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  1. scathach

    Oh my......!

    oooh... free badge. ownder how many of the 3000 are left? 3000? Oh, well if aliens ever do invade Earth, show em these websites, and zing! alien invasion stopped! accompanied by the sound of UFO warps drives cruching gears to get to Warp 10 as fast as possible to get the farck out the solar system.
  2. scathach

    Oh my......!

    I'm currently doing an assignment for IS course and the topic is that old chestnut website design. I'm thoroughly traumatized from the experience of gathering a representative sample of 'very bad' websites. As part of my therapy to cleanse my battered brain-cells I must share the unholy horror of these websites. http://www.lingscars.com/ W...T...F? http://anselme.homestead.com/AFPHAITI.html http://www.dpgraph.com/ Who ever designed this needs to share whatever the hell it is they are on!
  3. scathach

    Xbox 360 Live Gamer Id Database V3 Edition

  4. scathach

    New Halo Reach Trailer.

    so now you need to go play halo 1,2 and 3 to get the full story :D It makes sound effects? That is awesome. its like the shield power up sound as you open the disc tray. Sound effects here: http://majornelson.com/archive/2010/08/16/...ole-sounds.aspx
  5. scathach

    New Halo Reach Trailer.

    Oooh I's a happy little spartan, not only did hubby let me get Halo reach today, He opened his wallet for the Reach limited edition 360 slim. The Halo sound effects for the power on button an the DVD eject button are sweet, spent half an hour pressing the power and eject buttons, Hee. Covenant scum here I come...... and I got new toys to try out.
  6. scathach

    To RAID or not to RAID.

    Go RAID young man! Don't be scared of RAID 0, I've been running RAID 0 for years with no problems and it churns out some serious transfer speeds. Windows epic fails and a loose nut on the keyboard seems to be a bigger cause of data loss than hard drives failing in my personal experience. In my current set up, I use a 64Gb Corsair X64 SSD for the OS, with everything else on 3 western digital 500Gb Blacks in RAID 0, for safety I use a external drive which runs a back up each night. A few stats quickly grabbed from HD Tach: RAID 0 - Random Access time 13.5ms, Average read 146 MB/s, Burst Speed 381.4 MB/s, compared to the SSD's random access of 0.1ms , average read of 214.9Mb/s and burst of 191 MB/s, the windows experience index for data transfer when using RAID 0 for the OS was 6.9 , now 7.1 with the SSD.
  7. scathach

    Crossfire problem...

    +1 to that. Hubby has a HP DV7 lappy with 4Gb of system RAM, and 1 Gb graphics ram plus the other bits of misc RAM tucked away and HP install Window 7 32 bit,= 1 2gb stick of DDR not being used. Nice 1 HP 8-P
  8. scathach

    Crossfire problem...

    Of course! Silly me, just had a peek at my settings in the catalyst control center and realized that I forgot to mention I had to disable AI in the advanced settings in catalyst control to get things running right, so it may need a bit of fiddling in CCC to get the settings to your own preference up, as things like AI, mipmap and AA can suck performance dry.
  9. scathach

    Crossfire problem...

    The 10.7 drivers aren't the best, just booted 10.7 off my PC, little sod just about killed my Windows 7 64 install , try one of the older drivers, version 10.5 seems to work best with my crossfired 5870's.
  10. scathach

    ATI/AMD and Nvidia Driver Thread

    Be careful with catalyst 10.7 if you're running Win 7 64 bit & crossfire. I've just gone back to 10.5(!) as after installing 10.7 I started getting random BSOD's & reboots that did look very much the same as a memory fail ( swapped out my ram sticks and ran Memtest86, my memory was OK, whew!) that progressed to a looping BSOD with graphics glitches at the bios flash screen. After trying system restore and startup repair with no luck. checked for any hardware problems by trying both cards with no crossfire bridge, one card at a time in each PCI slot, and checking PSU voltages. I did a driver by driver start up and it BSOD'd as soon as the ATI driver was loaded. To fix: boot into safe mode disable anything ATI in the startup list & then uninstall the 10.7 drivers in device manager, run driver sweeper to clean out every last last scrap of the drivers and catalyst, as just a fragment left of anything 10.7 and its back to the BSOD's( probably why sys restore failed), then install 10.5, and the beast is purring again. I did this with just one card installed , I didn't reinstall my second card until I was happy all was well again. This was way more fun than 10.6 as that little beggar BSOD'ed straight after install but system restore did the trick, very unsporting.
  11. scathach

    Nooos, my internetz be capped

    At least in Australia you can get a decent data cap at good price and have cable to choose from, most ISP's average a max of 20-25 Gb and as most NZ ISPs are still bundled with Telecom DSLAMS so speeds can get attrocious, even with ADSL2+ and our exchange just across the street its very rare to see speeds over 10mps and usually sits between 5-8mps up, 126 down. One of the reasons we are going to Vodafone is they are one of the first ISP's to be offering an unbundled network.
  12. scathach

    RAM Prices?

    Yeah i nearly keeled over when I brought a New DDR3 kit 2 months ago an its even dearer now. But USB keys are cheaper than ever,go figure. Btw, Brumby visit here and get a RMA as OCZ memory has a lifetime warranty, even if you get a new set this will give you a backup or you can sell it :)
  13. Telecom NZ has announced the end of its unlimited data broadband Big Time plan :(. Alas Alack! 1 week after the steam midsummer madness sale too/ Arrrrggggggh. The reason for telecom killing the uncapped broadband plan in NZ? 17 Big time customers who average over 1 terabyte of data a month each. And no its not us, we normally average 40/50 gb but did blow out to 155Gb for last month from a bit of steam midsummer(!) madness. So as of August 13tgh, Big time customers have the choice of paying $80 for 40Gb with a $2 per gig charge if we go over the cap or paying the same $60 but only getting 20 gig with the same excess data charge. We'll be voting with our feet, and moving camp to Vodafone as it has the best $ for gig at $60 for 60 gig and no excess data charge only throttling plus if we shift our sky account we get My Sky free. Sad to say that was one of the biggest caps available so stop snickering in the green & gold corner, Telstra has some bigger plans but are dearer and have a harsh policy for going over your cap, as you get charged a full monthly fee again.
  14. scathach

    have you ever dumped a pet?

    I could never,ever dump a pet. All the cats I have had, have been been deemed 'surplus to requirements' by former owners. Dumping any pet be it, furred, feathered or scaled is just a cop out when its so easy to find a new home or simply hand over to the SPCA. I adopted a bevy of goldfish a year ago, a friend of my sister in law had filled in their fishpond, and the fish were dumped in buckets and were left to fend for themselves, so long story short we got a bigger tank and in went the refugees with our lot. Yes, they are only 'fish' but still deserve better than a slow death in a bucket and are thriving now in our big tank .