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  1. I pity the f00 who be lurkin'
  2. f00

    [ADL]Let's play some D&D!

    Most games I've been in take around 6 - 18 months of regular (weekly) meetups (around 5/6 hours a go) to complete. D&D is meant to be a game played over a period of time. Players gain a level every few months; Maybe even less. DM would need to be very well versed in all the rules of D&D, and own the various books. Also, all players should have, and have read at a minimum the rulebook for the game you are playing. Would love to play, but can't afford the time atm :( Otherwise, you can join a game at that Game shop in railway arcade? Groups are always looking for players. Cheers, Wade Oh, and start with 4th Edition. Don't bother about the earlier editions if you are new. 4th is nice and simplified, and relatively easy to get into.
  3. f00

    [ADL] Noobiewrangling!

    It's always the way. The one who is up for drinks and a big night pulls out early, lol. Sorry I didn't make it, was setting up a new store all last week in VIC :( Wade
  4. Looks incredible >_> I just bought some Suntory Hibiki 21, which is blended, however just was awarded the best blend in the world. Tastes fantastic to my taste buds. Hints of earth,chocolate and caramel... mm
  5. f00

    [SA] Adelaide Fringe Festival

    You can still come with no money mate. Just for a chat :) Chances are someone will buy you a drink anyway. -- Should be good to go, so I'll see you guys at the pub. Is Khendar coming btw?
  6. f00

    More Steam Rip offs!

    Should organise a big order from a EU wholesaler like Game Outlet (http://www.gameoutlet.se/) and totally bypass the retailers.
  7. f00

    [SA] Adelaide Fringe Festival

    Thanks for the heads up Cybes. I'll be up for drinks or whatever. 25/26 are probably best for me, as both are days off. The show probably isn't my bag baby, so shall pass, but would love to catch up with the gang. Khendar reply Cybes? Wade
  8. Bob came in and mentioned about it, so I've had my eye on here. :) Hope you're better half is enjoying the Wii btw! I'm all fine for Wednesday atm too. Any night I can generally come for though, it just gets busier on weekends if there's lack of notice. Wade
  9. f00

    Ultima Online - ResurrectionUO

    I'll give it a shot. I used to play UO from Lord Blackthorns Revenge era, so it will be nice to check it out again. Wade
  10. f00

    [ADL]The Great Bet!

    I would love to come and see SS get floored on a single alcoholic beverage, but alas I'm in Phuket at the moment. Will be around come later this month :) Wade
  11. f00

    I have too much loose change

    Dude! 5 cents buys a plane ticket these days! Save up a buck and travel the world! We have tons of coins down Rundle Street in Adelaide glued to the pavement.
  12. f00

    Jetstar's servers

    I managed to get a 5c fare from Melbourne to Newcastle. I don't know where Newcastle is, and I live in Adelaide, but I'm sure I'll work something out. Wade
  13. f00

    Vegetarians are just angry people

  14. f00

    [ADL] Moshy Finally Staying a Weekend!

    Nice to see you all again; And nice to meet the people I haven't seen around before :) Hope we can all catch up soon. Wade
  15. f00

    [ADL] Moshy Finally Staying a Weekend!

    I normally like to rock up a few hours late, by which time everyone is roaring drunk.