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  1. Redhatter

    iPod Nano Watch Cases

    What weirdo wears a watch on their hand? I wear mine on my right wrist.
  2. Redhatter

    Can't transfer files over 1tb

    How dare you! I demand you retract this slanderous comment! I actually didnt expect such a fast response, and had to wait to hear back from the old man. Slanderous in what way? There was no acknowledgement of the queries until now, and one key one was how this 1TB of data was being copied over, and what the effect was. I can understand there being a delay in finding this information out, however a lack of any kind of feedback, even a "I'll check up on this" can go a long way. In any case, the comment is posted now, and you yourself have quoted it. It is impossible for me to retract as I do not have permissions to edit your post.
  3. Redhatter

    Blast from the Past II: 286 build

    Hmmm, that video card looks familiar... Good to know the monitor works though, and I did wonder about the RCA jacks. The monitor and video card came with my old 286 that SquallStrife has now. I had it running Windows 3.1 with the EGA card, but it ran better with the ET4000 I put in there. As for the DIP switches, they may have been inadvertently bumped in storage, which could explain why they needed some fiddling. Nicely done though. Shall be interesting to see the rig put through its paces.
  4. Redhatter

    Just buy a mother-flippin' light!

    Indeed... there is no way in hell that I'd choose to take on a car door. My first preference would be to avoid it. But, given the load I carry on my bike, I think I'd do more than scratch the paintwork if I were to collide with an open door. Saying goodbye door is in all probability, an overestimate of what would happen. Yes, it'll make a mess of the bike, it'll make a mess of me, and all my gear. I don't think the door would come out unscathed. I for one, hope I never test the hypothesis however. It's not worth the pain IMO.
  5. Redhatter

    Just buy a mother-flippin' light!

    Guess if it hasn't happened in 28 years, it can't possibly ever happen, right? I'm going to leave this discussion there, and let you mull over it for a bit.
  6. Redhatter

    render using atoms insteadof polygons, in games

    Hmm, real as in the square root of -1?
  7. Redhatter

    Buying electronics from overseas

    The thing to be mindful here, is that as you're importing a device intended for a different market, you really do need to do your research as to whether that device will (1) work as intended, and (2) not cause problems. Things to be mindful of: Power requirements: A device intended to run on 110V only, will smoke when you plug it into 230V. (Rare these days, since most power supplies are switch-mode today and can run ~90V to 250V no problems.) Communications standards: e.g. in the US they use ATSC for digital television, here in Australia we use DVB-T, in Europe they use DAB for digital radio, here we use DAB+. There's also a digital broadcast radio standard called DRM which is mainly used with Shortwave stations. Emissions: Some countries are more lax about conducted and radiated emissions permissible from a device than here in Australia. Operating Frequency: For wireless equipment, different countries have different spectrum allocation arrangements. e.g. in some parts of the world, 147MHz is an ISM frequency but here in Australia, that's smack bang in the middle of the FM part of the 2m amateur band, and you'll get fox-hunted should you try using devices such as cordless headphones, etc that use that frequency. In NZ they use 26MHz for HF CB whereas we use 27MHz here in Australia. In the US, 220MHz is the 1.25m amateur band, whereas here, IIRC it's in the upper VHF television frequencies. Telephony devices: Any equipment that is to be plugged into the Public Switched Telephony Network must carry the ACMA Regulatory Compliance Mark. There are a number of other traps one can fall into. Interestingly, it is not illegal to own a device that falls under one of the above categories, but it may be illegal to use it. One really does have to do some homework … if you're unable to, then you should question whether importing the device yourself is such a good idea.
  8. Redhatter

    Apple is .6 more evil than the devil

    Could be … a lot of these phones have sizeable flash storage these days. As I say, I'll stick to the ZTE I have thanks, it may not do the really fancy stuff, but 600MB is more than half the quota I have on the phone.
  9. Redhatter

    Hands free music controll app

    Makes me wonder why these companies don't expose those buttons via some interface for end user purposes. You'd think exposing those as a Bluetooth device and having a plug-in that can be installed in your media player of choice to enable control from those buttons would be a hit with some drivers.
  10. Redhatter

    Hands free music controll app

    Perhaps the problem is not so much the buttons, but their location. Fumbling for buttons in traffic is bad, you need to know exactly where they are without looking. I wonder if there's such a thing as a numeric keypad that can connect via Bluetooth, you could mount that somewhere handy on your dashboard, and programme up your media player to respond to those keys. That or if your device has USB host capability, use that. I've got a similar problem using the radio on the bicycle. In fact, fumbling around for buttons is highly dangerous in traffic in my case, as my steering will be more unsteady one-handed. My solution: Most of the radios I use have a remote capability on the hand-microphone. In the case of the Yaesu FT-290RII and the Kenwood TH-F7E, both have up/down buttons for changing channels (on the Kenwood, they're programmable). The Yaesu FT-8[159]7 have up/down and a third "fast tuning" button on the handmic. The solution for me was to mount a small panel on the handlebars, one button for PTT, and four direction buttons: At the moment, none of my radios use the "left" direction button, but a homebrew set that I build, might. Up/down go up and down in frequency, and on the FT-897D, pressing the right-hand button toggles "fast" mode, or holding it down powers the radio on/off. The buttons could equally be used to control a media player, e.g. "PTT" becomes play/pause, left/right becomes prev/next track (or seek), up/down becomes prev/next album, etc. Something like that, positioned close to, but out of the way of your usual vehicular controls might do the trick for you.
  11. Redhatter

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Haven't bought yet, but I've just sent an email asking for a quote to purchase one of these: Largely because I've been using this on the bike, which although good for what it does, is a heavy lump of a radio. Update: Purchased it today ... turns out someone had bought one thinking it was a land mobile HF radio, so $1003 later, and one should be on its way from Hervey Bay tomorrow.
  12. Redhatter

    Can't transfer files over 1tb

    Atomic is relatively quicker than most other computer forums, I've found. Depends on your timezone I suppose … at 4:00AM (UTC+10) this site crawls along. I know, I used to get up at that hour regularly.
  13. Redhatter

    No signal Detected

    Care to elaborate on the "having trouble booting"? I lost my crystal ball in the floods. I might wear a pointy hat but I'm no wizard.
  14. Redhatter

    Can't transfer files over 1tb

    Well, evidently the OP is an ask-and-run type, not sticking around to read the answer or give further detail… Back when I used to participate on IRC, it was one of my pet hates, was the person who wanted an immediate response 24/7.
  15. Redhatter

    Apple is .6 more evil than the devil

    And the crummy ZTE I have does pretty much everything I need it to do. Up the top of my list being able to make and receive voice calls, send/receive text messages, and tether it for an Internet connection. It can even keep people informed on where I'm located, so they don't have to ring me up to find where I'm at: It also doesn't need to spend 60% of my mobile Internet quota for system updates. Oh, and there's no such thing as an "Android" product. In this case chrisg was talking about a Samsung product, which isn't any more an Android product than this MacBook a (Gentoo) Linux product, or most peoples' computers on this forum, Windows products.