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  1. NeSsIe

    My leg and the last 2 months

    Sending lots of love TMFP xx
  2. NeSsIe

    Neighbours huge tree

    Or a fancy Maori BBQ.
  3. NeSsIe

    Atomic Origins

    That's quite impressive Juggs. We're talking the crushinator from Futurama then?
  4. NeSsIe

    Neighbours huge tree

    Ahhh that post is a right laff! Thanks for bumping T-hungy!
  5. NeSsIe

    Atomic Origins

    Hmmmm year 10 maybe? So 2003 a guy in my class at school badgered me to join this great forum he was on about computers. Said I'd really like it despite me really only using computers for social media or games if my brother was home to play CS or Doom with me. He badgered and badgered and eventually for some unknown reason I joined the forum and I bloody loved it. Found a really fun bunch of people to laugh with and ended up going to BBQs and Beerathons and had a wild time with you crazy cats. Thanks for badgering me setagllib
  6. NeSsIe

    Where are Virt's lips?

    Before I read the actual post I assumed this thread was a crudely worded question of Virts gender. I always saw his lips as the low image, but I can understand those that see them as high. The high lips are a lot more cartoony though. The low lips is more humanoid.
  7. NeSsIe

    My leg and the last 2 months

    TMFP I just read every single post in this thread - everytime something new popped up my heart sank even further for you. I am so so glad to see the most recently posts are positive though, do you get to keep your leg yet or are you still handing it back at the end of each session? Did you get any say in what your prosthetic looked like? Are you enjoying your parents home cooked meals at least? Really happy to hear things are looking up for you - sending lots of positive thoughts.
  8. Hello Kimmo!

    I can see you havent been on the forum in a few months but just on the off chance you see this I thought it was worth a send!

    I just rediscovered my old photobucket last night and found a couple of photos of you and BC in there - I thought you might like to see them again 🙂

    I tried to message these to you but it says I can't message you for some reason so here it is on your activity wall sorry.


    Hope you're well.



    1. supadupa


      BC 😢


  9. NeSsIe

    Got H?

    Sitting at my desk Feeling just like the old days My toes are cold again.
  10. NeSsIe

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Aloha at0mic! Hello and goodbye. Aloha and aloha. I'm not going to lie after the probable 5 years I spent posting crap on here back in the day before the forum moved sites, it sucks to come back as a Serf, especially seeings I still have my crappy capitalisation username haha First world problem hey It also really sucks to learn about the passing of BC almost 2 years after the fact. He was always really wonderful to me and I'm really sad to hear he's gone. Hopefully he's still impressing people in some other worldly place with his photochopping skillz. Rest peacefully my friend. It's been wonderful seeing all of these familiar usernames and display pics - I tried really hard to find one of mine on the archived at0mic but no dice. I'll hang around a bit til the site goes kablammo, and then i'm sure i'll see a few of you on the FB group xoxo Nessie
  11. NeSsIe

    Vegemite in food

    Vegemite on roast lamb. Haven't tried it yet, but my source of information has never let me down on Vegemite related ideas. mmm cheesymite scrolls!
  12. NeSsIe

    Anyone worked at the mines before?

    Hours are long long long, pay is amazing. Mental stimulation outside of work related activities is minimal. I think that about sums it up? It's a fantastic opportunity for those who have no relationships to tie them down, so take the 2 months, see how it goes, and then decide from there. Unless you have a girlfriend? In which case: boo.. don't leave her alone :( edit: just saw it's a local mine...WIN! your girlfriend can visit for midnight romps with Doc and Grumpy.
  13. NeSsIe

    Woe is me...

    ..You're kidding? I got all the way to the end for NOTHING? Goth call her and tell her you're hot for her. This is bigger than you now, you're putting at0mic through pain. Do it for the forumzzz.
  14. NeSsIe

    What cheeses you off?

    People who don't indicate when they change lanes. People who complain about waiting in line at a busy bar, then when you serve them, turn to their friends and say 'what do you want?' People who don't take their wallet out of their pants until after you tell them how much their order is. YOU KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY.
  15. haha I've been away for so long! I return, and Robzy's jokes are still hilarious :) I'm glad that hasn't changed.