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    Guess what I can do?

    Stone or kilograms? Don't worry - looks like a cheap shit flimsy chair anyway.
  2. Rybags

    Telesales - Your computer is running slow...

    http://www.speedtest.net First port of call online if you think your connection's borking up. But, it also helps to have a Benchmark figure to compare against - ie your own computer when it's "healthy". Next best thing I guess would be someone else in the area on the same exchange and ISP. TCPView is a handy program which shows what tasks are using TCP/IP. Depending on your modem, you can also get the Status Window up (with browser closed, no torrents or other activity going) and see if leeching is occurring.
  3. Rybags

    Atomic TV

    Just started watching America's Toughest Jobs When I first saw mention online of it, thought it would be some sort of wankfest, but it's pretty good. Once again produced by the makers of Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch, it's an elimination type competition where one challenger gets the axe each episode. The first 4 challenges see them on Crab boats, driving trucks in the Arctic region, panning for gold, and driving monster trucks.
  4. Rybags

    Want longer Lasting SEX?

    I believe that company is the same one that puts those torturous piano penis player ads on late at night.
  5. Rybags

    Scariest Women in Aust Politics?

    Julia Gillard was on the National Press Club today. Grating voice drives you crazy after 30 seconds. Scariest though - probably Carmen Lawrence. Fucked a State, lost the election so just went and got into Federal Politics. What this country needs is Constitutional reform that limits the number of years they can stay in public office. Especially those gravy-train riding parasites in the Upper Houses of State Governments.
  6. Rybags

    Welcome Back Our Banned Brethren

    /me waits for the punchline... WB = Wobbly Big BTW, welcome back yer ugly cunt!
  7. Rybags

    Dog tricks

    Teach him to greet visitors by sniffing their crotch and humping their legs. A surefire icebreaker and a smash hit for barbeques and family gatherings.
  8. Congrats. I kinda thought you'd make this kind of post today, as I had today's Question Time on TV. Needless to say it gets grating after 5 minutes so I turned the volume down a bit. But, just after an opposition sitter asked Rudd a question, I did here a couple of backbenchers benind him muttering something about Fucko the Clown being out of a job.
  9. Rybags

    Atomicans in Pictures

    http://www.macshome.net/Atomic/giggles/maggy.gif Mac Dude. Please tell me you haven't been using your wife's eyebrow pencil on your dawg
  10. Rybags

    Testicles in mouth

    Putting milk in tea is sacrilidge. Sugar - about a quarter to 1 spoon depending on what type of tea it is. Try some specialist blends like Earl Grey or something. And, like coffee, the tea purists don't go the instant way. I've been meaning to get hold of an infuser - great way to do a good cup, but without the mess and time of pots/strainers and the like. But, I don't often drink tea... stuffed if I know why, but when I have a brew, 98% of the time my preference is for coffee.
  11. What old computers and consoles do people have? List what you've got, and a brief description of the collection surrounding it. Omit any PC that's Pentium original era or newer, and any Mac that's PowerPC architecture (c~ 1994) or newer. Also omit anything newer than PS2, Gamecube or Xbox 1. May as well include handhelds - only include anything that runs cartridges or other media, and older than the Gameboy Advance. Mine: Consoles: Atari 7800 - grabbed this one on eBay. Only 2 7800 games (Asteroids built-in and Pole Position 2 on cart). Several 2600 cartridges. Playstation 1 - 2 machines, first one kinda out of order. Several original games including Abes Oddworld/Exodus and Doom. Amiga CD32 - awaiting a proper controller for it, or I might just build one. No original software but plenty of ISOs ready to burn. Handheld: Atari Lynx - works fairly well, screen a bit dim. Several games. Gameboy (original) - picked it up for about 3 bucks. Unsure if it works properly. No games. Computers: Atari 800XL, 130XE and XEGs - the 130XE is 128K RAM, other 2 are 64K machines. Modded the 130XE with inbuilt APE interface which allows it to interface with the PC (APE software emulates external peripherals like floppy drives). Commodore 64 - standard machine with a missing Shift key. Also got a 1541 floppy drive. Amiga 500 - 3 machines, all with 1 meg RAM. Atari 1040ST-FM - 1 meg RAM, also got the monochrome monitor and a huge external 30 meg 5.25 inch HDD. Mac Quadra - 68040 model. Played with it for about 3 days, been gathering dust ever since.
  12. Rybags

    All Time All Format Top Ten

    1 - Far Cry 2 - Alternate Reality: The City (Atari 8 bit & various other older systems) 3 - Return to Castle Wolfenstein 4 - Half Life 5 - Unreal Tournament 6 - Abe's Oddysee (PS1) 7 - Megalomania (Amiga) 8 - Impossible Mission (C64) 9 - TOCA Race Driver 3/Supercars 3 10- Moonstone (Amiga)
  13. Rybags

    Dear Kimmo

    Happy Birthday mate.
  14. Rybags

    Are my shockies buggered?

    The springs rebound - like I said the "shockers" just dampen the experience. They don't necessarily have a default position as such, since that varies depending on what load you're carrying, the size of springs, and overall wear on other components.
  15. Rybags


    Thinking about it again, maybe Costello will hold back. If Turnbull takes the reins and subsequently makes a f/tool of himself, it opens the door for the party to virtually beg him into the job. And the way Federal politics works these days, that would be under a year down the track. Kind of like the situation when Rudd took over - the only way was up.
  16. Rybags


    If that's the case, then it's do or die for Costello. Watched the interview last night - the sly prick denies he'll try for the leadership or PM again, but you just get the impression he's calculating his moves and might give it one more go.
  17. Rybags

    Hiring for looks, not books.

    It's much the same wherever you go in the retail sector, with some rare exceptions. Jaycar seem to hire at least 2 people per store who have a clue. I had a similar experience with the Vodaphone shopfront - they couldn't manage the most basic queries I had regarding their prepaid. In the end, DSE had more of an idea, which was funny considering it's not exactly part of their core business. Comes down to dollaros - anyone who's likely enough to be proficient technically to the point of being able to give advice on a diverse range of mobile phones or any technology for that matter is cutting their own throat and being a sad underachiever if they work in some shitty chain store on award wage.
  18. Rybags

    Are my shockies buggered?

    The term "shock absorber" is a misnomer. They should be called "dampers" because that's what they're supposed to do - ie dampen or slow down sudden movements within the suspension system. The coils are actually the shock absorbers. You have dampers to prevent reverberating bounce in the system. Anyhoo - the shockie should put up a reasonable amount of resistance. A good way to test them is when they're still on the car. Push the suspension down with most of your weight then just let it go. It should bounce back to just above it's resting position then quickly settle back.
  19. Rybags

    Top Gear Australia preview

    Not that I know of, unless it was one of the early 1990s ones before the current team got together. You'd reckon they would have - we have enough cars unique to our market to warrant it. And, they've got enormous scope for challenges. But now, the ball's in our court. As for going to live eps, I think I posted a link about 6 weeks ago - I'd guess that they're probably filming the audience part of the show 2-3 weeks before they go to air.
  20. Rybags

    Top Gear Australia preview

    First episode is Monday September 29.
  21. Rybags

    100 Songs of the 90's

    Sorry Robzy, but anyone who has Celine Dion in a favourites list - even a Top 500, really, really should be shot. OP - I agree with many, but also many bands there with songs I'd rate under many others of theirs. And, Midnight Oil - Power and the Passion wasn't 1990s. But of course the vast majority of their good stuff was in 10 to 1 and before, all of which was in the 80s.
  22. Rybags

    Killing Telstra Sales Rep - Is it a crime?

    Twats. If they had any brains, they'd have some sort of a plan where you could download stuff unmetered that otherwise would appear on FoxTel. They could increase their customer base and drastically reduce their network load. Profit.
  23. Rybags

    Codecs, eugh!

    VirtualDubMPEG2 is a mod of V-Dub that handles MPEG files. VideoRedo is probably the best program out there for your Stage 1 editing of files to get rid of commercial breaks and resync audio when needed. Also, I believe the .MS and .DVR filetypes are yet another annoying hybrid sub-standard that lots of programs have trouble with.
  24. Rybags

    help with overclocking ram

    Run CPUz and see what the SPD data says. Good modules will have 2 or 3 sets of speeds/timings. You might have more luck if you set the timings manually in the BIOS. Or, you can leave them slack and use MemSet within Windows to alter them.
  25. Rybags

    Happy Birthday, Bastard Child

    Happy Birthday mate. Haven't seen you around online for a while... was starting to wonder.