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    Looking for a laptop for uni $1000-$1500

    Would you consider a tablet pc. I just picked up an acer Aspire 1820PT, Its a core 2 duo 1.3 i have had it do about 10 hours on a full charge it is also a tablet pc great for hand writing notes I picked this one up for around $700.
  2. funnybugger

    Vodafone Wireless

    I have the same problem with my dell mini 9 netbook it will be connected fine for 3 hours, but after a while it will just die most times ill have to run ping -t so that it will always be sending data else it will stop. frown vodafone.. thinking of moving all of my phones and internet to telstra... better coverage and speeds.
  3. funnybugger

    WTS: Almost **New** Toilet paper

    i think its highly probable
  4. funnybugger

    Wireless webcams

    if you have an old computer, you could set up a regular web cam, and just stream it across the network. for example try this http://www.webcamxp.com/home.aspx
  5. funnybugger

    Please recommend me some speakers!

    definitely go with the Z-5500 they are $399 at the moment at MSY these are so the best value for moneys
  6. thanks for that, i have always been abit careful about buying ram. now i know not to worry. :)
  7. im trying to build a pc atm. Gigabyte EP45-UD3R with Q8200 im trying to figure out the most compatible ram atm im reading through the support list i cant figure out which ram to get 2AP6 2GB A-DATA M2OADDH3J4171QNK52 DS A-DATA AD20908A8A-18EG does this mean that a 4 gig kit containing 2 of these sticks will work. will any ram that is not on the list work?
  8. funnybugger

    How do you install office 03 on a netbook.

    my suggestion would be that the disk is corrupted, if the image does not work and the USB too. You might have to try a dif cd even download an iso and try your cd key. that should work. or even still try to install your cd in another computer. May just fix your prob
  9. funnybugger

    Animal abuser gets owned, by Internets.

    Personnally i hate cats. but seeing someone do that just makes me sick, the kid needs a good kick in the nuts
  10. yer, thats the best bit of upgrading. feeling that smooth silicon between ur fingers ;)
  11. funnybugger

    windows xp 32 or 64

    I would not recommend using windows XP. The support runs out at the end of April '09. so im hoping that microsoft has ironed out all of the kinks that were in vista, for the new release of Windows 7
  12. funnybugger

    Like playing pool? Got a lazy $40k lying around?

    i cant really justify spending $40k for just a pool table. im sure there could be better things out there that someone could spend the money on.
  13. funnybugger

    What is the worst movie you've seen?

    mine would have to be "house of a thousand corpses" worst movie ever
  14. funnybugger

    Who has trouble taking a piss in public?

    doesnt bother me the slightest