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  1. corky

    SSD and Games

    Basically all Steam games are self contained except for save files which like everyone has said, goes into My Docos somewhere. All Blizzard games are self contained as well (they just launch through the Bnet app now). I've had the same folder since launch all those years ago haha, the only this that changes is the addons folder gets a clean out every now and then. From about 3 months ago i have no games or OS that run on a mechanical drive, and the best thing i ever did was buy a 1TB SSD Evo and chuck Steam on it.
  2. corky


    I've seen the number '21GB' thrown around the last couple of days, maybe that's when the 10GB for the game unpacks to haha.
  3. new internet at work: Up from 1500/256 - so literally 10x download speed - am very happy Although I'm a little jealous. The best is usually reserved for home, but since i can't get adsl2+ at home i'm stuck with max line speed which hits around 9000/784. AND FOR THE RECORD - It was TPG before we bought the business which was 12 years 2 days ago ;)
  4. corky

    BF4 + BF3 Q

    They're part of air superiority already you just need to stay in the server long enough for one to come up.
  5. If you're going to go windows, get 8.1 - tick and un-tick a few boxes and it becomes much more bearable. the start menu will still take up the entire desktop but its easier to use (in my opinion anyway) back to the htpc though, have you got any old hardware sitting around? working off that can save some money.
  6. corky


    My first impression: CoD with mechs And that's about it. The beta has been a little fun, especially if you can get on comms with a full squad/team and absolutely destroy the opposition. Like Frunj said lacks longevity. My first play on the beta i decided i will not be pre-ordering this game
  7. corky

    Happy VD everybody

    Didn't forget ;) Pink fishing rod + tackle box :P Oh and a single Pink Rose (rather then red)
  8. corky

    When does the customer stop being right?

    Sad that that piece of complete and utter bullshit keeps getting perpetrated. The customer is a human and can often be a right prick so no the customer is not always right. I was about to post that, although my words were a little harsh and decided against it haha. i just think the person who penned the term should be held accountable haha.
  9. So after many cleans and retries and even trying to install the 13.12 stable drivers i get the same issue Between the time of the catalyst software getting to the 'Finished' screen and the time windows 8.1 needs to restart to finish the process, it freezes. So currently running 1/2 installed drivers and unable to do much else other then Google to no avail, i just keep trying. My setup is in my signature and like I said running Windows 8.1 FYI: wanting to run the 14.1s for Mantle for BF4. My process as been as follows: 1. Driver Sweep 2. Restart 3. Attempt to install Catalyst (choose either 14.1 or 13.12) 4. Computer freeze after the 'Finished' window pops up (after screen flicking and progression bars) 5. Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... 6. Doesn't un-freeze 7. Manually hit the restart button. 8. Check to see if i can see the Catalyst install anywhere - not found 9. Return to step 1.
  10. corky

    BF4 + BF3 Q

    Me too! Really looking forward to seeing how they've been reimagined with levolution since the China Rising maps have none. Yeah second assault excites me too. I'd like to see how they re imagined my fond memories of Firestorm. Trololololol, that's all i remember from firestorm and caspian
  11. corky

    BF4 + BF3 Q

    I'm kind itching for second assault more then anything
  12. Ummm 13166 Corky - i7-4770k @ Stock (AIO) - 2 x 7970 @ 1100/1500 (A) Edit: I think MAYBE the first score i posted wasn't with the right clocks hahahahahahaha
  13. So i was interested in how much difference there would be between my OC score and stock... So here it is... Firestrike 12505 Corky - i7-4770k @ Stock (AIO) - 2 x 7970 @ 1050/1375 (Stock) (A) The only other change i've had is the 1TB SSD i have no for games and Windows 8.1 Pro
  14. corky

    BF4 + BF3 Q

    not killed getting behind cover as much, BUT the fkn bullet exchange is still there... haven't been one shotted in a while (i do play a lot of HC so i really count tell how much is normal haha) as to planes, watch this video by frankie it goes through a lot of the basics, yes it is a BF3 tutorial, but nothing much has changed except for the 'feel' of the planes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf29HmwA1P8