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  1. Rybags

    Indonesian vermin control

    Good riddance. Just a shame they couldn't implicate that old cunt mufti or whatever the fuck he is. Life in a shithole prison might have been fitting, but local corruption and the fact that their president tends to pardon people annually tends to make me believe the punishment wouldn't have stuck for very long.
  2. I believe he also did the music for Battlestar Galactica (original). Helped make an otherwise cheesefest into a credible and watchable sci-fi.
  3. Rybags

    Time for an argument!

    How about "Under 16s should have a 10PM Internet Curfew vs Under 16s shoudn't be allowed to use the internet at all"
  4. Rybags

    Budding artists

    CBF cut/paste/editing and getting rooted around by PhotoPhucket. So, you'll have to click the link http://www.mrpicassohead.com/canvas.html?i...p;skin=original
  5. Nah mate. More like "When are they gonna wake up and stop doing the thinking for other people"
  6. Rybags

    Spontaneous Car Combustion

    The only other things that would cause it is an impact (and that would be blindingly obvious), and airbags here are "SRS" which means they are supplementary to a seatbelt and not an optional replacement like in the US. So, they are only supposed to go off in conditions similar to a 30 km/h to full stop situation. Malfunction/bug in a computer, although if it was a known issue then you'd have news of a recall to fix it. Someone tampering with the car, but that would likely come down to pulling the dash apart and playing about with wiring. Airbags can be really dangerous, you've probably seen video of them throwing heavy objects into the air in controlled setoffs. So, they typically have "failsafe" systems in place so they just don't go off for no good reason.
  7. Rybags

    I just can't stand them

    The only spiders I bother killing are the white-tails. And even then, their reputation is blown all out of proportion... but still, don't want to risk even the small chance of a skin-eating infection.
  8. If I had one of those for a pet, it's name would just have to be "Scrotum".
  9. Rybags

    I just can't stand them

    Stop being such a girl. Harden the fuck up. Spiders are an imporant part of nature, and rid your house of all manner of otherwise more annoying and dangerous to your health insects.
  10. Is Marge Thatcher in charge again? It's the sort of shit you'd expect from a hardcore 'tory neocon. The biggest impediment to technology these days seems to come from the fuckwits who know the least about it, and sadly, control the use of it.
  11. Rybags

    One for the adults amongst us.

    You might consider a lease if salary sacrificing is available with your employer. e.g. of how it works: You pay the lease over 3 years which equates to paying half the price of the car. Some deals also include fuel and full insurance. Once the time is up, you have the choice of either parting company or paying out the residual, ie - the remaining half, of which you arrange your own finances for. As for buying outright - half a years wage is bugger-all in the context of buying a new car. Then again, that can also be in/significant depending on your wage in the first place, and whatever other financial commitments you have. So long as your loan commitments don't take up a large amount of your net wage, then it's not really a concern. So long as you can still live comfortably. On the other hand, don't necessarily speculate on a promotion/job you don't yet have. Also, don't necessarily assume whatever current overtime you might be getting will go on forever. But again, that can vary by a huge amount depending on who you work for. So far as car loans go - I've never had one. 2 mortgages and 1 Hire Purchase arrangement which I quickly paid off when I bought a VCR above the specs I'd planned for are the only loan arrangements I've ever had with a bank.
  12. Rybags

    its tetris, without all the annoying

    Interesting... 518 on the 3rd go. A good strategy seems to be just throw away blocks that won't work rather than stuff the structure.
  13. Rybags

    Mr T is dead to me

    Yep. And those Snickers ads are a huge yawn. George Foreman can sell grills and "healthy" stuff and remain cool. Mr T just belittles himself partaking in all this crap.
  14. Rybags

    Tripods and planes.

    Disguise it as a walking frame. Consider amputating one of your legs to increase the authenticity.
  15. Rybags

    Caption this...

    The Cock of Gebralta
  16. Rybags

    This just in!

    Plebs' pic had me all worked up... and all for one of those useless placeholder sites.
  17. Rybags


    Ahhhh! Gir is changing into Hyacinth Bucket!
  18. Rybags

    US Election is a win for...

    They need to pull their fingers out and set more polling booths up. The worst I've experienced is having to wait in line for a total of maybe 7 minutes.
  19. Rybags

    US Election '08 - OBAMA WINS!

    McCain would have just been more of the same shit. People like him are a good argument to bring back compulsory retirement at age 65.
  20. Rybags

    US Election '08 - OBAMA WINS!

    Nah mate. Maggie T is one of them chix with dix.
  21. Rybags

    US Election '08 - OBAMA WINS!

    Soon the world will be able to breath a sigh of relief as the US rids itself of Bush and his cronies. Can't see it being an easy ride for Obama though - there's a big mess to clean up... actually, 2 or 3 of them.
  22. Rybags

    US Election '08 - OBAMA WINS!

    You should have 'shopped that one too. "The ORLY Factor" would be much cooler.
  23. Rybags

    Time for a trivia quiz

    Drop Bear and the One-eyed trouser snake.
  24. Rybags

    SBS Mon 20:30 Swift and Shift Couriers

    Watched it... it's on my regular to view list now. It should be available on the SBS site as streaming... kinda ordinary quality, but you can get it as XVid from the "other" sources if you look hard enough.
  25. Here's a video I capped of a quick&dirty custom map I made. Sadly, YouTube turns wedding cake into dog-turd. I would host it but don't have any space anywhere. Also, feel free to post pics, videos, maps you've made... and whatever for FC2.