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    Want a free guitar?

    as if, i would take one of those racks with me - it's obvious right, i took one of those free air guitars 7 times lol and the racks a bonus to help me take it home
  2. Alien Intercourse

    So I'm probably bi-polar...

    yeah i can see the abuse coming a mile away, sorry for having a difference of opinion, but last i checked there were few in here (except those who have overcome similar situations) that could lay claim to knowing the secret to getting better. our minds are amazingly powerfully and i think we have to try and exploit them for better things and telling yourself that it's something beyond your control looks like a self defeating ethic to me. personally i'm not bashing anyone with these particular troubles or other advice, i think you (kablez) have the ability to overcome anything thats getting at you, obviously correct medication and doctors are a big part of overcoming the problem but you have to try and have confidence in yourself and if you don't, use other peoples confidence, be strong for other people and not for yourself (at least looking beyond myself works for me). everyone understands the norm, being depressed is tough and you can't affect it, thats essentially what i'm hearing. i think that you can affect it for a positive change, obviously it's going to be hard but i still think you can do it. go ahead and tell me i'm an idiot without any understanding, thats fine, but i bet some of you out there also have no experience either, and if you tell me that it' snot possible to help yourself from a personal level then isn't that a self defeating argument? since it looks like it's difficult to get a good balance of drugs to help you in the meantime, why not try alternative methods? meditation or something. i would like to see other options for people with problems other than just drugs and pill concoctions as it sounds like that method is taking a toll. manning up as you have called it is just an alternative theory to try, though i don't like the phrasing "manning up". sorry if i'm causing a disturbance or being an idiot, but i'm only hearing one solution in this thread, and that's more medication and doctors. there has to be something else.
  3. Alien Intercourse

    If you aren't going to race...

    get a motor bike...all traffic problems disappear...the idiots however...well thats a whole other thread right there.
  4. Alien Intercourse

    So I'm probably bi-polar...

    or stand up and take responsibility for yourself. all i'm hearing is oh no i've got this and that and it's because of this or that wah wah wah. you do realize that whatever "condition" you may or may not have will become greatly influenced by your approach to it. your jsut running away from having to deal with something the hard way using doctors drugs and blaming things that are supposedly out of your control. if you want to you can control it and the first major, huge, biggest step is eating correctly as has already been mentioned. get good nutrition and you will feel an improvement, tell yourself that your going to be strong and energetic and then do things instead of just wollowing about. take affirmative personal action and be responsible for yourself instead of shifting the blam to other things. i dont' mean to be negative or bad, think of it more as hard constructive criticism, afterall it's not like you have to listen to me anyway.
  5. Alien Intercourse

    What makes 'you' special?

    special or not - we are just a retarded fluke of nature. i don't know if i'm special, i like to think that there is something there, but i either don't' know what it is or i haven't done it /experienced it yet. i suppose if i dominate the world before i die then i can say - yes i'm special, but untill that dream comes to fruition i think i'm just like everyone else...including those that think they are special and those that don't.
  6. Alien Intercourse


    i'm not a hair cut kinda guy, oh no no no, no hair cuts for me. i like it long, windswept and interesting....or at least that's how i see it anyway. i figure if i can get it long enough i can braid it with my pubes and play it like a harp...well maybe not, but hey. when i did get it cut i would always ask the hair person what they thought would look good, usually something like if i was going out with your daughter what would you like my hair to look like? but i stopped asking that since this one time they actually tried to set me up with their daughter, which would have been okay, youknow, nice little asian girl and all, except for the fact that she was still in china and needed a green card, hence where i woudl step in. So i don't do that any more. i keep it long to about nipple length for the hardcore metal moments, or if i'm feeling a subtle year coming on i go for a shoulder length, maybe a tad longer. the most hardcore cut i would consider at this point (in the metal stages atm) is something that is chin length or neck length, give ti that long feeling but still short enough to pass for a playboy...minus the body...and face...and well everything really. ....but um yeah, thats the short of it about me my hair and people with scissors.
  7. Alien Intercourse

    When was the last time you were violent?

    yesterday actually. i shot a lot of people, mostly women and children though, in the end i was in the right...by 3 points... booyeah top of the leader boards in lazer skirmish on both team games (girls v boys) and free for all, but only just, like i said 3 points.
  8. Alien Intercourse


    now i don't mean to sound offensive but what the hell are you still doing around these people that you call your friends betzie? it sounds like you have a strong resolve and clear views on what is acceptable or not in your world. Your friend however seems to see things differently and although it may not be an ideal philosophy (his) it's not your place to change them. Offer your decenting opinion but leave it after that if it is not considered. furthermore if their life style and actions do not agree with yours then i don't' see why you are still friends with these people. Just move on from this situation so that you are not subjected to it after providing alternatives as a concerned party. It's not your place to change peoples situations and environments but it is your choice weather you want to be in/around them in these environments. Personally, if i don't like the way something is progressing i make my opinion known but don't force it and if nothing changes for my idea of better then i just leave the situation/people/whatever, i'm not going to make my own life harder or more stressful because of others. i think you should look out for yourself whilst providing a model for others to follow if they so choose.
  9. Alien Intercourse

    Best Displays for a multi Screen Setup

    hmmm well asus can be pretty good...and i think HP had a few good ones as well. ATM i would be looking at asus or dell if you can get any on the cheep or see what deals are going on.
  10. Alien Intercourse

    You have been specially selected for this special deal

    because instead of enlightening us about the point it's easier to just tell someone they don't know and remove all accountability for misunderstanding on you behalf right? the point is that people will say what they are told to say, and will push sales because it's their job. It's not like they are paid all that great so if misdirection and clauses get the job done with a few extra bucks, yay, why should they care if it's going to be a company problem anyway. we want better representation for deals and accountability in telemarketing, but thasts not happeneing and thats why we get a humorus post about stupid phone deals. or did i miss the point too?
  11. Alien Intercourse

    Best Displays for a multi Screen Setup

    for your purpose 2 screens are better than 1. it will be easier to manage the desktops on 2 than it will be resizing and fitting things on one bigger one. as for panel suggestions...well i'm out of the loop for new tech but the dell range sounds like killer panels from what i have herd but the smaller size ones apparently use a less awesome panel than the larger ones. i dunno i'll let someone else field this one. all i can recommend is that find a couple panels that fit your price range and see if you can't either test them or compare them, but price will probably be the deciding factor i guess. as for panl type...i think all modern panels use some form of ips tech, but i really wouldn't worry about something like that, i would look into the panel quality used between different manufacturers or models. i.e some manufacturers will use 2 types of panels for their lcd (dell depending on their size range for instance) so you may have a good panel and a great panel depending on the monitor make/model. again it's a look and see afar.
  12. Alien Intercourse

    Purple and flickering monitor

    yeah basically to eliminate any issue that may be causing your problem you will have to test the monitor in a faultless system - no problems means your monitor is probably fine. check the graphics card in a faultless system and see what happens. if both are fine separately but are still giving you issues together on your sons system then it may be a driver computability issue. this may not be the catalyst drivers but any other updates you have recently made that may be causing a monitor detection fault. try downgrading the divers to something bellow current or below something from a month or 2 back from when the system was working fine. but it really does sound like an internal connection error with either the graphics card or the monitor.
  13. hmm well i'm more of a cunt in real life, but much nicer online...go figure. also i'm alot more stupid online than in real life, but i attribute that to the company around me within the two separate environments. People online...well atomic and one other forum are generally smarter than me but the people i'm around in real life are morons, good people, just bloody stupid hence i can change my iq with the simple addition of an ip into whatever i decide to do.
  14. Alien Intercourse

    Purple and flickering monitor

    nice trouble shooting so far man, as i was reading you were basically going through all the steps i would have pointed out so there is not much left to say in terms of being able to fix it...but i may have an idea as to whats going on. the cables and actual connectors are probably fine, and i doubt that the vga has packed it in, but you never know, anyway it seems remote. my hunch is that it's actually the connections on teh monitor itself, not the plug but just after the plug, the internal connections may be either loose or packing it in. I had a very similar problem with a laptop once, it would flicker and color change and pretty much everything you have explained. turned out that the actual lcd was fine but the connections from the vga to the monitor were stuffed, the actual card was okay and the plugs were okay but the connection system was gone. one other thing you may like to try is using his graphics card in another test pc to see if it's the actual graphics card and not the vga slots or monitor. you say that the monitor itself worked on your machine but then it may have jsut been feeling okay at that time and maybe have given rise to issues later. so it's basically the graphics card or the monitor that are having connection problems. unfortunately to my knowledge there is no way to fix this easily as it is usually a pcb thing or some such where parts are just not available. my recommendation, test the graphics card and monitor on different systems but not together if any non-faulty stuff gives you error then you can bet it's whatever you are testing that has the problem be it monitor or card. if everything works separately then it could be a software problem as you said but i doubt this. if ti is the monitor that has packed it in (now i don't really feel good about pimping my stuff but i figure it may help you a bit maybe) i have a very cheap 22" if you need a replacement quick or don't want to splash out on something new. check my trademart if your interested otherwise disregard. hope i helped a bit :) it's a shame i can't give you a 100% fix ti like this scenario tho :(
  15. Alien Intercourse

    How do you find out stuff?

    how much do you want to spend?there is a fantastic 7 day holiday with a hike and elaphant riding on in tiwan atm i think. check out ok magazine (this weeks issue) they have a great holidays and destinations page. i think there are 2 holidays that they showed that i wan tto do - all up 2 weeks with food and lodgings for under 3G's XD