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  1. Fluffy Llama

    Gaming Mouse

    I am about to take the plunge and go for the Verbatim Rapier V1... here is hoping the reviews where right as I still havn't spoken to anyone that has bought one, lol. Anyone on here had a chance to try one out?
  2. Fluffy Llama

    Civilization IV: Colonization

    Thanks for the update. I remember reading all about it when it was announced. Some decent screenshots. Feel like playing Imperialism after looking at the screenshots! :P Will be interesting to see what it is like and how similar it is to civ4.
  3. Fluffy Llama

    PHPBB Help

    Assuming its a prosilver based theme; Open styles/prosilver/theme/common.css, find: #wrap { padding: 0 20px; min-width: 650px; } change to;- #wrap { padding: 0 20px; min-width: 650px; width: 760px; margin: 0 auto; } edit: don't forget to refresh the theme via the style components tab in the admin panel under "styles" / "themes"
  4. Fluffy Llama

    Journey to the Center of the Earth

    I remember when I first started watching the preview that I couldn't help but think it looked a little odd or something, but it all fell into place one I saw it was 3D. Didn't think to see it myself but have had a few friends mention it now, then this post, might be worth a look! Cheers!!
  5. Fluffy Llama

    And the Award for best Avatar goes to...

    mmm fluffy llamas
  6. Fluffy Llama

    Killing Telstra Sales Rep - Is it a crime?

    Lol this is the funniest thing I have read all night! Almost funny enough to justify the visit from the rep... Though it still warrants a mercy kill. :P
  7. Fluffy Llama

    Top Gear Australia preview

    Lol, have to agree! Its just not the same to watch hearing an Australian accent either. Though, I hope its a huge hit! Give me something to watch on TV.
  8. Fluffy Llama


    At first I would have said probably not, refering to ATIs requirements HERE for a 400 watt or higher PSU. But after having a quick google it seems the card is on Shuttles approved compatibility list. Might be worth a closer read to see what PSU they are referring to. Hope that is of some use.
  9. Fluffy Llama

    ATI or nVidia?

    I have always had ATI cards and think they have had a good run with their mid range 4850 - despite it being freaking hot! Though that card aside I think Nvidia have a very impressive line up, especially high end.