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  1. I had an 8600GT and it ran it, albeit with some struggle to pump out decent framerates. I guess since you've already got an SLI ready board, you should be able to find another (second hand) 7600GT for like $25-$45 tops. I wouldn't exactly say the config would rock the world, although games that were previously a total pain might become more playable. Other (new) options might be a HD3870 for ~ $130, 9800GT ~ $150, or HD4850 ~ $200.
  2. Rybags

    Busted my arse today

    Hah. Mate, that looks like nice country style topsoil. Try coming up here... you usually hit shitty clay by 6 inches down, if not sooner.
  3. Rybags

    So it turns out the T-1000 has an obsession

    Pissant pillarboxed 4:3 version. Pathetic.
  4. Rybags

    Australian Tax Office screws up [NEWSBOT]

    I experienced a not so nice clusterfuck when doing my eTax yesterday. At the lodgement stage, you have to supply date/name and sequence number from a previous Letter of Assessment. Fine. So, the only one I can readily find is from 2002. The eTax software, luckily, allows any previous notice from 2002-2007 to be entered. I enter the details - fuck - it can't verify it. 5 minutes stuffing around. Change my name to all-caps like the letter has. Re-enter the sequence. No go. Friggen useless dickheads. So, 10 minutes more digging around. Find last years one and it works.
  5. Rybags

    Time for a trivia quiz

    Your address.
  6. Visiting a friend today, they help out a church which has a standard ADSL connection shared between a desktop and laptop (wirelessly). The problem they have is that often one machine is turned off, the other will receive the email, so things are out of sync and they have trouble keeping track if a particular email has been dealt with, not to mention the potential of not knowing they've received a particular email. Naturally, the logical thing would be to use extra email addresses but they don't want to, and regardless it would mean informing countless people of the change. Is there an addon, or something that can be done with Outlook Express to solve this issue? Since it's a simple shared connection and offsite POP email and they don't have a server environment, it's a wee thorny issue. The solution I have thought up is: - all email received should immediately be sent from the Inbox to a user-created folder. Easy enough. Have names like "Inbox Desktop" and "Inbox Laptop". - have some means to have both machines sync content of those two folders when both machines are turned on. Preferably retaining the flag as to whether the email has been read or not. - also, Sent Items would probably need to be synced as well, so that people know if an email has been dealt with by someone using the other computer.
  7. Rybags

    Non-Descript Package Arrives? (NSFW)

    As we discussed before, plaster of paris? Nah. If you were modelling Paris Hilton's cunt, you'd just send in a team of surveyors and get them to get a set of GPS readings.
  8. Rybags

    Time flies when you're having fun...

    Happy Anniversary mate. Here's to 20 more... and beyond.
  9. Grab a McDonalds Thickshake. Great if you have to eat and run!
  10. Rybags

    Thanks for the Memories...

    Just imagine the offspring they'll produce. Obese by age 4 from eating nothing but shit. Diabetes by teenage years. Then, enter the real world as Oxygen theives, relying on someone else to run every aspect of their lives.
  11. "You found yer wristwatch" "Yeah.. ah, them habits from the old POW days, they kinda stick"
  12. Rybags

    Quick question regarding light globe wattages

    Fine, yep. Although the fluros usually have a warning not to use them in enclosed light fittings. I've had 2 15-18 Watters in enclosed fittings for months/years and never had a problem.
  13. Rybags

    Non-Descript Package Arrives? (NSFW)

    By those pics, it looks used. Ask for a refund, they've sold you a second hand job!
  14. If the card doesn't occupy the topmost slot (which many won't due to modern motherboard design), you could use one of those stupid PCI extractor fans. Just pull it off the mounting bracket and flip it over, then it'll be sucking some of the hot air away that otherwise flows more or less directly into the CPU fan.
  15. I had the same thing. Won't really get better since impacting usually means they've shattered as well. Nurofen works, to a point. Medicare covers SFA... probably half or so of the anaethetic. As for your private cover. If you don't have Dental included in the plan, then why bother getting it in the first place? As a 20-40 year old, 80% or more of your general medical expenses should be dental or optical anyway, so why bother with a plan that doesn't include them? I think HCF have been advertising their immediate cover option, so if you haven't got the relevant cover, maybe change over to them.
  16. Rybags

    PC game installations... why?

    Don't like it. Part of the reason I prefer the computer for games is the load time. Removable media is a pain in the arse. First find the CD/DVD. Anything from a few seconds to minutes there. Put it in the drive. 15 seconds or so for it to spin up and root around before anything happens. Then, tediously slow loading, accentuated by the copy protection check in most cases. As for the operational aspect of running a game from optical - you still need a certain minimum of program/data on the HDD. Sound effects and music are often just played straight from files. Certain DLL files are required to have fast access. Piracy issues? Virtually nothing would change. People would just run cracked versions from mounted images on emulated optical drives.
  17. Rybags

    Happy 18th Silver Rose!

    Happy Birthday! So... does Amiga fart?
  18. Rybags

    home entertainment systems

    http://www.dtvforum.info/ They're not too bad, although concentrate more on the Home A/V Theatre side of things than just pure audio.
  19. Thanks for the replies. I don't do their tech support, and regardless, don't exactly pimp myself as any sort of eMail/SMTP type guru. About the trickies thing I've done with them is writing a program way back to get an IBM mainframe to build and send the headers and body of a simple email.
  20. Rybags

    What's the minimum acceptable quality bitrate for a DVD?

    Aldi have their $35 DVD player which also does Divx. I've got the previous generation... it seems now that the current one no longer has the USB port.
  21. Check with Asus if there's any BIOS updates for the motherboard. Might also be worth seeing if there's a BIOS update for the graphics card. Also well worth checking the Knowledge Base of both manufacturers. Lastly... a bit of a long shot. See if there's a PCI Bus Mastering latency setting in the BIOS. Default values are normally 32 or 64. Try changing that if it's available.
  22. Rybags


    I had a brief passing interest, but they became very "samey" and it was also as if they were just Radiators or Hudu Guru wannabees. Baby Animals were around the same era, and had much better variety of songs, and real talent to boot.
  23. Rybags

    Farcry 2 Out Now

    I've only briefly played the game this last few days since it was available, so haven't settled on a favourite setting. TBH, I've got a Crysis game in progress for the last week which I've been playing 20-40 minute sessions on occasionally, and just seem to favour that. I think I have to give this one time to grow on me... even Far Cry I didn't think much of initially so far as gameplay's concerned, as it felt weird compared to what I was used to. I cant see FC2 exceeding the first on my favourites list, but with luck patches and mods will become available to at least make the game somewhat more playable/enjoyable.
  24. Rybags

    Fighting while camping...

    You can felch the gerbil once 800_series has finished with it. Maybe doing that will help you work out which way you swing.
  25. Rybags

    SBS Mon 20:30 Swift and Shift Couriers

    http://player.sbs.com.au/programs#/program...wift-And-Shift/ Full episode... but it's in a shitty Flash window and the audio sounds a bit crap.