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    My 9/11 thread.

    [22:17] Malachi> shit [22:17] Malachi> friggin plane flew right over my house [22:17] Wormy> lolz [22:17] Malachi> about 5 cm away [22:17] funnelbc> beeezas are old skool [22:17] Shelby> that happens to me all the time [22:17] Wormy> 5cm?!?!?!?!? [22:17] funnelbc> lol very good longtime sparkeler [22:17] _Praetorian_> hmmm [22:17] Malachi> im no where near an airport [22:17] Shelby> i am! [22:17] mael> 1cm=100m [22:17] accessdenied> hehe. not as bad as my house. I'm on the flight path for the care flight helicopter. and unfortunately I'm not far from the hospital. That means I get it when it is LOW!!! [22:17] Malachi> shit!!! IT JUST RAN IN TO THE HOUSES DOWN THE STREET! [22:17] Flouncy> go the metal bird, should be grateful for a close look [22:18] Malachi> HOLY SHIT [22:18] Malachi> THE LIGHTS DIMMED [22:18] Shelby> bull shit [22:18] Malachi> ah well [22:18] Malachi> it was worth a try [22:18] mael> you are full of what your name suggests [22:18] Wormy> its amazing what a sydneyvs melb thing can end up as? helicoptors and planes near houses ;D [22:18] Shelby> lol [22:18] Malachi> but a plane DID fly over real close [22:18] funnelbc> so how about that bloody ansett ey>? [22:18] Pom> wormy we are so over that.. [22:18] Pom> get with the times ;) [22:18] Wormy> lol [22:18] * accessdenied gets kangaroos on front lawn all the time.. sydney ppl get aircraft.. [22:18] Shelby> yes..and you sat at you computer as it crashed ... pfft [22:18] salemite> probably just sounded like it Malachi :) [22:18] Malachi> Malachi? I'm full of Revenge Angel? [22:18] Wormy> ill try [22:19] Wormy> ;) [22:19] Malachi> no....i could see it [bREAK] [22:57] Zephyr33> yeah, i heard that ducaTi's are much better.... [22:57] ProSleep> hmmm [22:57] funnelbc> ducadi... worst built!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????? EXCUSE ME? [22:57] Flouncy> black ducatis? [22:58] *** BobTheMonkey (Bob@ Quit (Killed (NickOP (Kill requested by BobMonkey))_) [22:58] *** BobMonkey is now known as BobTheMonkey [22:58] Chancellor> wabz: van der Wal has made a patch to the VNC 3.3.3 Java Viewer Source Distribution, that allows the viewer to connect through a firewall using an HTTP proxy. This patch is available at [22:58] funnelbc> according toi whom [22:58] headlesst> Ducatis are shit [22:58] Phr33x> I would drive past your place Gram...but that would be stalking [22:58] ProSleep> did a plane just crash into the WTC building? [22:58] Mozza> nope, black morris miners w00t along @ high speed [22:58] BobTheMonkey> howdy [22:58] sm0k3> ducatti is not the worst built! [22:58] ProSleep> anyone heard something about that? [22:58] Shelby> pro: yep [22:58] Chancellor> i have found it!!! [22:58] Flouncy> hey dibbs [22:58] Gramyre> lol Phr33x [22:58] ProSleep> oh right [22:58] accessdenied> pro: yup... [22:58] funnelbc> yes there are black ducatis. but why do you think they call it ducati red? [22:58] _Praetorian_> Phr33x, that never stopped you before [22:58] ProSleep> so it gets onto CNN [22:58] funnelbc> cos is cranks! [22:58] accessdenied> what type of plane though? [22:58] headlesst> and the space station is white, cause you couldn't see it other wise....it'd be spining too fast [22:58] ProSleep> but NONE of the .au sources [22:58] Phr33x> heh [22:58] Flouncy> desmodonmic, it''l happen to gears one day.. [22:59] headlesst> Ducatti, are shit bikes for yuppies [22:59] Shelby> I should put CNN on, on Foxtel [22:59] Flouncy> sp [22:59] Flouncy> or something [22:59] sm0k3> wo0t even with a geforce2mx/400 i'll notice improvement in performance with detonator4????????????? [22:59] headlesst> And they ride like crap [22:59] ProSleep> ducatti are for wogs [22:59] * funnelbc stabs headlesst [22:59] Phr33x> you can't say WOG [23:00] Flouncy> nope, d/l bob, meaning to test then install, just - havent yet... [23:00] ProSleep> woot [23:00] sm0k3> i'll 3dmark2000 (personal favorite) [23:01] Flouncy> howz it compare? [23:01] ProSleep> poor new york [23:01] funnelbc> downloading... gunna benchmark and test my pc morrow [23:01] dibble> _13http://www.cnn.com/ [23:01] ProSleep> dibble: it isn't that interesting [23:01] dibble> sure [23:01] AIRSWING> Does ne one have a copy of 3d mark 2001??????????????????????? [23:01] dibble> yeah me [23:01] ProSleep> AIRSWING: download it yourself [23:01] Phr33x> yes thanks [23:01] sm0k3> www.madonion.com does airswing [23:01] headlesst> I didn't have 3dmark 2000 on my computer or I'd use it [23:01] *** {SQuiRe} (atomic@vw-2995.centercom.com.au) has joined #atomicmpc [23:01] headlesst> I do AIRSWING [23:01] sm0k3> 3dmark2000 owns over 3dmark2001 [23:01] Gramyre> wow...all go to channel 14 fioctel people [23:01] sm0k3> cos it gives me higher score :) [23:02] Gramyre> plane crashed into workld trade centre [23:02] Phr33x> _3sm0k3: __I agree [23:02] sm0k3> flouncy: i hear a 5% increase in performance instead of 50%.. that wasa typo on the site :) [23:02] Mozza> 2000 sux [23:02] Gramyre> amazing [23:02] *** AuS_Rhino (ausrhino@vw26345.optusnet.com.au) has joined #atomicmpc [23:02] headlesst> 3dm2000 own on GF2 [23:02] dibble> gramy we know http://www.cnn.com/ [23:02] Gramyre> foxtel [23:02] headlesst> 2001 for gf3 [23:02] accessdenied> what type of bloody plane????? [23:02] funnelbc> depends on what card you have smoke [23:02] accessdenied> domestic.. [23:02] *** d34dp00l (AIRSWING1@vw-12499.optushome.com.au) has joined #atomicmpc [23:02] ProSleep> yer [23:02] ProSleep> passenger [23:02] Gramyre> the top of the world trade centre tower is a disaster [23:02] dibble> im waiting for the full story on cnn.com [23:02] sm0k3> funnelbc: i have gef2mx/400 [23:02] accessdenied> but what type? [23:02] ProSleep> couldn't have been a big one [23:02] dibble> dun say [23:02] * @Flouncy turns the world into california and hands out roller blades like vread at a refugee camp [23:02] dibble> it jsut happened [23:02] ProSleep> otherwise plane would be sticking out [23:02] d34dp00l> ummm what did it say when i got disconnected? [23:03] *** Prae[sleep] (praetorian@vw-24799.speednet.com.au) has joined #atomicmpc [23:03] *** Yendor (k3@vw-22594.bigpond.net.au) Quit (Read error to Yendor: Connection reset by peer_) [23:03] ProSleep> w00t [23:03] ProSleep> just heard about it on the BBC [23:03] funnelbc> snoke, you wont get a massive boost out of it then [23:03] *** merlinator- (w0rd@vw-15464.optusnet.com.au) has joined #AtomicMPC [23:03] Gramyre> shit look at that!~ The South Tower has just been hit by the second plane. [23:03] *** Mozza is now known as Mozza[cs] [23:03] Flouncy> bread. or fish [23:03] *** merlinator- (w0rd@vw-15464.optusnet.com.au) has left #AtomicMPC [23:03] *** _Praetorian_ (praetorian@vw-24799.speednet.com.au) Quit (Read error to _Praetorian_: Connection reset by peer_) [23:03] Gramyre> major explosions [23:03] headlesst> mark2001 only shines on a gf3 [23:03] Gramyre> another plane just flew IN!!! [23:03] accessdenied> grammy... [23:03] Gramyre> holy fuck!! [23:03] Gramyre> its terros\rists [23:03] Mozza[cs]> ?? Gramyre ?? [23:03] ProSleep> wtf [23:03] Gramyre> its suicide attacks [23:03] dibble> wonder if it was a s11 conspiracy [23:03] accessdenied> didn't someone make a comment earlier about a plane flying just over their house? [23:03] ProSleep> Gramyre: you are on drugs [23:03] Gramyre> OMG [23:03] ProSleep> it is not [23:03] sm0k3> s11? wot [23:04] *** funnelbc is now known as funnel|redthoer [23:04] Gramyre> another plane has just flown into the OTHER tower [23:04] *** Taz13[sick] is now known as BretHitmanHart [23:04] *** funnel|redthoer is now known as funnelredtheory [23:04] Phr33x> _0,1_7Away: __0_bbs _14,1--=_15[_0a_t__7o_0_mi_c _s_c_r_ip_t_ v_7²_15]_14=-- [23:04] Prae[sleep]> shit this is bad [23:04] *** BretHitmanHart is now known as Taz13 [23:04] Gramyre> OMG [23:04] Shelby> Fuck...a second plane in the second towaer!!!!!!!!!111 [23:04] Shelby> fuck [23:04] ProSleep> bs [23:04] Gramyre> OMG OMG [23:04] dibble> FUCK [23:04] sm0k3> wots this graymre?????? [23:04] *** Shelby is now known as Shelby|CNN [23:04] sm0k3> WOT ARE YOU ON ABOUT? [23:04] dibble> really [23:04] headlesst> lol [23:04] Mozza[cs]> Gramyre lying? [23:04] dibble> really gramy [23:04] sm0k3> oh [23:04] ProSleep> you people are fucked in the head [23:04] Gramyre> 2 planes have flown into the world trade centre [23:04] * Gramyre is NOT lying [23:04] *** AIRSWING (AIRSWING1@vw-12499.optushome.com.au) Quit (Read error to AIRSWING: Connection reset by peer_) [23:04] Mozza[cs]> ok [23:04] dibble> Na u are lyeing [23:04] Gramyre> go to foxtel [23:04] Gramyre> or CNN [23:04] Mozza[cs]> ok [23:04] headlesst> Terrists? [23:04] sm0k3> www.cnn.com? [23:04] AuS_Rhino> no it is true [23:05] * Gramyre freaks! [23:05] AuS_Rhino> true wot Gramyre is saying [23:05] headlesst> We'll have to put out CT skills to use [23:05] Gramyre> i just watched the fucking thing [23:05] d34dp00l> who was AIRSWING and what was he doing here??? [23:05] ProSleep> bleh [23:05] Shelby|CNN> Grams: same [23:05] ProSleep> now nice it is i can't see any of this [23:05] Shelby|CNN> that's screwed [23:05] sm0k3> get the SAS in there!!! [23:05] ProSleep> Shelby|CNN: are you taping the replays? [23:05] accessdenied> cnn isn't responding well. must be SOOOOO many ppl logging onto it.... [23:05] Shelby|CNN> thank god it happened in the moring...less ppl injured [23:05] *** Taz13 is now known as BretHtmanHart [23:05] Shelby|CNN> Pro: no [23:05] ProSleep> tape it :) [23:05] d34dp00l> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im having and identity crisis [23:05] sm0k3> MPEG IT! [23:05] Gramyre> they are replaying it [23:05] *** d34dp00l is now known as AIRSWING [23:06] headlesst> What type of Planes? [23:06] Gramyre> its a JET [23:06] accessdenied> headless: domestic jet... [23:06] Gramyre> fuck me DEAD [23:06] ProSleep> ffs [23:06] headlesst> Luke a 767? [23:06] {SQuiRe}> shit this has broke news in evey mirc room [23:06] *** Hix|MarioKartGB is now known as Hixxy [23:06] Mozza[cs]> www.cnn.com bogged [23:06] ProSleep> CNN is fucked up [23:06] ProSleep> heh [23:06] ProSleep> yer moz [23:06] Gramyre> massive casualties [23:06] Hixxy> 2 planes!!! [23:06] accessdenied> 2 planes... [23:06] accessdenied> 2nd tower... [23:06] ProSleep> I've got BBC live now [23:06] AuS_Rhino> so it should [23:06] Shelby|CNN> 6 killed 1000 injured [23:06] Hixxy> into the second building [23:06] headlesst> :( [23:06] Shelby|CNN> fuck [23:06] * Gramyre shivers [23:06] sm0k3> wot are you all on about? a terrorist attack in america? [23:06] Gramyre> this is terrib;e [23:07] Gramyre> yes [23:07] Mozza[cs]> whats the site ProSleep? [23:07] Gramyre> sm0k3 [23:07] ProSleep> Mozza[cs]: www.abc.net.au/newsradio [23:07] headlesst> Yuris Revenge? [23:07] AuS_Rhino> a plane has flown into the trade towers in america [23:07] Mozza[cs]> fanks [23:07] ProSleep> 1026AM in melbourne [23:07] {SQuiRe}> yea i hurd soemthign about that to [23:07] Gramyre> 2 planes [23:07] accessdenied> did u see that on the tv just then... [23:07] sm0k3> lol yuri's revenge :) [23:07] {SQuiRe}> terrorist attack [23:07] sm0k3> ahhaha [23:07] accessdenied> it showed the 2nd plane... [23:07] sm0k3> omg [23:07] *** Reeve (middle_ear@vw-10772.asiaonline.net) Quit (Exit: _) [23:08] *** BretHtmanHart is now known as Taz13 [23:08] Taz13> Damn terrosrists [23:08] Taz13> Channle 10 [23:09] sm0k3> OH MY FUCKIN GOD I SEE THE PICS [23:09] dibble> so gramy is it true 2 planes? [23:09] sm0k3> im checkin abc.net.au [23:09] accessdenied> yup [23:09] accessdenied> 2 planes.. [23:10] accessdenied> 2nd one they have footage of.. [23:10] sm0k3> footage? [23:10] accessdenied> yup... [23:10] sm0k3> u got cable or something? :( [23:10] accessdenied> I watched it happen. [23:10] accessdenied> here we go [23:10] Pom> chan 10 NOW [23:10] accessdenied> in one side out the other... [23:11] accessdenied> cnn.com has just about crashed.. [23:11] accessdenied> it can't handle the number of logons.. [23:11] Taz13> Jesus Christ.. [23:11] Taz13> "Let's not speculate" [23:11] Taz13> As if two planes are gonna collide into the World Trading Centre... [23:11] Taz13> Of course it's terrorists [23:11] Taz13> der... [23:12] Pom> I bet it's a protest against John Howard & the boat ppl :) [23:12] accessdenied> "It's such a visible object"... hmmm.. really.(Sarcasm mode on) [23:12] Shelby|CNN> access: yep [23:12] Gramyre> one in each tower [23:12] ProSleep> cnn is completely down [23:12] ProSleep> eeeek [23:12] {SQuiRe}> or the points wore bleeding incoperdent [23:12] AuS_Rhino> go that right [23:12] ProSleep> sure it is terrorists? [23:12] Gramyre> yes [23:12] ProSleep> dang [23:12] funnelredtheory> I now have concluse proof from NASA that red makes you go faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [23:12] Gramyre> 2 planes is no accident [23:12] ProSleep> right [23:12] Shelby|CNN> Grams: so true [23:12] headlesst> lol [23:12] ProSleep> bbc has confirmed the second plane [23:12] AuS_Rhino> fuckin Ansett pullin a big stunt i bet [23:12] Shelby|CNN> twin engine jet liner [23:12] funnelredtheory> is flouncy alive? [23:12] headlesst> Face it Black is Faster [23:12] Flouncy> black is fastest [23:12] Shelby|CNN> Aus: not funny [23:12] headlesst> What would NASA know [23:12] {SQuiRe}> lol [23:12] funnelredtheory> flo can i send you my conclusive red theory proof? [23:12] Modz> somthing is happening in the us [23:12] Gramyre> 737-800 is the guess on the news [23:12] Shelby|CNN> Pro: we confirmed the second plane when we saw it on TV [23:12] funnelredtheory> its a small jpeg [23:12] ProSleep> aww [23:12] Modz> there is explosions all opvber the place [23:12] ProSleep> i didn't see it though :0 [23:12] Shelby|CNN> Grams: u on 14? [23:12] ProSleep> are you taping it now? [23:12] Gramyre> yes [23:12] Hixxy> its terorism!!! i tell you! [bREAK] [23:55] AuS_Rhino> some say a Govt helicopter was circling then went down from view then BANG!!! [23:55] fnp|news> they're evacuating Washington now!! [23:55] accessdenied> confirmed that the aircraft that hit is the hijacked aircraft... [23:55] fnp|news> the entire city! [23:55] Shelby|CNN> yep [23:55] * Gramyre wonders what a large american comany like IBM is going to do tomorrow [23:55] funnelbc> _9attention _1lets have a moment of silence for the dead [23:56] Modz> MAN WORK WILL BE A BITCH FOR ME TOMORROW ! [23:56] kremlyn> They want to "persecute the perpetrators". Someone tell them the perpetrators are DEAD. [23:56] * Gramyre thinks securioty at work wil be titght [23:56] fnp|news> fucking oath ey [23:56] * Gramyre nods [23:56] mAJ0R> same here [23:56] sicarius|news> _3kremlyn: __the people who ordered it wouldn't be dead [23:56] mAJ0R> im gonna be tired as , and ive got shitloads to do :/ [23:56] fnp|news> whitehouse will be bombed any minute now..... [23:56] Modz> Me too lol [23:56] Melthar> the dude on abc is going off.. they keep showing him multiple monitors.. [23:56] kremlyn> fnp: No fucking way. [23:56] wabz-sleep> "In Another attack, the Australia Bogan Legion (ABL) has claimed responsibility for attacking the Opera house with beer cans" [23:56] sicarius|news> .me thinks nobody will be in or out of america for a week! [23:56] mAJ0R> rotfl [23:57] Shelby|CNN> no way fnp [23:57] kremlyn> fnp: The whitehouse won't be bombed, all planes have been grounded. [23:57] Modz> not gonna happen Fart [23:57] Shelby|CNN> wabz: shut the fuck up [23:57] kremlyn> Noone has the balls to bomb the Whitehouse. [23:57] sicarius|news> _3wabz-sleep: __that aint even funny [23:57] AuS_Rhino> Secret Service have recieved a tip off that an attack on the Whitehouse is coming [23:57] fnp|news> wanna bet? [23:57] * sm0k3 wants to know wot the statement is from bush!!! [23:57] Modz> that place is tighter than a NUNS ASSHOLE [23:57] kremlyn> Aus: That for real? [23:57] Modz> security is huge [23:57] AuS_Rhino> not from the sky [23:57] Hixxy|news> whitehouse or a bridge.. [23:57] Shelby|CNN> serious?? [23:57] AuS_Rhino> heard it on Channel 2 [23:57] kremlyn> Aus: Is that for real? [23:57] kremlyn> HOLY FUCK [23:57] *** life101 (life101@vw-23056.bigpond.net.au) has joined #atomicmpc [23:57] fnp|news> someone bombs the Trade Centers and Pentagon, they'll just kamikaze right on to the White House or die trying so long as they take out someone [23:57] Shelby|CNN> fucking hell....... [23:57] AuS_Rhino> evacuating right now [23:58] sicarius|news> white house could be bombed - pentagon wasn't an airiel attack - it was a planted bomb - if the same has been done to the white house it could go next [23:58] AuS_Rhino> was reports of a jet flying over head [23:58] accessdenied> footage of pentagon close up... [23:58] Modz> well they have ordered all aircraft in the US [23:58] Shelby|CNN> they have mentione that on CNN yet Aus [23:58] Modz> to land ! [23:58] kremlyn> Pentagon was a plane I thought [23:58] *** Siridar (siridar@vw28102.iprimus.net.au) has joined #atomicmpc [23:58] Modz> at the nearest airport ! [23:58] _Praetorian_> the faa has ordered no planes to take out [23:58] Modz> to land [23:58] Modz> there are now [23:58] kremlyn> ok, brb... [23:58] * fnp|news swears [23:58] Modz> 35 intercepters [23:58] Modz> !!! [23:58] Modz> in the air [23:59] Modz> patroling the US [23:59] Pom> Krem.. they don't know about the pentagon.. just that there was an explosion at the heliport next to the pentagon [23:59] *** mAJ0R (slfjlksj@vw-9343.optusnet.com.au) Quit (Read error to mAJ0R: Connection reset by peer_) [23:59] Shelby|CNN> fuck The South Tower, 2nd to be hit, has just collapsed [23:59] fnp|news> look at that smoke..... [23:59] Gramyre> eyewitnesses say it was a plane that went into the pentagon [23:59] WoK|FoxNews> the pentagon is up in flames [23:59] Modz> it was a plane grmaas [23:59] Shelby|CNN> yep [23:59] sm0k3> no shit! :( [23:59] Modz> confirmed [23:59] accessdenied> what the hell just happened at wtc... [23:59] Siridar> what happened? [23:59] accessdenied> something has collapsed.. [23:59] sm0k3> wots collapsed!? [23:59] Gramyre> Siridar turn on the TV [23:59] Gramyre> u can see [23:59] sicarius|news> 3 kamikaze planes now? [23:59] Modz> man this is HUGE 35 aircraft in the air is a big deal ! [23:59] accessdenied> one tc has collapsed.. [23:59] WoK|FoxNews> another I witness said he saw a military helicopter fly over the pentagon before the explosion [23:59] Pom> the building is down maybe? [23:59] sicarius|news> fuck! [23:59] Shelby|CNN> fuck...another explosion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [23:59] Gramyre> FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK [23:59] WoK|FoxNews> I = eye [23:59] accessdenied> one building collapsing.. [23:59] AuS_Rhino> the tower has just been bombed [00:00] sm0k3> Where!!!!!!!!!!!!! [00:00] Gramyre> OMG!!! [00:00] sm0k3> Where!!!!!!!!!!!!! [00:00] sm0k3> Where!!!!!!!!!!!!! [00:00] Shelby|CNN> CNN BUILDING [00:00] Shelby|CNN> FUCK!!! 2NC TOWER [00:00] *** mAJ0R (slfjlksj@vw9343.optusnet.com.au) has joined #atomicmpc [00:00] Modz> One bulding [00:00] Gramyre> the 2nd tower is GONE [00:00] Modz> just collapsed [00:00] fnp|news> holy crap [00:00] mAJ0R> WAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!?????????? [00:00] fnp|news> !!!!!!!!!!!!!! [00:00] Gramyre> OMG OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG [00:00] _Praetorian_> collasped [00:00] accessdenied> 2nd tower has completely collapsed... [00:00] funnelbc> the building hass collapesed [00:00] Shelby|CNN> not gone...but majorly fucked [00:00] mAJ0R> IT COLLAPSED??????????? [00:00] Modz> The whole lot ! [00:00] mAJ0R> AHHHHHHHH I DONT BELIVE THIS [00:00] Melthar> holy fuck [00:00] * Gramyre starts to cruy [00:00] Modz> gone [00:00] funnelbc> fuCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCClkkkkkkkkkkkkkk [00:00] accessdenied> it collapsed onto itself... [00:00] sicarius|news> _ WORLD TRADE CENTRE #@ JUST COMPLETELY COLAPSED!!!!!!!!!!!! [00:00] _Praetorian_> OH MY FUCKING LORD [00:00] Gramyre> oh god [00:00] fnp|news> _HOLY FUCKING MOTHER OF GOD>................... [00:00] mAJ0R> omg [00:00] mAJ0R> i feel sick [00:00] Shelby|CNN> FUCK!!!!!!!! [00:00] * Shelby|CNN is to [00:00] Modz> the whole losy [00:00] accessdenied> southern tower... [00:00] fnp|news> jesus [00:00] * Melthar gives Gramyre a comforting hug [00:00] Modz> sothern tower [00:00] Pom> THE WHOLE FUCKING BUILDING HAS GONE DOWN [00:00] AuS_Rhino> the hole building is gone [00:00] fnp|news> no way [00:00] TheOneWhoIsMany> the whole bulfing [00:00] accessdenied> nothing left.. [00:00] Modz> collapsed [00:00] fnp|news> this is shit man [00:00] Zephyr33> ok, i'm expecting something else to happen in another 30mins... [00:00] mAJ0R> omfg [00:00] fnp|news> this is just wrong [00:00] Zephyr33> classic terrorist doctrine [00:00] kremlyn> SECOND TOWER COLLAPSED [00:01] sicarius|news> _ SOUTHERN TOWER COLLAPSED - SECOND TO BE ATTACKED!!!!!!!!! [00:01] Modz> there is Dust [00:01] _Praetorian_> exacuate the empire state building [00:01] AuS_Rhino> I feel sick [00:01] Modz> covering the city [00:01] Zephyr33> 9:00 am... plane crash 1 [00:01] kremlyn> SECOND TOWER COLLAPSED [00:01] kremlyn> SECOND TOWER COLLAPSED [00:01] kremlyn> FUCK [00:01] fnp|news> cra[ [00:01] Shelby|CNN> They don't know if it collapsed or not [00:01] Zephyr33> 9:30 plane crash 2 [00:01] fnp|news> SHIT NO [00:01] Modz> MASIVE CASULTIES [00:01] Zephyr33> oops, 9:30... pentagon [00:01] Shelby|CNN> could have been another explosion [00:01] Melthar> it's collapsed.. [00:01] sicarius|news> _3Shelby|CNN: __it isn't there any more - unless it can go invisible it collapsed [00:01] accessdenied> confirmed collapsed.. [00:01] AuS_Rhino> I would say collapsed due to the plane hitting it [00:01] Melthar> it's gone.. [00:01] Gramyre> n0o one could survive that [00:01] accessdenied> video footage... [00:01] Zephyr33> 10:00am trande tower #2 goes down... [00:01] accessdenied> no tower left... [00:01] Modz> I have seen it [00:01] kremlyn> HOLY SHIT :(( [00:01] Shelby|CNN> who knows...fucking hell :(:(:( [00:01] accessdenied> here it goes... [00:01] Modz> THERE IS SHIT OVER A MILE AROUND THE CITY [00:01] Modz> STRUN EVERYWHERE [00:01] fnp|news> there are gonna be THOUSANDS of casuaties :{ [00:01] Gramyre> it just self destructed [00:02] accessdenied> you can see it go all the way down... [00:02] Shelby|CNN> Washington DC is on major standby [00:02] Modz> good night new yorks skyline ! [00:02] Zephyr33> no way... it doesn't take half an hour of sitting there, then collapse like that.... [00:02] fnp|news> oh my god [00:02] Zephyr33> must have been something more to it.... [00:02] accessdenied> it just did... [00:02] sicarius|news> _everyone watch channel 9 - they seem to have best coverage [00:02] Modz> they have been for ages Shelby [00:02] funnelbc> shit they just showed the second tower collapsed [00:02] accessdenied> the roof collapsed onto itself and the rest just went down... [00:02] Zephyr33> abc has CNN live on too.... [00:02] fnp|news> maybe one of the plane wrecks blew up..... [00:02] Shelby|CNN> tower collapsed...confirmed [00:02] fnp|news> SHIT!!! [00:02] Gramyre> it just imploded [00:02] Hixxy|news> wow [00:02] Shelby|CNN> Seres tower in Chicago has been evacutated [00:02] fnp|news> The Sears Tower in Chicago!!!!!!!!!!! [00:02] fnp|news> evacuated [00:02] accessdenied> crap... [00:02] WoK|FoxNews> reports have come in that people have been seen falling out of that second building [00:02] Modz> jeesus [00:02] Shelby|CNN> yep! [00:02] accessdenied> this is bad... [00:02] Hixxy|news> all the major towers are being evacuated.. [00:02] Modz> man [00:02] funnelbc> omg this is massive [00:02] Pom> PENTAGON HIT WAS CONFIRMED AS A PLANE [00:02] sicarius|news> evacuations dont mean shit unless they get bombed [00:02] Modz> 3 floors of the tower [00:03] Modz> were dudes [00:03] Modz> i have to work with ! [00:03] Shelby|CNN> holy fucking christ [00:03] Modz> i dunno what towe they are in [00:03] fnp|news> fuck all of New York is covered in smoke! [00:03] BobTheMonkey> i know [00:03] Modz> i just spoke to steve [00:03] fnp|news> i'm actually shaking here...... [00:03] Shelby|CNN> pom: yah [00:03] Modz> man [00:03] Modz> this is seriously [00:03] Modz> ficked up ! [00:03] fnp|news> you said it dude [00:03] WoK|FoxNews> that first building is still pumping out smoke [00:03] BobTheMonkey> im talking to my friend that lives in NY and he just herd the building fall down\ [00:03] fnp|news> the first one is gonna go............... [00:03] fnp|news> SHIT [00:03] fnp|news> explosion! [00:03] Pom> they are even evacuating towers in chicago [00:03] fnp|news> another one! [00:04] accessdenied> explosion? [00:04] fnp|news> yeah [00:04] Modz> thete must of been a bomb [00:04] Gramyre> the hospitals will not be able to cope [00:04] _Praetorian_> _0,1_7Away: __0_try to sleep - too scared _14,1--=_15[_0a_t__7o_0_mi_c _s_c_r_ip_t_ v_7²_15]_14=-- [00:04] funnelbc> shit this is sooooooooo massive [00:04] sicarius|news> it looks like the entire area around the fallen building is on fire! [00:04] * accessdenied can't sleep... this is worse than bad... [00:04] Shelby|CNN> I juist cant believe it..they showed the second explosion...these seems like something out of a movie. [00:04] fnp|news> man this is just so fucked up [00:04] fnp|news> its not right [00:04] sm0k3> NO SHIT [00:04] fnp|news> its like Independence Day [00:04] sm0k3> :( [00:04] funnelbc> this is massive. like so massive [00:04] fnp|news> fark [bREAK] [00:28] * wabz-sleep can feel a ban coming up but this is funny+++ http://www.cmdrkeen.net/bicketybam.jpg Note: this link is no longer working – a copy of the image referred to here can be found at http://www.maxheadroom.nu/pics/wtc/funpics/bicketybam.jpg [00:28] Modz> Bill Clinton [00:28] oomph> state left vunerable [00:28] Modz> is in port douglus [00:28] Modz> plane on standby [00:28] digital1> every psycho in america will do his bit to make this worse now not only terrorists [00:28] Modz> to evacuate bill slinton [00:28] Gramyre> wabz-sleep stop being a total fuckwirt [00:28] madhatter03> this is total chaos [00:28] Gramyre> this is the biggest thing in your life [00:28] teryarky> fuck wabz off [00:28] funnel|amerABC> Icon[News] - Car Bomb has just exploded outside the The State Building Not Far from the Pentagon [00:28] madhatter03> everyone rush to the tv's [00:28] Gramyre> and u r fucking around [00:28] madhatter03> them come back in an hours [00:28] madhatter03> hour even [00:28] meph> first towers top is gone [00:28] teryarky> this is the worst thing to ever happen in our lives [00:28] Modz> they have both gone [00:29] Gramyre> other tower just went [00:29] meph> all of it? [00:29] teryarky> this is more than serious shit [00:29] Modz> noth towers [00:29] teryarky> this is dangerous [00:29] Modz> gone [00:29] sicarius|news> _3Modz: __no point - he cant get back into America - it has been sealed off fromt he world [00:29] Modz> all down [00:29] Gramyre> omg omg [00:29] Hixxy|news> phoar!! [00:29] _Praetorian_> http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1005-200-7129241.html?tag=mn_hd [00:29] Gramyre> god help them all [00:29] Pom> ]2nd tower is going down [00:29] mAJ0R> OMFG [00:29] mAJ0R> ! [00:29] Modz> it is downb [00:29] WoK|FoxNews> car bomb has gone off [00:29] accessdenied> 2nd tower is down... [00:29] mAJ0R> ALL BUILDINGS DOWN!??????? [00:29] oomph> shhhhhiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt [00:29] mAJ0R> its is [00:29] Modz> car bomb where \ [00:29] Modz> ? [00:29] mAJ0R> its donw [00:29] Gramyre> theyve gone [00:29] BobTheMonkey> !!!!!!!!!!! [00:29] mAJ0R> its down [00:29] mAJ0R> its down [00:29] digital1> i just hope ill be alive to tell my kids abou this [00:29] funnel|amerABC> second [00:29] funnel|amerABC> down [00:29] oomph> sucide [00:29] funnel|amerABC> down [00:29] funnel|amerABC> down [00:29] Melthar> a "Declaration of War on Terrorists by the United STates"... useful... [00:29] oomph> WW3 upon us [00:29] funnel|amerABC> SHIT [00:29] funnel|amerABC> BOTH [00:29] DeeMan2K> the other side? Shit! [00:29] Melthar> second tower Down! [00:29] teryarky> SECOND TOWER DOWN [00:29] funnel|amerABC> omg [00:29] funnel|amerABC> both [00:29] funnel|amerABC> ! [00:30] oomph> GODS [00:30] mAJ0R> fuck see that guy gun the ute to get out of the way [00:30] _Praetorian_> second tower gone [00:30] Ekhong> FUCK [00:30] mAJ0R> ground shot [00:30] teryarky> no more trade centre [00:30] Gramyre> horrific [00:30] Hixxy|news> _0,1_9Away: __0_All your buildings are belong to us _14,1--=_15[_0a_t__9o_0_mi_c _s_c_r_ip_t_ v_9²_15]_14=-- [00:30] Ekhong> there goes the second tower [00:30] digital1> fuck [00:30] oomph> shit [00:30] BobTheMonkey> there is a jumbo jet on its way [00:30] _Praetorian_> 110 storues x 2 down [00:30] teryarky> oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck [00:30] Ekhong> man this is so sad [00:30] BobTheMonkey> that has been hijacked [00:30] Ekhong> want to cry [00:30] sicarius|news> _BOTH TOWERS - 120 STORIES EACH - HAVE COLAPSED - FUCK!!!!! [00:30] WoK|FoxNews> car bomb attack on capital hill [00:30] teryarky> another plane!!! [00:30] funnel|amerABC> shit a brick [00:30] oomph> tower down [00:30] DeeMan2K> FUUUCK! [00:30] Pom> OMFG... check the skyline now [00:30] mAJ0R> have a look at the smoke [00:30] *** fart_n_piss (fart_n_pis@vw-10658.uu.net) Quit (Write error to fart_n_piss, closing link_) [00:30] mAJ0R> that is un beleivable [00:30] Modz> man [00:30] Modz> it does not even look like NYC anymore [00:30] BobTheMonkey> there is a jumbo jet on its way [00:30] Modz> ! [00:30] meph> all planes are grounded [00:30] Gramyre> bob? [00:30] teryarky> wher e i cant see another plane? [00:31] madhatter03> kidding? [00:31] oomph> car bomb confirmed [00:31] madhatter03> there is another plane? [00:31] sicarius|news> WTC is what gives NY its look - not any more [00:31] oomph> another plane [00:31] digital1> its like all them dumb action movies when they fuck up ny but its real... SCARY SHIT [00:31] Pom> 767 hit the first tower.. 2nd plane was a 737 [00:31] funnel|amerABC> shit this massive [00:31] mAJ0R> 737??? [00:31] oomph> shit [00:31] mAJ0R> thats sill a fairly big plane [00:31] Gramyre> im in shock [00:31] teryarky> is this real, is thist some large nightmare [00:31] mAJ0R> 130 odd tonne [00:31] oomph> bomb confirmed [00:31] accessdenied> here it goes.. 2nd tower... [00:31] teryarky> im shaking [00:31] Pom> First plane was an American Airlines flight from boston to LA [00:31] teryarky> i am scared [00:31] mAJ0R> passanger jet???? [00:31] teryarky> this is sscariest shit ive ever seen [00:31] mAJ0R> passanger jet???? [00:31] Pom> teryarky.. this isn't anything to be afraid off [00:31] teryarky> yes [00:31] madhatter03> flight 11 [00:32] DeeMan2K> 50ppl [00:32] oomph> capital hill bombed [00:32] madhatter03> think they said capacity for 130 ppl [00:32] Modz> unconfirmed report [00:32] digital1> Fuck Violence [00:32] teryarky> all apssengers taken out [00:32] Modz> of another air hijacking [00:32] Modz> and another [00:32] funnel|amerABC> violence is shit [00:32] oomph> 60 90 all the same dead [00:32] WoK|FoxNews> I said that ages agon oomph [00:32] digital1> so stupid and sensless [00:32] Modz> car bomb [00:32] mAJ0R> omg see that small bit fall? [00:32] WoK|FoxNews> agon = ago [00:32] madhatter03> someone is making a big statement [00:32] mAJ0R> that held up for a while [00:32] oomph> who cares [00:32] _Praetorian_> _1993 - world centre attacked then, 8 years on, again [00:32] oomph> shit [00:32] madhatter03> do u think they will attack as soon as they find out? [00:32] teryarky> i just saw the 2nd tower go The North Tower, first to be hit, has just collapsed. [00:32] madhatter03> the us i mean [00:32] teryarky> its unbelievablke [00:32] teryarky> total chaos [00:33] WoK|FoxNews> that second building crash was so cool [00:33] Hixxy|news> _0,1_9Back from: __0_All your buildings are belong to us _9Time away: __0_2mins 57secs _14,1--=_15[_0a_t__9o_0_mi_c _s_c_r_ip_t_ v_9²_15]_14=-- [00:33] meph> prae, was it destroyed? [00:33] WoK|FoxNews> it just imploded [00:33] Pom> _Praetorian_.. wasn't a BUsh in power then too :) [00:33] teryarky> itw as no cool! [00:33] funnel|amerABC> totally unbelievable [00:33] teryarky> i dumb fuck [00:33] teryarky> imagine how many ppl are dead [00:33] accessdenied> complete collapse... [00:33] teryarky> wok fox news u dumb ass [00:33] madhatter03> both towers gone [00:33] sicarius|news> NY is covered in dust and debree! [00:33] Shelby|CNN> HOLY FUCK [00:33] oomph> another plain couple minute before [00:33] BobTheMonkey> `op [00:33] oomph> shit plane [00:33] BobTheMonkey> `op [00:33] teryarky> NY doesnt look the same [00:33] digital1> i think we should have a minute of silence [00:33] *** ChanOP sets mode: +o BobTheMonkey [00:33] _Praetorian_> pom, probarly a bush [00:33] accessdenied> New york is being evacuated. [00:33] *** BobTheMonkey sets mode: +m [00:33] BobTheMonkey> ok moments silence for the people that have lost there lives people [00:34] *** BobTheMonkey sets mode: -m [00:34] Ekhong> Man is this the start of Jihad? [00:34] mAJ0R> a third building is now dodgy apparently [00:34] oomph> shit [00:34] Shelby|CNN> FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK [00:34] BobTheMonkey> :( [00:34] oomph> SHIT [00:34] Flame|Away> fuck [00:34] mAJ0R> from the 2nd collapse [00:34] Flame|Away> we are so fucked [00:34] digital1> how can they still play the commercials ??????
  3. The Fuzz damn you!

    Won't someone think of the children?

    ...and that's the thing. I remember reading, a while back, a study that looked at the harmful effects of such content (and there is the potential for harm, let me be clear on that). The study showed that the effects were there and were real... but were also, in some cases, completely ameliorated simply by having parents who discussed the content with their children at the time. Many parents simply will not do that, and many of those who would like to just don't know how. It's an approach that also requires parents to watch this material with their kids, rather than relying on TV for baby-sitting. So I don't think it's an approach that will work with everyone, or all the time.
  4. The Fuzz damn you!

    The Third Reich-ea

    AAAAHAHAHAAHA!!! "Lot" I get it.
  5. The Fuzz damn you!

    Won't someone think of the children?

    Right now, a tech savvy child can get access to pretty much anything they want. In time, even the notion that one needs to be "tech savvy" in order to access material that was previously hidden behind closed curtains at the back of the video shop will seem quaint and naive. Pornography, graphic violence, explicit drug use and the like are all open slather for anyone whose parents don't lock them up in a box. So I ask: is the past model of "classify it and hide it" in any way relevant today? Or is it something that will do more harm than good? I have a pretty good collection of movies, and that range of movies runs across just about everything. Right now, my children are only at home when either myself or my wife is also home. They have physical access to anything I have access to, but they don't have the freedom to watch anything they like without me knowing. Over the next few years, that will change. They'll get access to laptops that they'll be able to use in their rooms. They'll come home from school by themselves when no-one else is there. And I find myself wondering: should I be worried? Should I hide content I don't want them to see? Or should I trust them? At the moment, my children know what movies I watch. They know that some of them have scary moments, some have violence, some have sex. They've asked why I watch what I watch, and I've explained it to them. They are also free to choose to watch whatever they want. So far, that has not posed a problem. They know that if they want to watch something, they can ask and I'll talk to them about it. I'll tell them that this show is scary and might give them nightmares, or that that show has a lot of killing in it, or that you see people naked in this other one. They then make a choice. They don't want to be scared, they're not interested in violence, and they think naked people are yuck. Still, on occasion, they've ended up seeing movies some aspects of these types of content to one degree or another. I watch with them, and I explain to them what's going on. I talk about things in the context of the movies, and just how applicable (or, more often, not) these concepts are to real life. They, in turn, come away with a better understanding of both the limitations of movies as representations of reality, and a more thorough understanding of the world they will be encountering as they grow up. All in all, I'm pretty happy with what they have seen, talked about and understood. I don't censor what my children watch. I give them enough information to censor themselves, and ensure that they understand any content they encounter to the best of my ability to explain. This, however, may not be a solution that works for everyone. Given the ubiquity of, and ease if access to, high level content, I'm curious as to what other people think is the solution? How do/will/would you protect your children, and is this really protecting them? Is there a danger that hiding them from content they will eventually discover anyway will remove a valuable opportunity for you to discuss that content in an open and forthright manner?
  6. The Fuzz damn you!

    The Third Reich-ea

    Such a crazy idea could only come from someone who is, shall we say, one screw short of a Tofteryd.
  7. The Fuzz damn you!

    The Third Reich-ea

    Ok, let's see how you go on that measure, too... Hmmm, thin pickings. I moved countries in between writing those two Green Room threads. I was planning a return to posting form now that I have broadband re-installed. The reason I've long believed topic creation as something to be encouraged, is that I personally appreciate people bothering to spend their time writing threads on Atomic for our collective enjoyment. That's particularly true when they go the extra mile and make an effort to try to write something original, entertaining, or thought provoking, beyond merely cutting and pasting a Youtube clip or a new item. But hey, if your objective was to discourage me, then you've succeeded Superheroically. Oh, ffs...
  8. The Fuzz damn you!

    The Third Reich-ea

    Feel welcome to try to do better. I notice that the last thread you created was 10 days ago. Way to go. ...whereas your last Green Room thread was 24 days ago? I mean, days-since-last-topic-creation is a weird enough measure of contribution as it is (should you feel inclined to measure such things), but at least criticise from solid ground. Personally, btw, I don't think there's any such thing as "too much" when it comes to lame IKEA jokes. Just in case I again get accused of attempting to wage a one-man Virtuoso holocaust.
  9. The Fuzz damn you!


    http://archive.atomicmpc.com.au/forums.asp?s=1&c=1 Works fine for me.
  10. The Fuzz damn you!

    The Matrix Revolutions

    The blackened sky disrupts all electrical devices that pass through it (such as aforementioned ship). Presumably, that would somehow include solar panels that went up, and wires that come back down.
  11. They are both preferences. How "foundational" either one is (or, indeed, whatever the hell that means) is irrelevant. What does the genetic basis of choice have to do with anything? ECT is still routinely, and successfully, used. But you're right -- lobotomies are about as relevant to today's society as your espoused views. Be less vague in your description, and you have a greater chance of me interpreting your meaning as intended. Do you mean "can be" as "is allowed to be," or "should be if I want it to be," or "had better be," all of which are valid interpretations. Care to clarify your meaning?
  12. WHAT THE FUCK? We need to be treated for any preference that confers no genetic advantage now? Like chocolate more than vanilla? Electro-convulsive therapy for you. Vanilla more than chocolate? LOBOTOMY!
  13. The Fuzz damn you!

    How do you pronounce Laos?

    I pronounce it "Laos," but that might just be me.
  14. You're entirely entitled to present your dissenting opinion. Others are just as entitled to present an opinion contrary to your own in turn.