchange (rip out jumpering), then go to next job Place second work order Run new jumper wires between DSLAM and phone line. When in reality all they need to do is disconnect two wires running from the DSLAM to Telstra's voice switches. A 5 minute job for the tech, would take longer to change the account itself. You wouldn't even loose sync, or risk making a mess of someone else phone line. The two weeks is the product of Telstra management, their inflexible work policies and retarded acts of sabotage against their competition. What is nuts is the old jumpering isn't removed, its simply disconnected and left to add to their birdsnest of wiring.
  15. fabricator

    My issue with web design today

    A lot of the news sites are like this, which makes them harder to read than the dead tree editions. A layout where the ads are above and below the article would work far better. That way the text and ads can expand in width to properly fill the screen. There is a suspect reason for the ads down the right hand side, its so people can accidentally click them when trying to use the scroll bar.