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  1. Outcast_Aussie

    i see dead people

    Not such a "Lovely Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay" Bill Withers https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8184937/Lean-On-Me-Lovely-Day-singer-Bill-Withers-dies-81.html?ito=push-notification&ci=12189&si=598050
  2. Outcast_Aussie

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Another funny has come my way. Dunno if you lot get Peaky Blinders down there yet though ?
  3. Outcast_Aussie

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Oh I dunno..
  4. Outcast_Aussie

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    lol Jonathon Pie loving the smell of coleslaw in the morning !!
  5. Outcast_Aussie

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Video upload complete. It starts with me going over the Dartford Crossing just to show how deserted the place is basically. DC is pretty busy most of the time. Oh.. When the vid ends you can see the Porta Dunny in front of me. Unfortunately when I parked up for my break it was too acute an angle to see me falling out of it !!
  6. Outcast_Aussie

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Being a (Food) Truck Driver we are exempt but our depots have shut the canteens and Driver Reception areas. (if I remember I will take the footage off my truck dashcam) I arrived at our Dover depot last night to be greeted with the entrance coned off and "double manned" I stopped (obviously) and they radioed in "Peterboroughs here" and was told to go on bay 26 and put paperwork in the back of the trailer - My trailer change is bay 16, paperwork in the back. This was actually quicker than parking up and waiting in the Drivers Recep for instructions. After doing this I then have to park up for 45 mins for legal break before return. And that's when I saw the Portaloo they've hired. Needing a leak I walked up to it and tried to open the door. It was held shut by a fucking strong magnet (The portaloo is basically a (pro) converted 20 foot container which is mounted about a metre off the ground with steps up to the door). Damned near took all my strenght to open the bloody door. So I went for a wee and went to wash my hands. HOT water plumbed in (bugger me sideways !!) So I washed my hands with the sanitiser etc and went to leave. Not wanting to touch the door handle I tried to push open the door with my arm only that strong magnet is bloody strong. SO I put more weight behind it than I should and damned near went arse over shit down the steps when momentum carried me out ! It'd been a bummer to survive Covid-19 only to break my fekkin neck exiting the fekkin Dunnies ! Oh.. Just got an email from KFC. They've followed McDonalds and shut all outlets. Looks like I'll be making us Chicken Nooooo York this saturday night. (Chicken breast with bacon wrapped around it and covered in melted cheese) I think we need to re-install 2020. It's got a virus !
  7. Outcast_Aussie

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    My daughter has a SERIOUS dairy allergy. I went to FIVE different food outlets to try and get Soya milk for her as we were nearly out. Good job I used my ebike as I would've used heaps of fuel otherwise. Why has everyone gone bananas for Soya Milk lately ? Oh... Sorry for shaky footage. It's an "El Cheapo" Action Cam I'm using. (No stabilisation and the suspension on my front forks is seized)
  8. Outcast_Aussie

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    LadBaby has teh answer....
  9. Outcast_Aussie

    Project Binky

  10. Outcast_Aussie

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Indeed.Acceleration is amazing. Top speed has changed from 60kmh to just over 80kmh
  11. Outcast_Aussie

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Just finished upgrading my ebike from 48v to 72v
  12. Outcast_Aussie

    NSW / QLD fires

    Rains on the way ? https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/indian-ocean-dipole-decays-to-hasten-monsoon-over-fire-ravaged-australia/article30502930.ece?fbclid=IwAR2FtiMHi1qF84JALQsjSY5RjxvfpQ1XqkU268wzwrMeHzBzcT459OFEY_U#
  13. Outcast_Aussie

    NSW / QLD fires

    PJW giving it large !
  14. Outcast_Aussie

    Go Greta, go !!

    Can't find it on YT so FB link (sorry) https://www.facebook.com/BBCScotland/videos/550606562449954/
  15. Outcast_Aussie

    Go Greta, go !!

    South Lanarkshire CC getting in on the act now... (They also have a Spready Mercury, Gritney Spears & Gary Gritter