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    So we live in a free country?

    That seems fair. Please log off your computer and throw your cell phone in the bin. Likewise switch off electricity and sell the car. You don't like the globalised world? Live by example, lead from the front. Totally struggling to link A to B here in relation to your post and mine. You may have to draw me a picture... You want to disrupt the flow of money from our government to US multinationals? What technology do you use that is not approved or licensed by the government that does not flow to US multinationals? Oh I see! Well that was kind of my point...
  2. spyhunter

    So we live in a free country?

    That seems fair. Please log off your computer and throw your cell phone in the bin. Likewise switch off electricity and sell the car. You don't like the globalised world? Live by example, lead from the front. Totally struggling to link A to B here in relation to your post and mine. You may have to draw me a picture...
  3. spyhunter

    So we live in a free country?

    Let's do a freedom experiment. Some kind of demonstration involving non-violent actions that would disrupt the flow of money from our Government to US multinationals. Just a thought...
  4. spyhunter

    Decisions... (cars)

    You get $50! I think I've just about decided to extend the budget a bit, wait a few months, and get a Subaru Outback. I talked to a VW mechanic I know and he told me that the Golf 6 diesel is a much better buy, even though it's a bit less luxurious inside, than a Jetta (essentially a Golf 5). I then looked at a Golf 6 and it's a bit smaller than my Focus inside. It's also just over 40 grand on the road. Another 5 grand on top of that and I can get the Outback, which as best as I can tell, is just about the perfect family car.
  5. spyhunter

    Decisions... (cars)

    True, and good point. I do around 20-25,000km per year, and have done a lot of maths on petrol vs. diesel, including the inflated price of diesel (where I am petrol is $1.52 today, and diesel $1.62). The savings, even with the high km per year are pretty negligible as you suggest. This isn't really a financial decision, although obviously that plays a part. I tend to keep car finance at around the same level over time, so it's more about weekly running costs, if I were to consider the financial aspect primarily. Truth is, I just want something different. The Focus is great to drive, no doubt, and is pretty economical (I average about 8.2l/100km), but it is extremely 'budget' inside (it was all I could afford at the time). I bought it as a commuter only, and it's done a good job, but with the kids getting a bit bigger, we tend to go out a bit more now and I'd like something a that's nicer inside. I'm not hugely experienced in diesels, only driven a couple. I drove a Focus diesel recently, same year as mine, maybe a tad newer, and the difference in 'feel' was astonishing. I like that it feels more effortless, for want of a better word. I'm no racing driver, obviously, but I just like the way it drove.
  6. spyhunter

    Decisions... (cars)

    Hi all, I have a 2009 Focus (LV model). It's just the basic manual, petrol version, and has been a great car aside from a few little quality niggles. I've done just short of 50,000km since I bought it and am tiring a little of the very basic interior, so thought I'd get something different. First things first, I spend most of my weekly driving in the city, and am stuck in traffic fairly regularly. My parents, and my in-laws, however, are both about an hour away from my house, so we do fairly regular highway stuff also. So essentially I like a car that is fairly economical, but not so economical as to be dreary. I was looking at a Hyundai i30 diesel SLX wagon. They're about $30k for the top of the range, and when I drove in a friend's example, I was blown away by the interior quality. It was such a nice place to be, compared to my morbid Focus interior. It also felt very modern, where the Focus interior is quite dated. Despite being a small diesel also, it was pretty willing. After looking at a few, and checking prices, I stumble across a two year old Volkswagen Jetta diesel (103kw 2.0 with the DSG gearbox and leather seats) for a snip under $25k. It's done 30,000km, but damn, it's a nice car. Being based on Golf V though, I was a bit concerned since that model reportedly had quality issues (built in South Africa, oddly just like my Focus). Does anyone have either of these cars and can comment? Or other similar suggestions? Not interested really in any comments about my boring taste. I know these are both Grandad style cars. I have a two year old and a six year old so practical, economical and comfortable driving are fairly high on my list.
  7. spyhunter

    Save the planet or wealth re-distribution?

    Regulatory measures in these areas are always so flimsy. I work in Oil & Gas. Sensationalist O&G CEOs say this will cripple the sector, sending something like $80billion in current capital project projected expense elsewhere. I don't actually believe that's true to the extent they say, but it will definitely make Australia slightly less viable when investment decisions getting across the line is becoming harder. If the Government was serious about redistribution of wealth, there are a million better ways to manage this. If the Government was serious about the environment, there are a million better ways to manage this. This, from my admittedly ignorant perspective, seems to tackle neither of the issues.
  8. spyhunter

    Governments contracting projects

    Careful management of cost deviations is required. Transparent approvals, strict responsibilities, clear requirements and clear deliverables. Governments don't hire very good Project Managers, it would seem. Accountability is the key, in my (limited) experience.
  9. spyhunter

    Job Seeking tips

    Some good advice here. I will add a couple of things: Be realistic about your situation, but be enthusiastic about where you want to be. I interview people almost every day. I see hundreds of resumes. More often than not you can impress an employer with attitude and aptitude, rather than direct experience or skills. That's not to say those things aren't important, but believe me, enthusiasm and self-believe count for a lot, even when you don't feel that way. I have interviewed people who are technically very well qualified for a job, but who prove uninspiring at best in person. I have employed people who seem a little lacking on paper, but after meeting them am very impressed, because of their attitude, and the way they present their potential. Any job can be taught. A good attitude is rare. And just to reiterate the obvious, when needs must, just take whatever you can get. It is much less stressful to look for a good job while doing a bad job, than it is to look for a good job while the savings are being eroded.
  10. spyhunter

    Shameless plug!

    OK, you can download, should you want to, here: last.fm
  11. spyhunter

    Shameless plug!

    Glad you guys like it. The MP3 thing, yeah, totally agree. And particularly heavily crunched files like myspace and purevolume deliver (I think purevol sound a bit better, but they seem to boost the high frequencies a little - to my ears anyway). The MP3s I uploaded were 192kbps which sound fine. My 'net connection is so poor though, that anything bigger than an MP3 and I'd never be able to get it anywhere... Thanks for listening.
  12. spyhunter

    Shameless plug!

    I haven't posted here for a while; mainly because my job saps my will to live (thank you, Oil and Gas industry). Anyway, I just wanted to post a link or two to some music I've written with an old friend recently. It's not exactly professional, and it's a bit of a laugh, but part of enjoying creating something is sharing it with people. If you feel like listening to some electro-pop, have a go. If you don't, best not click - it'll make you angry: Streaming: purevolume myspace Downloadable: last.fm Obligatory facebook page: facebook EDIT - fixed links.
  13. So there's a photographer who arranges things like leaves, rocks, ice, you name it, and takes amazing photos. I cannot for the life of me remember his name, and cannot think of the right search to find him online. Can anyone help? Does anyone know who I mean? Sorry for the vague description, I'm hoping at least one of you knows who I mean.
  14. spyhunter

    Technological prowess in a 1st world country

    Thanks for the replies. I think the situation has pretty much been summarised perfectly by the comments here. Telstra put infrastructure in as an afterthought. The reason I'm getting stung on my plan (even if it were working properly) is that my current ISP is the only one that would provide a service. I rang around a few and actually got laughed at by one provider. I get good 3G reception here, so I'm going to try wireless and see if it improves things. It's actually deteriorating at the moment. My wife works from home for a university and has to upload and download heaps of course materials, and it's taking forever, so we'll have to do something. To give you a taste... I hit 'reply' on this topic and timed how long it took to bring up this reply box, and it was 40 seconds. Luckily, Mr Fielding tells me the net is all pornography and terrorist training information, so I don't really need it...
  15. Hello, Let me tell you a story about ADSL. Particularly, ADSL in a brand new suburb. About twelve months ago I built a house. Well I didn't, skilled labourers did. Anyway, owing to my appalling ability to time things with real estate, my new house is in a new outer suburb... I move in, I buy all my new gear, I connect my ADSL. Can't get ADSL 2 here, have to go with ADSL 1 8MB. OK, I can deal with this compromise, I'm a fair way from an exchange, despite being in a new area, and I'm not the world's heaviest net user, so it's still looking OK. Modem shows me a green light, time to rock... or so I thought. Given that ADSL 1 costs a lot, I can live with the $75 per month for 5GB. What I can't live with is the 10k/sec maximum download speed. Youtube? Not in my house. Online games? Not a chance. Previewing a track on iTunes? You must be kidding. ISP says 'it's an infrastructure issue, call Telstra, your lines are old and your exchange blows' Telstra says 'infrastructure in your area is low priority - if you want a better internet connection you should move'. Twelve months later I'm still stuck. Bring on the net filter I say. Might slow everyone else down to my speed...