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  1. If you're studying then it might be worthwhile looking at part time and short term holiday contract stuff. Of course the ideal situation would be some scholarship where they send you off and pay you as well but they're not exactly falling out of trees.
  2. Rybags

    Dropping out

    $200 modem? If it's a VDSL / NBN type modem then worth your while getting a decent one otherwise you're likely buying something that'll be trash bound in a short while. ADSL modems these days are throwaway items. If you're wanting to diagnose a dropout issue just grab a second hand one from Gumtree for 5 bucks or something. Are you using ethernet or Wifi? If it's a VDSL / NBN type modem then worth your while getting a decent one otherwise you're likely buying something that'll be trash bound in a short while.
  3. Rybags

    Win10 Forced Updates are back.....

    And when you want the damn thing to actually update... More often than not you have to tell it to check for updates multiple times before it says no more are available. And despite having so-called good integragration between the OS and 3rd party AV products, they still often block Windows updates and produce obscure error messages that give you little clue to the cause. At last got my work MBP up to release 1803 after having to disable Avast for it to install successfully.
  4. I've not really had issue with speed, but stuff like the page scrolling back up, dimming then rendering the next page seems cheesy and pointless.
  5. Yep, PITA. And the workaround is either use an intermediate like Notepad to strip formatting or add an extension that gives a "Copy as plaintext" option (which browsers really should have by default anyway).
  6. Rybags

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    A new land speed record was set the other day by Challenger 2 for a piston engined vehicle. The big number is the tacho - speed is a smaller number under the sweeping RPM graphic that's mostly blocked by glare. If you hit up the channel there's other related videos and different angle shots of the run.
  7. Rybags

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    2 of the world's ugliest webcams for $1 and $2 each from Salvo stores. One's a pig and the other looks like a cross between a minion and a Bubble Bobble monster. Top resolution of 640x480. The thought being that I could just pull the guts out and have a couple of nice little inspection cameras. But the board it's mounted on + components and flimsy soldered in wiring means the thing takes about 2 x 2 x 1.5 cm minimum so not exactly great for tight spaces.
  8. Rybags

    And What Are You Listening To?

    There's plenty of one-hit wonders from the mid 70s through mid 80s - and probably any other era you choose. Add to the list Video Killed the Radio Star, My Sharona and numerous others. And plenty of groups that had a hit or two followed by plenty of duds that just rode that early wave of success, e.g. Devo, Adam and the Ants.
  9. What I meant there was that the usual with contracts is that it'll be through a 3rd party, usually an agency. Of course it'd be preferable to deal direct with the employer but you'd need a well established network and employers willing to do it that way. But, with plenty of agencies they will give preference to people already on their books. You'll also probably notice the same job advertised on multiple sites, so no doubt there's some multi level commission arrangements going on in a lot of those cases.
  10. Rybags

    What's on your mind?

    Morons @ Google once again. Thanks for assuming the location of my home desktop is 20 km south of where I live.
  11. 17 years ago I was on $50K per year in a job - a guy on contract with more experience than me so if perm probably would have been the next level up ~ $57K - he said "I felt a bit cheeky and asked for $86 an hour, and I got it". Even today that's a pretty kickarse sum of money to be pulling in.
  12. Rybags

    What's on your mind?

    Dodgy design to begin with that's no longer used. Insufficient number of cables means that if one fails there's not enough backup. If a cable or anchor failed then the cascade effect would be that the deck buckles and falls, the tower would have uneven forces from one side of the cable being anchored but the other one not. The designer has numerous similar bridges around the world which will no doubt come under scrutiny.
  13. Yeah, the BA as I understand it is more along the lines of what the job title says and with little to do with IT. IMO if you want an utterly worthless piece of shit who needs to be thrown under a Kenworth then look no further than Service Delivery Managers - essentially ego driven yes-men who promise clients unrealistic delivery targets because they're paid to suck arse and don't have to do the actual work. And often the type who were in IT but got shuffled upwards due to lack of technical knowhow. Agreed with contractors really knowing their shit - for the most part. I was in the PS in the 80s and back then there were a lot of jobs for the boys with the outcome that there were plenty of O2 theives lounging around on 3 times the pay of everyone else. But I had a dealing once with a small agency and the phone got passed around among the permanents who barely had a clue, then they asked the contract guy and he came across as if he was running the show. To get a job - at the start at least you'll need a pimp. That's slang for an agency like Hays, ClicksIT etc. Back 20 years ago the hot ones were Computer People, Icon and Candle but there's been a lot of jostling, name changing and merging. But just looking at IT jobs on Seek (which is largely just an aggregator) will bring up most of the prominent IT 3rd party recruiters.
  14. Rybags

    What's on your mind?

    21.5 according to my weather site, though "feels like 17.4". By comparison yesterday morning I was waiting for the wind chill to subside before going walking - the temp was about 10 but "feels like" was about 4. Now is 7.4, feels like 3.5. Temp gauge inside with the heater on tells me it's 20.7
  15. There was even a headhunter fee at one stage - they were after Database people and were offering something like 2-2.5 Grand just for getting one onboard. I phoned a bloke I used to work with and tried to get him in but he had gotten out of IT and wasn't interested.