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  1. Rybags

    Farcry 2 Out Now

    Activated... playing now!
  2. Rybags

    Farcry 2 Out Now

    Impatient... taking a while to install... the big wait is for the stupid C and .NET libraries to go in. I've got it hooked up to my HDD/DVD recorder, and running clone mode. Problem is, it doesn't show the 1440x900 width so the video will probably be clipped.
  3. Rybags

    Farcry 2 Out Now

  4. Rybags

    Farcry 2 Out Now

    ACT (Belconnen Mall). I phoned JB but they said tomorrow. Then thought "fuck it", and drove down and cruised DSE and EB. Nothing on the shelf. Asked someone at <insert naughty Game store here> and he grabbed me a copy.
  5. Rybags

    Farcry 2 Out Now

    Got it!!!!!! Legend. Thanks for the tip. As I was paying for it, one of the blokes said they'd got an email 10 minutes before, telling them to pull it from the shelves. Anyways, about to install... I'll see if I can get some videos up a bit later.
  6. Rybags

    Farcry 2 Out Now

    I just phoned the local JB... tomorrow there. I suspect your local stores might be breaking the agreement by leaking it early. I also suspect that since the game supposedly needs to be registered online before it will allow you to play it, that you might be in for some disappointment in that regard, seeing that we're supposedly getting it retail before most of the rest of the world, and that I doubt they'd have the server letting anyone jump the gun.
  7. Rybags

    Batteries on the cheap

    It's not a joke, but as has been stated, not all larger batteries will contain usable smaller ones. I hacked a 9V super heavy duty job arpart and it was just sealed compartments, useless for anything else. But, it does bring to light the fact that batteries for appliances/toys were one of the biggest con-jobs of the 20th Century, and the trend is continuing into this one.
  8. Rybags

    How many slices of pizza can you eat?

    I usually eat 6 and keep 2 (which are usually the smallest ones I can find on the thing). That's proper wog-shop pizza, not that chain store shit. Proper pizza is twice as filling and satisfying as the Dom/Piz Hut stuff, so in effect I'm probably eating nearly 2 pizzas every time I buy one.
  9. Rybags

    Unfortunate or Lawlworthy Business Names

    Smeg isn't a swear word. And, according to Wiki: "Smegma, from the Greek smēchein (to clean)" So, the word has probably been around for over 2,000 years. NFI how long it's been a medical term.
  10. Rybags

    Names and occupations.

    At High School, there was an Agriculture teacher: Mrs Saddler. Remember the TV show "Trapper John, MD" ? I always referred to it as "Clapper John, VD"
  11. Rybags

    Cheapest fuel in the country

    Note the .9 on the end. In the "Good ol' days", we used to get proper fractional battles where one bloke would be 45.7 and the one down the road would be 45.3. Now, every fucker has xxx.9. Don't know why they bother having the changable digit in the signs.
  12. Rybags

    Washing machine help

    The HowStuffWorks.com site has a reasonably good article. Toploaders have trick gearbox and pumps which perform dual action depending on the direction they're spinning. Is it worth fixing? Can't harm anything by checking that no wiring has come off, of course do it without the thing plugged in. You can get machines from places like Salvo stores cheaply, so it's probably not worth paying anyone to fix it unless it's only a few years old.
  13. Rybags

    Washing machine help

    Maybe someone has "looked at it" already. Could be a solenoid hooked up wrongly such that it's doing the opposite thing that's suppoed to happen.
  14. Rybags

    Washing machine help

    Is it the old mechanical program type? Chances are the cycle control mech is rooted and it's enabling the wrong things at the wrong time.
  15. Rybags

    Washing machine help

    The level of the drain hose shouldn't really matter - it won't "drain indefinately" as a working machine has control over such things. Easiest way to test the thing would be to put the outlet hose into the tub. Then start the machine on the last rinse/spin cycle, and check if it fills and drains the way it should. If it's rotary dial, you should be able to select each phase of each cycle, e.g. fill, agitate, drain etc. in fine increments. If it's a modern electronic one, you can usually select which cycle/s get executed.
  16. Good on them, but 'sif fucken queue. 40 litres x 50 cent saving is 20 bucks. If you're queued for 2 hours waiting to get it, you could otherwise have been working and made more than that anyway.
  17. Rybags

    FarCry2 Countdown

    I've been playing the original again for a while. While you wait, try out the Matto2, Matto3 and Matto4 mods. Matto4 is essentially a whole new game. The other 2 are reasonably complex, but lacking a bit. Well worth a look though. What would be really nice is if they were to redo/enhance the original Far Cry game with the new engine.
  18. Rybags

    We Rickrolled The Whole School

    I'll pay it. Although a better one would be to have a modern song with similar beat that plays until the chorus, then has Rick take over.
  19. Rybags

    Can you retread part of a tire?

    No. And retreads should only be for multi-axle duals, ie semi-trailer tyres, since there's built in redundancy if/when the thing peels off at high speed. Not cars. And never on the front wheels of anything.
  20. Rybags

    Happy Birthday Firminius!

    Happy Birthday mate. Feel free to have some XXXX with that cake and some XXX later on too.
  21. Rybags

    Stayin' alive

    The high-pitched lyrics also provide a timely reminder to loosen the clothing of trauma patients.
  22. Rybags

    Far Cry 2 benchmarked

    Sounds encouraging, and glad I got the 9800GT instead of 3870, despite kinda favouring ATI cards. That said, I turn off some of the eye candy anyway... Vision Blur on Crysis Warhead is just friggen annoying.
  23. Rybags

    This is really interesting.

    WTF would anyone want to do this? What possible use would someone have for a couple of teaspoons of Uranium aside from maybe slipping some into the mother-in-law's sandwiches?
  24. Rybags

    The more you have, the more things cost.

    That's fucked. 10 years ago, fair enough it might be way out in the suburbs in Sydney, but here you could probably have bought something like a 5 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and inbuilt triple garage on a huge block for that sort of money. Now - a shoebox in need of renovation leaves you little change from $400K.
  25. Rybags

    Election night?

    I think we should be getting rid of the States, and merging local governments such that we have a hundred or so local areas. Bring such things as Education and Health into absolute Federal control. Leave the things like road maintenance and public housing to the Locals.