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    Gaming hardware

    Laser mouse. Mine has 5 buttons but I don't think I've ever used the extra 2 for games. In any case, one is near impossible to reach quickly anyway. Murphy applies here though - it has a pretty ordinary scroll wheel, although with the chunky graduations I like, it still at times slips between 2 values. The M$ optical I first bought has a near perfect scroll wheel although the mouse itself is kinda crap so far as it jumps all over the joint if you move it quickly. I think the often overlooked thing is environment. A good chair, good placement of monitor and keyboard. And, one of the most important things - the ability to eliminate glare and outside noise. Glare isn't the problem it used to be thanks to nice flat LCDs, but still can detract from the experience.
  2. Rybags

    Happy birthday!

    Happy Birthday dude. That cake needs a chocolate starfish down the bottom to finish it off.
  3. Rybags

    Softdrink economics-Noob question

    I've noticed that Coles seems to almost alternate Pepsi or Coke having a particular size on special each week. I tend to doubt that they'd sell at a loss - the supermarket or the manufacturer. Last week I got Pepsi 1.25 at 90 cents a bottle. A few weeks ago I got 24 cans of Coke for 9 bucks. When you look at how long they've been making these drinks, you'd reckon they'd have the efficiency down to a fine art. Maybe even 20 cents a litre is a too radical estimate, given the volumes of the stuff they sell.
  4. Rybags

    Softdrink economics-Noob question

    The whole industry is a scam. You can often get Pepsi or Coke 2 litre bottles on special for ~ $1.70 off the shelf of Coles/Woolworths. Normal price of 1.25 litres is around 2 bucks. Refridgerated price in the same shop for small bottles is usually $2.50 or more. What does it cost Coke to make and ship a 2 litre bottle to a large chain? I'd bet it's under 40 cents.
  5. Rybags

    Don't you just love long weekends.

    Mate, there's tablets available if it takes you that long to get it up. Oh, and this is Australia - 15 minutes worth of foreplay is regarded as more than generous.
  6. Rybags

    I ran out of pegs

    Just don't set fire to your grundies by having it too close to the light.
  7. Rybags

    I ran out of pegs

    Legendary. Even doubles as an avant-garde wanky light-shade. Them there Arts students should be mightily impressed!
  8. For starters, with SLI, you don't benefit from so-called doubling the graphics RAM. So, 2x 256 meg cards will effectively just become one faster 256 meg card, since each card needs to keep it's own copy of textures, frame buffers etc. Also, it's kinda like RAID0 in that if one card has more RAM, the config will only be able to use the amount of RAM that the "smaller" card has. Nextly, you can't really just add shaders, memory clocks etc to guage a card's performance vs another. You have other considerations such that newer generations generally perform better "per clock", and that low-end cards tend to have 128 bit rather than 256 or 512 bit interfaces. Also, SLI doesn't double performance. People running it here should give clearer numbers, but my understanding is anything from 40-75% boost in frame rates, with a worst case of next to no increase, best case maybe 90%+ Forthly, forget the 9600GT... honestly. I got my 9800GT for $155 at a Computer Fair and even back then 2 months or so ago, you could get them from online stores for about $145. http://www.staticice.com.au/ - Put that in your bookmarks - it should be your first port of call when gauging what kind of price you should expect to pay for any new stuff. If you're budgeting $150, then it may well be the 9800GT at that price point... I don't know, I haven't researched prices for a good 6 weeks or so.
  9. Rybags

    Time for a trivia quiz

    Russia, US, England, Japan, France
  10. Rybags

    Question for the graphic novel aficionados

    Second-hand book shops? Some of the ones around here are owned by hardcore hobbyists, and often they'll carry new stuff of whatever particular hobby they're into, e.g. wargames, war books, war paraphenalia, comics, etc.
  11. I had an 8600GT and it ran it, albeit with some struggle to pump out decent framerates. I guess since you've already got an SLI ready board, you should be able to find another (second hand) 7600GT for like $25-$45 tops. I wouldn't exactly say the config would rock the world, although games that were previously a total pain might become more playable. Other (new) options might be a HD3870 for ~ $130, 9800GT ~ $150, or HD4850 ~ $200.
  12. Rybags

    Busted my arse today

    Hah. Mate, that looks like nice country style topsoil. Try coming up here... you usually hit shitty clay by 6 inches down, if not sooner.
  13. Rybags

    So it turns out the T-1000 has an obsession

    Pissant pillarboxed 4:3 version. Pathetic.
  14. Rybags

    Australian Tax Office screws up [NEWSBOT]

    I experienced a not so nice clusterfuck when doing my eTax yesterday. At the lodgement stage, you have to supply date/name and sequence number from a previous Letter of Assessment. Fine. So, the only one I can readily find is from 2002. The eTax software, luckily, allows any previous notice from 2002-2007 to be entered. I enter the details - fuck - it can't verify it. 5 minutes stuffing around. Change my name to all-caps like the letter has. Re-enter the sequence. No go. Friggen useless dickheads. So, 10 minutes more digging around. Find last years one and it works.
  15. Rybags

    Time for a trivia quiz

    Your address.
  16. Visiting a friend today, they help out a church which has a standard ADSL connection shared between a desktop and laptop (wirelessly). The problem they have is that often one machine is turned off, the other will receive the email, so things are out of sync and they have trouble keeping track if a particular email has been dealt with, not to mention the potential of not knowing they've received a particular email. Naturally, the logical thing would be to use extra email addresses but they don't want to, and regardless it would mean informing countless people of the change. Is there an addon, or something that can be done with Outlook Express to solve this issue? Since it's a simple shared connection and offsite POP email and they don't have a server environment, it's a wee thorny issue. The solution I have thought up is: - all email received should immediately be sent from the Inbox to a user-created folder. Easy enough. Have names like "Inbox Desktop" and "Inbox Laptop". - have some means to have both machines sync content of those two folders when both machines are turned on. Preferably retaining the flag as to whether the email has been read or not. - also, Sent Items would probably need to be synced as well, so that people know if an email has been dealt with by someone using the other computer.
  17. Rybags

    Non-Descript Package Arrives? (NSFW)

    As we discussed before, plaster of paris? Nah. If you were modelling Paris Hilton's cunt, you'd just send in a team of surveyors and get them to get a set of GPS readings.
  18. Rybags

    Time flies when you're having fun...

    Happy Anniversary mate. Here's to 20 more... and beyond.
  19. Grab a McDonalds Thickshake. Great if you have to eat and run!
  20. Rybags

    Thanks for the Memories...

    Just imagine the offspring they'll produce. Obese by age 4 from eating nothing but shit. Diabetes by teenage years. Then, enter the real world as Oxygen theives, relying on someone else to run every aspect of their lives.
  21. "You found yer wristwatch" "Yeah.. ah, them habits from the old POW days, they kinda stick"
  22. Rybags

    Quick question regarding light globe wattages

    Fine, yep. Although the fluros usually have a warning not to use them in enclosed light fittings. I've had 2 15-18 Watters in enclosed fittings for months/years and never had a problem.
  23. Rybags

    Non-Descript Package Arrives? (NSFW)

    By those pics, it looks used. Ask for a refund, they've sold you a second hand job!
  24. If the card doesn't occupy the topmost slot (which many won't due to modern motherboard design), you could use one of those stupid PCI extractor fans. Just pull it off the mounting bracket and flip it over, then it'll be sucking some of the hot air away that otherwise flows more or less directly into the CPU fan.