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  1. No never used the full 8 GB of RAM :) maybe occasionally when I did some video import / editing but for the rest.. no got it for free so.. wasted really :( oh well sucks to be me I guess... lol Also not sure if you are joking here: Get a An8-sli premium, 4gb of ram a AMD 4400+ and just grab another 5870 Not really looking to go backwards and yeah actually I have 2 of those mobos one with a 3500+ CPU other with a 4000+ cpu AMD both going ok just not really coping with the newer games. and just read DASa's post on parts ( Sticky ) and can see a good build he suggested in there: Value gamer CPU LGA1156 i3 530 4Mb dual core 32nm 2.93GHz $148 - OR - 750 2.66GHz 8Mb (Best value) $229 - OR - i7 860 2.80GHz 8MB $330 if you can make use of HT MB GA-P55A-UD3R $169 RAM 2x2g 2133 c9 $159 - OR - 6GB DDR3 G.Skill 1600MHz F3-12800CL6T-6GBTD CL6-7-6-18 (3x2GB) $235 GPU 5770 1GB $179 - OR - 5850 1g $349 - OR - 5870 1g $509 HDD 1TB 7200 32M $100 DVD PIONEER 218 $37 PSU Scythe Kamariki 4 450W $69 - OR - Seasonic S12 II Bronze 430W $95 CASE Antec Two Hundred $65 HSF Cogage ARROW Twin Tower $69 TOTAL $995-1609 Swap to these parts if you wish to use crossfire or sli MB Asus P7P55D $175 CF MB Asus P7P55D-Pro $215 CF-SLI Seasonic X-Series 650W $206 for two 58#0 There has been a lot of people having trouble choosing between 1156 (i5 750 / i7 860) and 1366 (i7 920) so a quick run down on main differences 1156 uses less power is a little cheaper and better for non overclockers its main down side is for those who want to use crossfire\sli as it only has 2x8 pci-e which can limit performance a little 1366 has two full speed 16x pci-e slots may do a bit better when pushing for a high overclock it has triple channel memory but this provides next to no benefit in most things So from this above I am getting a better picture of what would be good for my needs... I do like the 930 CPU so that would mean getting the UD3 MOBO but reading the triple channel has no real benefit overall so maybe getting revved up by the hype... and can use a cheaper mobo + CPU to get desired result.. tnx for the comments above. M
  2. Hello , deciding to do a small upgrade to the following gaming only set up and was hoping for some help in deciding between a couple of components. CURRENT: CPU E8500 Core Duo ( running stock no OC ) MoBo GA EP45-DS4p RAM 8 GB Gskill VIDEO ATI 5870 SApphire 1 Gb 2 X 640 GB WD ( no raid one for OS + rest for storage ) OS WIN 7 Ultimate 64 bit Samsung 24" 245b Monitor the above is going well enough and running things fine... however would like to upgrade the following: MOBO / CPU / RAM ( possibly get a new HDD 1 TB Black edition...? ) So my main question is: CPU: I5 750 or I7 920/860 ?? For the rest I am thinking the below parts: MOBO I am planning for the GA-EX58-UD3R ( I know I will only be running one VID on it so far but you never know when another card shows up for Xfire.. lol or if it will ever be needed pretty happy with the 5870 so far ) RAM go for a 6 GB kit ?? ( given the MOBO supports this or.. don't bother and buy a cheaper MOBO and run 4 GB RAM ) All thoughts appreciated :) Tnx M
  3. Mu$$a

    Buying in Canberra

    By MARKETS he means the local computer markets... so not second hand stuff ( although they do sell that as well if you into that sort of thing ) basically a few shop owners like to travel around and sell at cheaper cost to the public every couple of weeks, these have warranties etcc.. and generally is where I buy all my parts when building PCs. Overall I found 80% of the time their prices ( the local computer markets here in ACT ) are reasonable enough if you hunt around the different sellers on the day, overall varies between $10 - $30 difference from online prices. Sometimes the online sellers have specials and these cannot be beaten but I like to buy and then build hate waiting so I am happy to spend overall extra 60-70 dollars on a build I can carry home and do rather than wait for all the different bits and pieces to arrive.. :)
  4. Prob silly suggestion...but do you have a win XPpro disk ??? If so I would stick this in to see if the disk you are using has issues...?, and at least you can put your mind at ease as far as the rest of the components in your build ;-) if it boots and starts to install etcc... M *** ahhh I see Ecky has suggested similar above this post...sorry.. and good luck !! :( ***
  5. Mu$$a

    Best mid tower cases?

    Antec 300 also pretty good :) M
  6. Good valid question sOs I am also building a new rig and was wondering the same thing. I don't see a problem personally with having one or two daisy chained as I have done this in the past with no issues to date on previous builds..., but 6 might be a bit much... lol ? Someone here will know how much juice each fan takes ( I think not too much to run a case fan ) and if one single power outlet will be sufficient ( juice wise again ) to support these. M :)
  7. Mu$$a

    Computer Problems

    All good in the Sound drivers dept Jamesski ?? worth a look / check for updates on these ( thinking when you alt-tab between WMP/Desktop and the Game ) also Video drivers etc..?? One other important question: have you introduced or installed anything lately to your set up?? ( software updates etcc..? ) or has this problem only come about lately? finally what OS u running ? as for the core thing...I have no clear idea why one core would heat more than the other :( soz ( faulty core??? one core being used more over the other core when using certain apps?? total guesses :) ) Mu$$a
  8. Mu$$a

    SLI Question...

    Lewis if this is your mobo :gigabyte mobo pic it looks like it only has one PCiE slot ( the blue slot in the picture ) so any form of SLI will be impossible and you would only be able to put a dual GPU card on it to get similar enough to an SLI performance... good luck and might be worth the upgrade to a newer mobo with 2 PCiE slots. anyway hope it helps.. :) Mu$$a
  9. Just slapped $398 on an Expert Vision 4870 1 GB Sonic video card after much thought and tribulation over this and that factor.... picking this up hopefully before ATOMIC LIVE this sat :) good card for the $$ IMHO so that's my vote :) the new Nvidia 260 cards are also good but as someone said above not as yet available... :( when they do hit stores prices should also be better ( go aussie dollar JOO CAN DO IT!!! ) :) Mu$$a
  10. Awesome thank you all :) I will go for a look at Bunnings :) Supercheap do have some nice and nifty little units but could not find any which you could plug into a 240 V household power point, they all had cigarette lighter 12V and direct battery clamps on them, I even looked for a converter of sorts that the 12V car plug could be used with but to no luck.. was prepared to pay extra $20 if they had one LOL those compressed cans are ok for keyboards ( the extended long plastic nozzle is very handy for those hard to get bits ) but they run out quick and if used a little too long they can freeze to your hand :) I would prefer a small unit over anything upright and larger...but the fun with air gun could sway me heheh Point taken and aware of already for general computer Fans, thank you for heads up all the same and very good thing to point out... :) Tnx Mu$$
  11. Nice and easy.... thank you Fat Bodybuilder for confirming there is little diff between these two good boards ;-) cheers M
  12. Hey :) Need to buy a small air compressor to clean out the odd bit of dust from computer cases. ( and scare small animals and neighbors with it as well when doing a little work in the shed...lol ) I had a quick look in supercheap auto but all they had were ones you use with a cigarette lighter or connect directly to the battery of your car..( well duh Mu$$ it's a car shop.. :( ) anyway...does anyone know where a wall pluggable version around the $100 mark can be had?? or perhaps has bought one recently? Tnx M
  13. thanks lew, yea it helped a lot when i made custom cable routing aka dremel the fuck out of the case :P LOL Nesquick :) looks good though I like a case with a bit of room.... even if it's a self made cable routing / management solution. will post some pics of mine once I get home. M
  14. Hey mbaunsoe sorry for jumping on your thread as looks like we building / asking similar question, those two mobos I found pretty good just wonder if one is over the other in performance. I am also going back to the ATI series cards and have got it down to these two mobos: GA-EP45-DS4p GA-x48-DS4 Are there huge differences between these which would make me want to choose one over the other??? from the quick research I have done there seem to be minimal differences, and I don't OC and mostly use for gaming. I am thinking of 1 card at the moment and second card...well 50 / 50 on that maybe if costs come down, right now Sapphire 4870 512 or same only 1Gb version. Cheers :) M
  15. Which would be better if price difference is around $ 100 between them. system will be strictly gaming 98% :) I know sometimes more Video RAM does not translate to "BETTER" and at times the 512 will do just fine or the same as the bigger mem card. Thoughts pls? & tnx for replies... M