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  1. Gold, I knew someone would have better google skills than I do to find the stuff
  2. I'm travelling overseas shortly and purchased a laptop which I wish to claim the GST back on, but I'm a bit hesitant about taking my original receipt with me in case I accidentally leave it in a random hotel room. Will there be any problem with me taking a photocopy with me to present to the people and get my cash?
  3. Slace

    Such a long time,so many people...

    Aww man, 4 pages and not a single mention. obviously didn't leave much of an impression :(
  4. So I flattened the install on my new Vaio laptop and after eventually finding the drivers I required I seem to have everything installed that's meant to be installed. The problem is that now the fingerprint scanner doesn't do squat. Before I formatted it I had played with it and decided that it is kind of cool, but it seemed to be going through some third-party software (Protector Suite). Is this the only way to achieve login with windows and biometrics? Are there free alternatives to software like that? Or am I boned as I don't think that Sony provided me with a license key, it was pre-installed and expected I wouldn't install without their recovery disk... [Edit] Scratch this post, found the download link on the Sony site (http://www.sony-asia.com/support/download/388550/product/vpcz117gg if anyone else needs it)
  5. I just bought a new laptop (a Sony Vaio Z series) and it's come with a lot of shit I don't want on there. Big problem, I don't seem to have received a Windows 7 install disk (although I did get a WinXP disk, cuz yeah, I really want that...). The license key is stuck to my laptop, so can I use any Win 7 install disk or do I need to chase up Sony for a OEM disk?
  6. Slace

    Umbraco tutorials

    I'm not an MVP, I'm not allowed to get MVP status since I'm part of the core team :P. I'd suggest subscribing to the Umbraco yahoo pipes, it's a good way to follow all the devs using Umbraco. Also, I'd suggest you buy a subscription to Umbraco.tv, there's plenty of good videos on there.
  7. Slace

    Phantom is not Vapour

    For limited use systems I can see this being viable, but I don't think you will find it a viable choice for end-user systems. One of the main reasons for "mandatory" reboots every few days is memory leaking applications. If you have software which doesn't free it's memory properly (particularly on exit) then a non-rebooting OS can get itself into a mess quickly.
  8. Slace

    Skate 2

    What's the worst thing about being a skater? Having to tell your parents that you're gay. Atleast, that's what I heard around the traps, once. On another note, Skate 2 is quiet a bit awesome. hey, if I didn't just ride my longboard these days I may have taken offence to that :P I'm thinking about getting Skate 2, heard nothing but good things about the first. Would it be better to spend the extra for Skate 2 or get Skate from the bargin bin?
  9. Slace

    What keyboard and mouse to choose?

    I've actually been suggested to get a Mac bluetooth kb and mouse and a bluetooth receiver for my Windows machine. I don't really game on my pc (just the odd RTS really) so I'm not that stressed about response time or kb size (I sit on my couch to use my pc which is connected to my TV :P). It's mainly to use with my mac laptop and PS 3 (both which are bluetoothed)
  10. So I'm looking to replace my old logitech wireless keyboard and mouse because it's just no longer cutting it for me but I'm not sure what to upgrade to. I have the following requirements from the devices: Keyboard: - Wireless - Works with Vista, Mac OS X (10.5) and PS 3 - Has a range of at least 5 meters Mouse - Wireless - Works with Vista and OS X (10.5) - Has a range of at least 5 meters - Charger would be nice but I can survive without it What are some recommendations of what to go with?
  11. I haven't used the php implementation but if it's as lazily coded as the .NET one it's likely that you don't get any client-side checking of the component, you need to check it on the post request.
  12. Slace

    The things you find at EB...

    Has everyone seen this?
  13. Slace

    The things you find at EB...

    Is the 2nd one a game? I didn't get anything game-wise from google...
  14. Slace

    Little Big Planet

    Found any?
  15. Slace

    GTA series

    Being someone who didn't play anything before GTA 3 I dont' really know what I'm missing out on in terms on a MP experience, but I've played 3, VC anad 4 and I'll say that I've enjoyed all of them. 3 was an entirely new game experience. I hadn't played anything which had the concepts of 3, mission and story-wise. VC was just so enjoyable, nothing like rocking out to the 80's while running down people. I found the addition of boats, bikies, etc really gave it that boost to move it away from 3 and show that it wasn't just a reskin. 4 was good because of the grittiness but it didn't really offer anything that was that new so it's the weaker of the series. I still enjoyed it but I can't bring myself to do the last mission (I get over games where I fail a mission 10+ times :P)