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  1. Alright cheers Guys. Already have them visible, just didn't realise I'd have to be in safe mode to find them specifically. I just wanted to check as this data is crucial, call me paranoid xD.
  2. Yea but I've still got 29gb of "missing" data?
  3. Hey, I've got two 500gb hard drives which I'm trying to back up, so I bought a 1TB drive and partitioned it into 2 to consolidate. I partitioned then using Disk Management. When I copy files using the "select" all method, there's a sight difference in the number of bytes being copied, does this suggest any kind of currupt data during the transfer? Secondly, I used TeraCopy to make sure all the files were transferred. When I use the select all method>properties, there is only a slight difference, when I view how much space is left on each hard drive, there is a 20gb difference. The only thing I can think of is maybe these new drives are partitioned more efficiently? They are Western Digital drives.
  4. Take the disc out when in restarts... and if that doesn't work, I'd try another XP disc, sounds like this particular one is playing funny buggers. Also, there is no problem with installing from SATA drives. I haven't tried taking the disk out, but I have tried 3 separate XP disks. I realise there isn't a problem installing from SATA drives, as I said I should've just slipstreamed them, but I can't even get Windows on this drive >< Edit: It's not detecting the hard drive after reboot, this is obvious as it goes "unable to boot from bla, please select device or insert media" along those lines. I just didn't think the installation could successfully format and then install copy the files with no errors. I'm trying another hard drive and seeing how that goes, failing that I'll go for a SATA drive. I'm asking just in case I've missed some kind of new setting with the motherboard, as it seems IDE has been been secondary choice and SATA primary. Also since I had to reset the motherboard just to get video I lost confidence in it. Edit: Bah, first hard drive loops installation, 2nd hard drive has a read error. I'm pretty sure it's the drives.
  5. I'm not pushing a key to boot from the cd drive again. That's why I said I've even triad manually disabling booting up from the cdrom after it's transferred the files in the initial phase.
  6. Hey Guys, Stupid problem I know but Windows XP Installation keeps looping, this is with automated installation disks and non automated. It'll get to the initial blue setup screen and then proceed again and again, it'll copy Windows files then restart... Motherboard: Foxconn A7GM-S all in one Running IDE drive + cd-rom (noticed it's secondary 1/2 instead as primary 1/2), I'm guessing that's because primary is reserved for SATA drives? I chose IDE to avoid installation issues with SATA drivers, however realised I should've just slipstreamed. It's an all in one motherboard. Everything is brand new. I had to reset the BIOS manually with the jumper when I first powered it up because I wasn't getting any screen signal. Are there any settings I'm missing out on? Obviously set it to boot from the CD drive. Tried alternating the order, then just initially letting it boot from the cd rom drive and manually switching it back etc. It's not proceeding to boot from the hard drive. Hopefully I just missed a setting, otherwise I have to pull it apart and test the hardware.
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    Gogo ffdshow + VLC Media Player.
  8. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=G4t03uBWYCw&...feature=related http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=seEGwx2txuc Ah good old Rowan.
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    How can this be done? (image)?

    Doesn't looked shopped? Relections on the table, monitors are angled etc. Obviously someone just got them all for work and decided to stitch them together for fun? Way too many to have any real practical merits.
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    Ever wanted to go to Stanford?

    Yea but the whole idea is to offer these to entice you to go to Uni and increase their reputation. Good if you want to kill some time and learn more though. Do you get any kind of Cert with these or possibly in the future? Can always attend Open Unis where there aren't any contact hours, some Tafes do this as well. Tafe is awesome cause they're capped :)
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    Need help with TAFE assignment

    I bet you're a Father ;)
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    Need help with TAFE assignment

    Are you for real? The way you answered your question was for someone to answer it straight out. You didn't ask people to participate in your own questionaire to get your own answers to make your own essay. Big question? You could make it all up yourself.
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    Just to put that in perspective... If you put the money in a simple savings account at 7.5%, after 10 years it will have more-than-doubled. (And also, there is a lot of economic uncertainty at the moment...) Rob. Yes and the average rate you usually get is around 9% a year from that investment. Then you gotta consider if it appreciates or depreciate, and to actually make a profit/loss you have to sell it on top of stamp duty/tax.
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    Timing... Right now is a good time not to invest in ANYTHING.
  15. Bah I'm really keen if Atomic will release the previous source code to mess around with. from ASP to PHP? Gonig with *Nux?