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    What of Atomic?

    :( This is news of the most unfortunate kind, I must say. Atomic was the mag that got me into the enthusiast aspects of computer hardware. Having grown up on a steady diet of self-contained boxes -Amigas, then a Gateway etc-, when I bought my first issue of Atomic, it was a kind of revelation (and I mean that). If I recall, it was the third or fourth edition that I first bought, and I was blown away by the types of hardware (individial parts, such as gfx cards etc) one could buy. I used to have a Gateway desktop at that time, but it was all over when I picked up that edition, and since then, have been through countless upgrades (bastards, you've made my wallet leak ten times worse than a sieve! :P). To this day, I've relied on atomic's kitlog when making new purchases - two weeks ago, in fact (at the very least, for general pointers). I've bought a hefty number of PCA issues, but I hope that with the merger, the focus on the desktop that Atomic has had, that it isn't swallowed up by the more tech/devices/gadgets focus of PCA. Perhaps, if the site is to remain intact, it could become a sort Aussie Anandtech focussing on the more traditional hardware aspects of the hardware we love? It would be a shame were the front page to be lost, it could show much potential.
  2. Bodie_CI5

    46 Issues: Time to hang up my hat

    Oh man, this is terrible :( I hope you have REALLY SPEEDY RECOVERY. I wish you all the best.
  3. Bodie_CI5

    Head to Head Request for Future Issue

    Hello Frunj, Thanks for your reply :) I've seen that card being touted across a number of forums and I remember it being reviewed in the mag. Just wasn't sure if anything new and fancy had come out since. Basically, my needs are watching some blu-rays, but especially listening to music and playing games. I'm running sound off my onboard sound and have 2.1 speakers which are Logitech (can't remember model name, but they are nearly a decade old). I'd like to be able to listen to the sounds I get via headphones from Skyrim, for example, onto a pair of speakers (thanks Spriggan for backing me up :D). If possible, the latest round up of speakers would be great :) haha, Cyberglitch, you get 100% for your in-depth review :D Hi Hawkeye, thanks also for your reply. Hope I didn't sound harsh or anything, I'm just a wee bit of a Commodore nutter :) I've read and heard he was a most hard man to deal with, but his pholosophy 'computers for the masses, not the classes' has a definite nice ring to it. Mr Twinkie, no worries, ask away! I'm the king of off-topic - just ask Outcast_Aussie :D
  4. Hi Atomic team, Would it be possible that in a sooner-rather-than-later forthcoming issue, that you have a round-up of the latest sound cards AND speakers? I'm finding that I'm at a loss as to what I should go for. I tend to base my purchases on your reviews for the most part, and any review would go to alleviating my dillemas on those two peripherals. I'd be most grateful if this could come to fruition! On another note, Why no mention of the passing of Commodore founder Jack Tramiel's passing, a few days ago? Sad to see that on the forums he has not been mentioned at all :( Computer Legend and Gaming Pioneer Jack Tramiel Dies at Age 83
  5. Bodie_CI5

    The killer 10 year flu

    Oh, my God!! :D and it hurts to laugh, too! Globe, I had copped something like that when I was studying in Sydney, for four years in a row. All in November. But I don't remember if I ever hallucinated, I think I did, but I don't remember - but I was in lala land... Although I now have bronchitis, and have found out today I have some sort of complication. Ughhhhh, I hate being sick, I've got the lowest pain threshold thing lol. And the insomnia past two weeks lol.... best dreams I have had have been at my work desk - such strange, drunken Skyrim dreams. Vivid stuff..... Hope you get well real soon.
  6. Bodie_CI5

    Intel's Ivy Bridge Series Thread

    Hi all, I bought the February edition of APC today, and they have a feature entitled: 'The PC's Revenge'. I've only had the quickest of a skim at the 'CPUs' part and read the following: (Bennet Ring, APC, February 2012, p. 25) I've read through the diagrams supplied earlier in this thread, so I know performance wise, IB wouldn't be the greater overclocker as SB was. But, upon reading the above, would it be wiser to hold off till the 'second batch'? When does a second batch come out? Is it announced? No second thoughts or anything like that; but the alleged speed increase IS tempting :D
  7. Bodie_CI5

    Well Hello There!

    Oh wow - I remember them, quite a blast from the past! I don't know if I remember seeing your name, though (blame it on my old age!). That was the one thing I never achieved, getting into a clan, and both my brother and I were really good players; but I think my temper back then may have had something to do with it. *whistles blissfully, in an aloof manner
  8. Bodie_CI5

    The book of the game

    I've bought quite a few of them, but I'd have to say, I'm of the opposite opinion, in some ways. I've got the big thick one (the 'Archive' one?), only real criticism I have of it, they are quite disjointed, ie. one story doesn't really tie in with the grander scheme of things. I didn't really get put off by Richard Knack's (sp??) usage of 'leviathan' as was so put down in the WoW forums, as I remember. I think I have all of them except the Cataclysm book. The battle at the Dark Portal was brilliantly described, but the subsequent missions into Outland didn't really grab me as much. 'Arthas' I felt let down, could have been a greater story, but to me it felt a little rushed to come in time for WotLK expac. The usage of Arthas' 'grin', 'grinned' two to three times, every chapter throughout the whole book, was much worse than Knaak's 'leviathan'. 'War of the Ancients' were epic, not as epic as LotR, but in their own way, they were sensational. I loved the Karazhan book in Archive, too (I love that erudite mage theme in fantasy. Does anyone know if there are any for Elder Scrolls? I had seen one on the Border's website (or was it Dymocks??) but it was an electronic download one. I need it to be in paper format! (And are they any good?)
  9. hahaha, that's brilliant! Oh dear, move the desk :D
  10. Bodie_CI5

    Transferring Win7 to new SSD

    I haven't ben able to put the SSD on this rig, yet. :( It will be put in once I give this computer to my brother (fresh install etc.). Merely suggesting if it's the path you want to take; Good luck with it all! :)
  11. Bodie_CI5

    Well Hello There!

    haha, I'm sure I remember you on the old haunts a couple of times! I was Bodie_CI5 (or Carpouzo initially... a play on SPR's Carpazo, which when rendered to my version means watermelon in Greek. Don't know why I'm sharing this lol) Yeah, Mick, hang around, I'm, surprise, surprise, Bodie_CI5 on PCPP, and had tried to lead the Bring Back Snippets campaign. But it was shot down. Distressing stuff. hmm, wouldn't mind giving her another whirl, but I never really got into it with Source. Classic DoD, Thunder map - the map that ruled them all. What was your handle on there? Did I mention I was Bodie_CI5?? Yep, WON was the best. Do you guys remember 'Daddycool'? Think he was banned from the GameArena servers lol. Top bloke though. Then there was Mister_IRA, 12incha and Nirvana. Timberwolf I think went on to join the ADF. Dr Jones was the Optus admin IIRC?? What was your handle in the game, Nuke? Did I mention I was Bodie_CI5?? grrr, stop it! me and my stupid name :x haha
  12. Bodie_CI5

    Transferring Win7 to new SSD

    Hi BoringName (I think that's actually quite exciting!), I had tried using this guide. However, a word of caution, even I followed his 'easy' way to installing an SSD to an already installed Win7, I was unable to get the thing going. I used the software recommended (Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 2.0), but because I was unsuccessful, I have done something wrong and now my computer has slowed down when booting in (post-password). The part where he discusses the aforementioned program is in the 'The OS Transfer' heading of that long, first post. They are a legit company (I think the program set me back some $20), but support is practically non-existent. And their forums (wilderssecurity) even less so... It may work for you as it has for other people, but it didn't work for me. It may best to do a fresh install as alexdtree has suggested.
  13. Hi mate, Yeah, that's why I said for fun. ;) I know 2500k more than kicks - and I'm VERY happy with it. It's the 'was worth heaps' that also has me tantalised with the 950. Ahh okay, for some reason I thought because of its once huge price you thought it was still better then the 2500k...Which I have and find great...Although nothing seems very CPU hungry that I've played recently... Nah, no worries. My expression past few days has been VERY off-key - damn this near-pneumonia ailment. Damn it to hell! I was too brief with my purpose in that post so I can see how it could be misread. I agree with your last point... apart from some elements in both Skyrim and BF3, but I'm not sure where the slowdowns are due to. Oh, before I forget. I spoke with the IT peeps today. I can't believe they didn't really know what I was going on about (re the e5800). AND, they were not entirely willing to look into my situation. I'm just a layman when it comes to all these things, and yet, I knew more??? Felt very odd.
  14. Hi mate, Yeah, that's why I said for fun. ;) I know 2500k more than kicks - and I'm VERY happy with it. It's the 'was worth heaps' that also has me tantalised with the 950.
  15. Bodie_CI5

    Well Hello There!

    Hello unco_tomato and welcome! Parallel to Atomic (unfortunately with a hiatus... circumstances!), I've been a long-time reader of PCPP (I still miss Snippets) so it's great to see you here. Now gaming-wise, did you ever play DoD? I seem to remember an unco_tomato on one of the old servers, waaaayyyyyyyy before Source (like when Squidy and I used to play and torture that poor cow).