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I have been, and still am, heavily involved in various aspects of electronics and computer programming. I stick mainly to programming of embedded microcontrollers and Unix-like systems, with the occasional dabbling on other platforms.


Radio remains a long time interest, and more recently, I have been actively experimenting with it as an amateur radio operator under the callsign of VK4MSL (formerly VK4FSJL). I can be heard in the Brisbane area on the Mt. Glorious repeater (VK4RBN; 147.000MHz) and Mt. Coot-tha repeater (VK4RBC; 438.525MHz), and around 3.600MHz and 7.075MHz on HF... particularly on Friday evenings as part of the AWNOI net ran by Danny VK4SD/VK4GUN.


I have been, and continue to be a Linux user and developer, having started with the OS in 1996. Since late 2004, I have been doing development work for the Gentoo as a member of the MIPS architecture team. My role is the support and maintenance of Gentoo Linux on little-endian MIPS systems such as the Cobalt Qube 2 and Lemote Fulong computers, but this also indirectly extends to other platforms.


Google will tell you a lot about me... or there's my blog and website.


Employers: see a shortened CV here... the full version is available on request (as a PDF).


Where am I now?