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  1. NeSsIe

    Vegemite in food

    Vegemite on roast lamb. Haven't tried it yet, but my source of information has never let me down on Vegemite related ideas. mmm cheesymite scrolls!
  2. NeSsIe

    Anyone worked at the mines before?

    Hours are long long long, pay is amazing. Mental stimulation outside of work related activities is minimal. I think that about sums it up? It's a fantastic opportunity for those who have no relationships to tie them down, so take the 2 months, see how it goes, and then decide from there. Unless you have a girlfriend? In which case: boo.. don't leave her alone :( edit: just saw it's a local mine...WIN! your girlfriend can visit for midnight romps with Doc and Grumpy.
  3. NeSsIe

    Woe is me...

    ..You're kidding? I got all the way to the end for NOTHING? Goth call her and tell her you're hot for her. This is bigger than you now, you're putting at0mic through pain. Do it for the forumzzz.
  4. NeSsIe

    What cheeses you off?

    People who don't indicate when they change lanes. People who complain about waiting in line at a busy bar, then when you serve them, turn to their friends and say 'what do you want?' People who don't take their wallet out of their pants until after you tell them how much their order is. YOU KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY.
  5. haha I've been away for so long! I return, and Robzy's jokes are still hilarious :) I'm glad that hasn't changed.
  6. NeSsIe

    Good evening atomicmpc

    What happened??? Goth's thread reminded me of this bad boy. Did you hit her in the face with a chop?
  7. NeSsIe

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Phil Kieran - Skyhook 2
  8. NeSsIe

    Good evening atomicmpc

    This is the funniest thread in the world. I wish someone would throw a pile of meat in my face in a romantic attempt to win my heart. This thread makes coming back here worth while. I suppose most girls do enjoy a beef injection though.
  9. NeSsIe

    And What Are You Listening To?

    I'm listening to my brand new 32gig ipod touch that I got for my 21st birthday this weekend. It literally just finished sync-ing with my PC!!!! so THAT, my friends, is what I am listening to.
  10. NeSsIe

    My Wigglytuffed Wigglytuff Wife

    How did she key the dashboard??
  11. NeSsIe

    Atomicans in Pictures

    *sad panda* I look like a tosser. Really should have gotten a haircut before Meet 8 :P Rob. ahahahahahahaha!! I looked at the photo and thought "WHAT? Plebsmacker is young and cute! wtf??" but it's ROBZY!!! aah that's ok then :D
  12. NeSsIe

    Atomicans in Pictures

    My Puppy is a silver dapple dachshund too!! But mine is long haired.
  13. YES!! Cheerleader from Heroes! It's perfect! Thankyou so much :) I'm so glad I asked. Will try to get pics before I get too retarded. It's going to be an epic night. Stoked with that one :D Cheers (!) edit: I have no boobies for blue lady from x-men, sorry.
  14. NeSsIe

    Atomicans in Pictures

    Had it pierced that day, was told by piercer no drinking or smoking, so naturally got retarded that night and smoked. His pain was his punishment.
  15. I have a Staff Party in a few weeks that is dress up themed, with the theme being Superheroes and Villains. I don't want to go as Wonderwoman, Catwoman or Supergirl as these will probably be done to death, but I am on the struggle train with any other ideas. I am a girl, so I would like to stay away from ideas that involve cod pieces or tights with no skirt/shorts, and I have blonde hair so it would be nice if the hero was blonde. Also I don't really want to wear a helmet all night, because it's hard to drink through a helmet. There's a wicked costume online that I am tempted to get, but is Harry Potter really a Superhero??? Also the costume either needs to be readily accessible at most costume stores, available online to purchase, or super easy to make without looking tacky!!! Oh I'm just full of demands aren't I? Anywho, ideas are appreciated! Even the stupid ones that I know will follow. Thanks! :D