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  1. Sturmgeist

    Is it possible to change a racist's mind?

    Yes, I was once a racist bigot. Largely due to my families beliefs but thankfully I have been able to have an open mind growing up and now no longer feel the way I used to. It feels amazing, truly liberating to not allow that hatred run through me anymore. What made me change my mind, education and intelligent friends.
  2. Sturmgeist

    What's on your mind?

    I am completely aware of that an thank my lucky stars that I do have a job. I am very grateful for what I have don't get me wrong or confuse my dilemma with a sense of entitlement it was just a thought, I didn't come here for answers just jotting my thoughts down.
  3. Sturmgeist

    What's on your mind?

    The gig I have you just don't walk in to unfortunately it's extremely competitive and nobody leaves. That is the issue with just throwing the towel in, the situation is far too dynamic but It was the thought keeping me up I'll figure it out eventually.
  4. Sturmgeist

    What's on your mind?

    I'm 34 and my dream job I've always strived for and worked for is not my dream job at least not in this country. What the fuck do I do now.
  5. Sturmgeist

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    Sounds like something Boeing would do.
  6. Sturmgeist

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    I used to work for Airbus and they gave us free shares in the company back when they were worth about $80 per share I held on to them for a rainy day and I'm glad I did. The value of the shares more than doubled and I came out quite happy! It was even better since they were free!
  7. Sturmgeist

    Reflecting on Two Atomic Decades

    You will always be 10xF to me!
  8. Sturmgeist

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    While this whole situation was devastating for some I actually came out of it really well. My Airbus shares went through the roof and I sold them at top dollar, go Airbus! Also screw Boeing for cutting corners.
  9. Sturmgeist

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Now there is a name I almost forgot existed, reading your posts was always a good laugh!
  10. Sturmgeist

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Sad... no more coming back to reminisce on old times but it was certainly fun. Really enjoyed meeting some cool people!
  11. Sturmgeist

    Asylum Seeking cowards

    So I'm trying to make sense of all of this, people come here on boats who can eaily afford an airfare to Australia trying to circumvent the system because if they came here by air they know they'd be turned around?
  12. Sturmgeist

    Asylum Seeking cowards

    I'd really like to know what the average ticket on an asylum seeker boat costs.... Anyone have any ideas?
  13. Sturmgeist

    Sia - Elastic Heart

    I didn't even realise that the girl was 11 or 12 until people were cracking a shit about it. I think if you go in with a pre loaded opinion of course the sensitive people with nothing better to do with their time will complain. Over all I can't see anything wrong with the video, it's not like Shia le boof was having sex with her.
  14. Sturmgeist

    Islamic State hostage situarion

    *Superiorly engineered wiener thanks.
  15. Sturmgeist

    Islamic State hostage situarion

    Well you bickering fuckers, my blood is German. Bow down before me and my peoples superior engineering!