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    Roll Call!

    Yeah, what he said. Whoever he is. I do see many familiar names though.
  2. AVC

    umm. so what exactly happened here?

    What? The mag is gone? Damn, how long have I been gone? Sort of reminds me of Romancing The Stone. "Oh Man, the Doobie Brothers broke up!"
  3. AVC


    Wow, the old space stuff. I've been selling a lot of my "antique" Lego on ebay. Make room for more Star Wars Lego
  4. AVC


    Obviously you are in Melb. Do you have a Melb version of the Sydney Brickshow? The Sydney Brickshow will be here in about 2 weeks, but only for 2 days, but I wasn't aware of the Brickman Exp until I read your post (and many thanks for the info). The reason I ask is which is better, Brickshow or Brickman. I think the brickshow is more hands on. I have known of Ryan for years (from another forum) but first I have heard of a display. I should post some of my photos...
  5. OK, so I thought it time to upgrade the house to gigabit, move the modem, and junk the old phone cables. Got a 12% ADSL speed boost with the phone cables. Used mainly Cat 5e for the fixed wiring. Some of the leads are Cat 6. Now, the Cat 6 has tighter twisting in the pairs and a centre spline. I'm short one Cat 6 lead so of to ebay I go, and find you can get FLAT Cat 6 cable. I used to use flat phone cable back in the day of Telecom, but if Cat 6 over Cat 5, or 5e is dependant on the twisting and spacing, how the hell can a flat cable be Cat 6?
  6. AVC

    Bomb around girls neck in Sydney?

    I was, eerrm, part of the response contingient. Or circus, as the case may be. Rob - Capacative sensing would be fine, but the chain is a far too flaky a conductor. Chrome plated steel would send the conductivity all over the place with the slightest movement. Of which there would be plenty. Even a brass commutator with carbon brushes in an electric motor needs huge capacitance to smooth out the spikes caused by the crappy connection, and that's with high conductivity materials pressed together with springs. With a chain the normal movement would be breaking the circuit continually, the waveform would look worse than an ECG. Mac - An antenna needs to be insulated from the chassis, or ground, of the transmitter or receiver. And the antenna needs to be tuned, which means it has to be a specific length and shape to capture the specific frequency of the waveform, and exclude the other million waveforms bouncing around the atmosphere. Otherwise manufacturers would just use the car's chassis for the radio antenna.
  7. AVC

    Who's still here from the olden days?

    LOL, I go back to before Virt was even an Immortal. I see Chris has had a few avatar upgrades. Virt and Cheeky (and I) are still going strong with the originals. I am honored that you still use that av, Cheeky
  8. AVC

    Blackhawk exercise over Sydney

    Your tax dollars at work. Around twenty five thousand of them. Per hour. Per aircraft. UH-1s? Single engine? They're a great airframe I know, but the twin variant is still better (four blade main). Which is the 412. We were using them up till a few years ago, but now require the use of Cat A aircraft for SAR.
  9. AVC

    Bomb around girls neck in Sydney?

    Want the real story? It was nothing short of a cluster-fk. You may have seen photos of "A" necklace bomb in the papers, which looks like a giant hand cuff. The actual "bomb"? A small cash tin attached by means of a bicycle chain with combo lock (the plastic coated chain type). Why did they not just cut the chain? oooh apparently they thought it could be part of an electrical circuit. A chain? Are you kidding me? These bomb guys need to do a basic electronics course and understand how electricity behaves. I'm also not sure how you remotely detonate something inside a sealed metal box (read: Faraday Cage). And after actually FINDING some bomb techs (apparently the duty guys were out of town), then screwing around on scene for hours, they couldn't find the bolt cutters. Oh yeah, the generator in the truck wouldn't start either. Why does someone attach a fake bomb and then actually tell the victim to call the cops? Intimidation. The father is a CEO. I'm betting he pissed off the wrong psycho. All facts are from first hand info from the scene, btw.
  10. AVC


    Knowledge is Power that's why you have no power
  11. You're the closest thing to Jack Reacher that Atomic has. Now THAT'S funny! I hate moving, especially at the end of the pack up stage when you got this crap lying around that just doesn't pack nicely. I always DIY, but we've got some big-ass paintings my great grandfather painted, numerous workshop tools (try moving a pedestal drill) and an enormous 250kg cabinet. When we bought our current house I said "that's it, they can take me out of here in a box".
  12. AVC

    Favourite Commercial Aircraft?

    CONCUR! I cant think of any commercial flight where I needed earmuffs. But they dont fly commercials with the doors open (usually) As for commercial preferences, The wingbox area is good, but forward of the engines is always quieter, and any seat not near the toilets is good. Business class is the pick.
  13. I want to know what kind of licences you guys have if you're tearing them up. Paper? And what is it with taxis that they have to punch the brake pedal every 5 seconds for no good reason...
  14. AVC

    How to clean your keyboard quickly!

    If I tried that with our Karcher, the keys would all fly off. It'd take weeks to dry out. But maybe if I put it in the dryer...
  15. Damn her to hell. I've got a mind to take my hand out of my pants and bitch slap her!! And now for some COD4...