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    BOSE Sub woofers

    The BOSE lifestyle subs don't connect straight to the sub output on the amp. In a normal BOSE setup it goes like this: BOSE speakers --> Bose sub --> back of speaker connection on the back of the amp. So unlike other subs, the bose sub doesn't connect directly to the back of the amp.
  2. Corpus

    Hard drive caddy for HP N36L microserver

    Looking at the HP Spare Parts website, the HDD caddy part number is 624879-001. Once you put the part into the cart its like $140!!!! plus on the caddy, there should be a white sticker that would say the part number and replacement part number
  3. Corpus

    New home server

    +1 on HP Microserver. I'm playing with one at the moment, just have everything stock except I upgraded the memory to 8GB as memory is cheap nowadays. Played with both server 2008 R2 and WHS 2011 and each runs very well. Tested media streaming and it doesn't miss a beat. Just a note, if you want to play MKV's, best to get a dedicated video card. Also another big note, its dead silent. Perfect for a HTPC.
  4. Corpus

    Most memorable computer?

    My P4 2.4@3.2 rig with 1Gb Corsair XMS memory (in dual channel), Asus P4C800-E motherboard, 2 x 60Gb HDD in RAID 0, Pioneer 105D DVDRW, GeForce 4200Ti video card and an Aopen H500A case. This baby played all the games I threw at it at that time and never missed a beat. Was also the first PC I dabbled in overclocking as well as running 24/7 (doing seti@home classic - go hyperthreading!) Currently its residing as my file server.
  5. I'm currently using a Lian Li PC-V354B. PC Case Gear has it for $205 You can check out my build here This case is pretty good with decent cooling 2 x 120mm front, 1 x 140mm top and 1 x 120mm rear. You are able to fit in the largest video cards by removing the HDD bay Some things to consider with this case is - that the motherboard tray is actually the side panel. - if you tend to open up your case alot, then this case is not for you as there are 8 little screws on the side where you need to unscrew to open the side (unlike other cases where you unscrew 2-3 screws at the back) - USB 3.0 is a pass through cable - It has a built in fan controller (can control all fans in the case) - The foot print is pretty big on this case, its basically short and stumpy instead of tall and thin.
  6. Hi guys, I'm currently using DVI to connect to my monitor. Just wondering if I use the HDMI port, will the visuals be better or would they be the same. All i know is that DVI and HDMI are both digital signals, just that HDMI has the additional sound added to it. Cheers
  7. Corpus

    slow vertex 2

    try plugging the SSD on a SATAII port instead of SATAIII. I have mine on a SATAII and my WD Black FAEX on a SATAIII
  8. Corpus

    New car?! Post about it on atomic!

    Congrats on buying your first car on your L's! When i was on my L's, P's and even on my first couple years on my golds, I was still driving my mum's Corolla, until some bastard crashed into while it was parked on the street. Now I've got a Skyline.
  9. Installed via windows update this morning (Windows 7 x64 Ultimate). All went fine. Can't see any difference.
  10. Yep your one is the 34nm one (good one). If its a formatted capacity around 107gb then its the newer one.
  11. Corpus

    Phantom of the Floppera

    Should have used a dodgy 3.25 floppy disk to get the remix happening
  12. Just checked my vertex 2 E 120GB and ..........its the 34nm version. Yay! Formatted capacity is 111.79
  13. hi, got a noob question: Can you plug a case fan which has a 3 pin connection into a motherboard which has a 4 pin connection? I've only ever had motherboards which have 3 pin fan connections, until i recently upgraded to a Rampage III Gene which all fan headers have 4 pins. Cheers
  14. Corpus

    What was your best GPU?

    First time in the 'eye candy' realm was with my Obsidian Voodoo2 in SLI playing a game called Rangers Lead the way. That was so awesome. But my best GPU was the 7600GT which was AGP. That card is still going in my home server. I've had it for around 3-4 years. It had to replace the Ti4200 which dies in the arse. It played all the games I wanted to play and it just kept on going.
  15. Corpus

    My new Gaming PC

    I knew someone would be asking me that question. Couple of reasons why - - I don't normally jump on the newest tech band wagon, due to bugs or compatibility issues (this actually paid off with the SB SATA chips) - I couldn't wait any longer (stuck with a P4 for 6 years!!) - I needed a new PC It shouldn't be too bad I hope. The PSU is modular so all I have to do is connect the PCI-E cable (which i think has 2 PCI-E 6 pin socket thingies on it) to the new vid card. I actually bought a 4 pin molex (female) to a 15 pin SATA (male) adapter. This means I could attach the fan controller onto the SATA power cable hence reducing one cable from the PSU. Yay!!!
  16. Hi Guys, Thought I'd share with you guys my new PC after 6 years with a P4 Northwood. Specs are: CPU: Intel i7 950 with stock HSF Memory: 12Gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600Mhz (3 x 4Gb) Motherboard: Asus Rampage III Gene Primary HDD: OCZ Vertex 2 E 120GB SSD Data HDD: Western Digital WD1200FAEX 1Tb Video Card: Leadtek GeForce GTX570 PSU: Corsair HX850 Optical: Pioneer BDR-206BK (BD burner) Case: Lian Li PC-V354 Black Basically bought and built mid december. Won't be doing any overclocking and may buy another GTX 570 later for SLI (when prices come down) Cable loomed pretty much every cable. I didn't notice I had a 'black' theme going until I finished. Once PSU was in, cable management went to sh*t. Stupid ultra long power cables. When turned on. Plays all the games I've thrown at it without it missing a beat. All graphics settings on the highest. The only drawback with the system is the case. Its a pain the ass to just open it as its not your standard 2 screws at the back then slide the side off. instead, you have to unscrew 8 small screws thats holding it on the chassis. So my community announcement would be to avoid this case if you tend to open the sides alot.
  17. Corpus

    Using HDMI instead of DVI

    sorry its the G2412HD....wasn't at home when i posted. So basically there is no difference. Awesome, I guess that will save me from buying a mini HDMI cable :)
  18. I've got the same drives as you. I've got the SSD on the SATA3G port along with my optical drive I've got the WD1002FAEX on the Marvel SATA6G port (i don't have an Intel SATA6G)
  19. Corpus


    I like using mechanical keyboards (the clicky keyboards). There are some on the market and they are pretty expensive for what they are. Some look plain and some are touted as 'gaming' ie Razor Blackwidow -Das Keyboard -XArmor -Deck Keyboards -Filco Majestouch (one of these keyboards was reviewed in the last magazine) -IBM Model M (for if you want to go old school) I'm currently looking at the Xarmor U9BL model however it seems like you can only get them from overseas because its got a backlight plus the USB port isn't jutting from the side of the keyboard instead its on the top part. But $US60 shipping is stopping me from buying it.
  20. Corpus

    Blast from the Past - 486DX2 system

    I found my old Pentium 133mhz PC at my parents place stuffed in a corner. The good thing about this system was that it still had my obsidian voodoo2 cards in SLI...oh yeah!!!! I also have one of the orginal boxes too. I think i paid $200 for each card back then.
  21. Hi, I'm looking at an ATI 5770 for a future gaming however upon reaserching i found out about nvidia's Physx thingy. My question is - Is nvidia physx worth it? I believe all their current video cards have this processor built in, so would it be better to get one of these instead of the ATI 5770 (i wouldn't mind doing crossfire)? Also if a motherboard support SLI, does that mean it won't support crossfire and therefore you will need to use nvidia cards? Cheers
  22. Thanks for the replies. So in short, physx isn't really a selling point when purchasing a video card, as in its good to have but probably won't notice a difference? So if a motherboard says that it is SLI, can i still use crossfire? Cheers
  23. Corpus

    Apple's inevitable tablet

    I'm in the same boat as you but more so on the doubling up on the iphone/itouch. At least with a macbook you can install software not from app store. I don't know if this is true but you will also need to connect and sync to a PC/mac for itunes, which in my mind defeats the purpose of this unit. You should be able to sync your iphone/itouch to this device. but a macbook with a swivel screen (touch and pen) should have been a better option.
  24. Hi guys, Its been a while since i was on these forums and also its been a while since i've upgraded my PC. Currently i'm still using the latest and greatest PC from 2003. This used to be a decent gaming machine, but now even WOW starts to lag a bit. Its started to become a word and excel machine. This year I would like to buy a whole new gaming box (nothing over the top). Now i haven't been into the whole PC side of things for a while now, only reading a few articles here and there in the magazine. Not really concerned with price (i priced all these around the $1800 mark, give or take depending on store) but more worried about whether or not everything will work/suited to each other. Here are the components: CPU: Intel i7 920 Motherboard: Asus Rampage II Gene Memory: Corsair 6Gb (3 x 2GB) DDr3 1333Mhz HDD: WD 500Gb SATA DVD: Pioneer DVR218 DVDRW Case: Antec Mini P180 black PSU: Enermax revolution 85+ 1050W Video: Gigabyte ATI 5770 I will be retaining my monitor, mouse and keyboard. I will be also placing another HDD from my old PC into the new one. Couple of questions: - Is the power supply a bit overkill? Just saw it in the latest Atomic mage and it was recommended. - What is the difference between i7 1366 and 1156. Cheers Eddie
  25. Thanks guys for the input much appreciate it. So a 450-550w PSU would be fine if i were to have 2 x HDD and 2 x 5770? No overclocking this time around.