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    What are your personal coping mechanisms?

    i find getting in the ocean makes me happy when there's stuff i cant change and it is bothering me. (just have to get better at doing things I can change ha ha)
  2. Mr Dump

    Starting a new job after 24 years in the old one.

    congrats on getting to a better place! especially when they are willing to spend money to get the workplace right! I think the range of emotions is normal, am going through them myself- I am being made redundant '_sometime_ mid next year' so my emotions go from trepidation to 'i can hardly wait' on a regular basis. NFI what i'm gonna do, just wing it and see when the time comes- whenever that is... Make it great dude! dt
  3. Mr Dump

    Almost dying in Brisbane, damn air!

    I've had asthma for well over thirty years now, and been on preventative medication for over twenty, and no doctor or specialist has ever mentioned it. Just this year I've been getting inexplicable pain in my shoulders and back, like its taking longer for my body to heal from what used to be pretty regular exercise. Going to have a look into this. And I was just about to say that Symbicort works better for me than Ventolin. Sorry been away a few days, this is from an email from my dad last week: If you're still having to take 'cortico-steroids' consider having a bone-density test for a base-line for later reference... Reason being my long-term intake of same has resulted in total osteoporosis through the whole skeletal set-up... I didn't know what the long-term side-effects could be... AND... similar reasons re. asthma stuff I've managed to acquire Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease,COPD, which am keeping at bay with both breathing exercise and exercise... I can't believe an english teacher would choose comic sans but anyway that's the ol' man... I got off the seretide about 10 years ago, I still sort of plod along at 80% breathing speed/capacity, but if i have ventolin when things are tight, then it is all good. Springtime pollens usually get me too... good luck in the management, stay wet!
  4. Mr Dump

    Almost dying in Brisbane, damn air!

    my mum chucked me in the bathroom with the shower on full hot to get steam when I was a kid. it sort of worked. but i have gone pretty mad on the salbutamol when needed too!~ he he oh the steroidal cortisol 'preventatives' give you osteo arthritis. my old man attests to that...
  5. Mr Dump

    What Are You Cooking?

    pan fried haloumi slices on cold watermelon with fresh mint.
  6. Mr Dump

    Obama Willy Waving

    Thanks for the vid- I never realised how big B2 were - was good to see them scaled against a human at the end!
  7. Mr Dump

    How many views..?

    1128* misere ftw!
  8. Mr Dump

    Football, meat pies, kangaroos and, that's it.

    it got down to cost. we are really expensive engineers/workforce compared to the other wings of GM. The direction is to develop the business in lower cost centres such as china and mexico/brazil. Opel will hang in because the govt subsidises so much. Australia has missed the boat, being the 'good'(stupid) player in an unlevel playing field. I wish the tarriffs had never got so low... but anyway... I think there will be a lot more than just the holden people out of work after 2017. time to begin planning the next step i guess!
  9. Mr Dump

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    what was the reason behind the RFID blocking? I can only think of two possibilities, 1/ avoiding accidental unlocking of doors/RFID devices OR 2/ security from 1337 haxors wanting your numbers! just curious!
  10. Mr Dump

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    got a few screws to put in places, and also a rod to put a thread on...
  11. Mr Dump

    Hell No!

    he he thanks for that!
  12. Mr Dump

    Maker Faire Sydney 2013

    anyone know of a makerslide aluminium extrusion (or the like) in Melb area? been looking for ages, Sydney freight is more than the extruision!
  13. Mr Dump

    Headphones for my Tv - pref wireless..

    currently researching some earbuds for a wife with small ears, found this place, they have some pretty trick stuff and do custom fittings! http://www.pacificears.com.au/
  14. Mr Dump

    Green Room Pics Thread

    http://ml.hoogerbrugge.com/ http://www.nails.hoogerbrugge.com/ not really sure what sort of comment to make about this.... arty flash? anyway i enjoy this thread & i finally found something to contribute! dt
  15. Mr Dump

    Evocca College

    Hey Nuke, fulltime work + part time study = not much time for anything else! be prepared for missing out on a few things if you commit, and you will need a very supportive partner. But at the end of it ... it is 'only a year' ;) indulge if you dare!